Electroacoustic Winds 2017: SYNCHRESIS – Audio Vision Tales

EAW 2017, November 13th – 17th, University of Aveiro, Portugal

The International Conference Electroacoustic Winds 2017: SYNCHRESIS – Audio Vision Tales is organised by the Center of Electroacoustic Research (CIME), the Institute for Ethnomusicology – Research Center for Music and Dance (INET-MD), Research Institute in Design, Media and Culture (ID+) and CIC.Digital. This conference seeks to establish bridges between Music Creation, Design & Soundscapes and New Media.

The relation between Sound and Image, two different languages within the multimedia art form, and the technological tools to improve this relationship are at the nucleus of this symposium. There are many research areas that address this problem in one way or another. Our main focus will be not only on the relationship itself, discussing the argument from both technical-linguistic and aesthetic points of view, but also the discussion on how technology is enabling these two mediums to merge, creating tools of manipulation that enhance not only the artist’s creativity but also the audience’s immersion. 

Abstracts and Posters for the Conference
Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 28th, 2017.
Pre-notification of acceptance or rejection of abstracts: June 28th, 2017.
Deadline for submission of the reviewed abstracts: July 28th, 2017