Early Keyboard Instruments: Repertoire, Use and Design

Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, Saturday 2 September 2017

Website http://nema-conference-2017.webnode.com/

This special one-day conference, organized by the National Early Music Association http://www.earlymusic.info/nema.php,  is open to all, and will bring together scholars, editors, performers, teachers, students and makers of early keyboard instruments, including harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano, organ and others. The themes include the following:

  • Repertoire and composition, from the Middle Ages to c.1800
  • The history, design and construction of early keyboards
  • Performance practice
  • Editing and source studies
  • Continuo usage and practice
  • Restoration and maintenance
  • Tuning and temperament

Registration begins at 10.00am and the conference will end at 5.30pm, with mid-morning and afternoon breaks, and lunch at 1.00. To conclude, at 6.00 there will be a full performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations on harpsichord by Dr Dan Tidhar, free to delegates.

There will be nine papers of 25 minutes each, and a number of early keyboards will be available for demonstration purposes. The distinguished performer and instrument-maker Derek Adlam will give the keynote.

For booking information, see http://nema-conference-2017.webnode.com/booking/