International Ernst von Dohnányi Day

International Ernst von Dohnányi Day
December 7, 2017

Institute for Musicology of the Research Center for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest

The Archives for 20th−21st Century Hungarian Music of the Institute for Musicology in Budapest, (Hungarian Academy of Sciences RCH) kindly invites researchers and performers to take part in the conference „International Ernst von Dohnányi Day” held for the 140th anniversary of the world-famous Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor and teacher. The Dohnányi Day is going to be followed by a three-day international conference on Zoltán Kodály at the same institution (to be advertised soon) for which the participates of the Dohnányi Day are warmly welcome.

The symposium concentrates on the following themes, but proposals on other aspects of Dohnányi’s music are also welcome. Alongside scholarly presentations, the organizing committee encourages performers to submit proposals on lecture recitals.

– romanticism, belatedness in composition in the long 19th and 20th century
– influences in Dohnányi’s style;
– the performer Dohnányi and performing Dohnányi;
– Dohnányi’s relationships in European and American musical life.

The proposals
Proposals for individual papers (20 minutes and discussion) and lecture-recitals (35 minutes), should be sent as abstracts (max 500 words) to with contact information and a short CV of the author. The deadline for submitting proposals is 15th April, 2017. Authors will be contacted by July 15th 2017 with the acceptance decisions. Scholars are welcome to do preliminary researches in the Dohnányi-collection of the Archives for 20th−21st Century Hungarian Music of the Institute for Musicology in Budapest. Further information about travel and accommodation will be announced after 15th July 2017.

Organizing Committee
Veronika Kusz
Anna Dalos
Ferenc János Szabó

Veronika Kusz:;