14th International Conference from the series “Musica Practica, Musica Theoretica” – The Music of the Past in the Postmodern World

On behalf of the Faculty of the Theory of Music at the I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań I would like to invite you to participate in the 14th International Conference from the series “Musica Practica, Musica Theoretica” – The music of the past in the postmodern world to be held on 4th–5th April 2017 in our Academy’s Presidential Hall.

The conference shall concentrate on issues referring to a musical work and various relations between artistic and composing theory and practice. This time, it will refer to how musical past functions in a postmodern world considering the whole vagueness and indefiniteness of the postmodern stage. The focus of the meeting will be in particular on:

  • the music of past ages as a source of postmodern games (using musical tradition in the form of metatexts, citations, stylizations etc.),
  • spaces of the past of musical culture and a „new past” – cultural changes in the perception (reception and evaluation) of the music of past eras,
  • musical ways of commemorating the achievements of past generations,
  • knowledge of the history of musical culture as a source of inspiration/pre-text of the contemporary musical creativity,
  • a contemporary musical work – analysis and interpretation in the perspective of the music of the past,
  • musical tradition and the generation of „digital natives” – methods of explaining and interpreting facts of musical culture,
  • musical traditions as a subject of contemporary reflection on music.

The lecture, including musical excerpts, should not exceed 20 minutes. The conference shall be held in Polish and English. A paper delivered in Polish should be accompanied by a presentation in English or a translated paper supplied to the organizers no later than on 10 march 2017.

Conference participants shall be offered accommodation, board and modest remuneration.

You are kindly requested to declare your willingness to take part in the conference and send us (in Polish and English):

  • presentations’ title
  • biographic note (up to 400 characters),
  • abstract of your paper (up to 3000 characters).

no later than 10th January 2017.

Upon receiving our acceptance (no later than 31st January 2017) you will be asked to transfer a conference fee of PLN 300, till 20th February 2017, to the following account number:

BZ WBK S.A. VI O/POZNAŃ 66 1090 1362 0000 0000 3601 7907

Your application, subject, biographic note and abstract of the presentation should be sent to Julia Gołębiowska, Ph.D.’s email adresss:


Further details shall be sent at a later date.

Sincerely yours

Hanna Kostrzewska