New Beginnings – Beginning again: the Feldenkrais Method in Creative Practice

Conveners: Marcia Carr and Prof. Robert Sholl

This conference to be held at the University of West London on 11 March 2017 invites creative work in music, dance and dramas around the theme of beginning. As a Somatic Method that is intellectually malleable, how does the Method provide a means and an educational impetus to find new, alternative and engaging beginnings for research, teaching and practice? How can the Method be employed as an interdisciplinary hinge to illuminate other fields through a creative application of its own strategies? Where therefore are the starting points for both simple and more complex activities, and what do these signify or allow? We welcome papers, workshops, demonstrations, and lessons that excavate the potential axiomatic to the Feldenkrais Method.

Our keynote speaker will be pianist and practitioner Alan Fraser (Canada/University of Novi Sad, Serbia) who has published several books applying the Feldenkrais Method to piano technique. He works with pianists and other musicians – both those who are healthy and those suffering from focal dystonia, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other pain issues. Alan studied piano with Phil Cohen in Montreal and Kemal Gekic in Novi Sad, Serbia, and graduated from the Hawaii Feldenkrais training program in 1992. His research shows that improved physical organization can enhance every aspect of musical performance, from sonority, agility, phrase shaping and emotional expression to the quick resolution of most pain problems. Alan will discuss how a proper understanding of function can aid practical improvements in many aspects of performance.

Please submit an abstract of 200 words in a word document to, with your affiliation and a short biography by January 31.

The cost of the conference (including lunch) will be £45/£20 for students