Rescue of 19th C. Mexican heritage. The opera and its relation with literature, architecture and theatre

Colloquium “Rescue of 19th Century Mexican heritage. The opera and its link with literature, architecture, and theatre.”

Call for papers

This is a call for papers to participate in the colloquium of Rescue of 19th Century Mexican Heritage. The opera and its links with literature, architecture, and theatre. The colloquium will take place at the National Autonomous University (UNAM) and National Centre for Music Research, Documentation, and Information (CENIDIM) in Mexico City from 22-25 August 2017.

Participants can contribute with papers in Spanish or English.

Three different subjects are considered:

History, Culture, and Performance Arts in 19th Century: 1) Independent Mexico during the second half of 19th Century. History and Culture. 2) Music and Arts through 19th Century literature in Mexico. 3) Stage performances. Influences and directions.
The architecture in 19th Century. 1) The architecture in 19th Century. Shaping the identity. 2) Performance spaces and settings. Theatre and sets in 19th Century. 3) Ephemeral Architectures in 19th Century.
19th Century Mexican music and its rescue. 1) The repertoire in 19th Century Mexican opera houses. 2) The rescue, production, and edition of 19th Century operas. 3) The influence of Italian opera in Mexican opera.


Proposals are accepted between March 6 and April 28 of 2017.
Proposals must be sent to in a word file, Arial 12 points, with line spacing of 1.5 and it must contain the following information: a) Title of the proposal, b) full name of the author or authors, c) Study degree, d) Affiliation. e) e-mail address of the author or authors, f) author or authors’ resume (half page), f) abstract of the paper (half page), g) Subject considered.
Presentations should be 20 minutes.
Proposals will be revised by the committee, and the result is definitive.
The committee will notify the accepted proposals via e-mail on 19 May.
A selection of the papers will be revised by the committee to be included in an anthology of the colloquium.
The colloquium will be at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature (August 22), at the Faculty of Architecture (August 23), Faculty of Music (August 24). As for last activity, there will be a roundtable with a specialist of CENIDI (August 25) and a roundtable with the team in charged of the project at the College of Architects (Monday 28 August).

Travels funds are not considered.

For further information write to

Call for papers in Spanish.