Orpheus Seminar 2018 “The Power of Musical Networks”

Orpheus Seminar 2018 “The Power of Musical Networks”
February 21-22, 2018, Orpheus Institute, Ghent (BE)

Deadline extended!


Networks are everywhere these days. In effect, the new information technologies are interconnecting all aspects of our world, enabling unseen levels of social, political and economic interdependencies that characterise our times. The notion of Networks has become an extremely powerful metaphor, serving as a cornerstone for understanding this new complex, interconnected world.

Networks have transformed the creation, production and dissemination of art such as to change its very nature as a cultural artefact or human activity. Such a powerful trope allows for a wider range of interpretations and development. Moreover, it can serve as the ideal bridge between conceptual considerations from the technological and scientific domains, and creative/compositional enquiries from the artistic field.

This seminar provides a forum for exploring these ideas and approaches, their commonalities and representations and for considering the wider creative and explanatory potential of networks.


Some questions we hope proposals will address are:

  • Has our understanding, experience and critical discourse of music evolved to keep pace with technological models?
  • Where do the boundaries between network as structure and metaphor lie? Are they porous?
  • How does the use of networks as technologies impact on our imagining, our conceiving of music? Which of the many new affordances find most resonance?
  • What is the explanatory or creative potential of network in non-technological or non-contemporary music?
  • How do particular examples of the use of Network models/principles/theories bridge the potential gap between the Scientific Disciplines dealing with Network Theory and the creative artistic world using them?

Presentations might relate to the following topics, among others:

  • the nature of Networks as technical objects and metaphors for artistic creation
  • the production of knowledge through the creative application of Network theory(s)
  • the communication of artistic creation as research
  • the embedding of artistic creation in relationship to scientific and technological discourses related to the notion of Networks.
  • particular issues relating to metaphorica or cultural understandings of Networks

Proposals are welcome from researchers in non-musical critical or scientific areas, especially from those dealing with models of Networks or abstractions based on Network theory.

Confirmed special guests

  • David Rosenboom (Composer, Dean School of Music, CalArts): Music of Many Nows — Musical Configuration Spaces and the Networked Possible
  • Chris Chafe (Composer, Director CCRMA, Stanford):TN_CC*JI&JP: Networked room acoustics-based performance
  • Fernando Rosas (Centre of Complexity Science, Imperial College, London) Understanding Complexity through Networks


  • We invite proposals (max 500 words) for presentations in the form of paper, demonstration or performance, or any hybrid thereof. We particularly welcome proposals for presentations that explore the demonstration of Network models and theories applied to music creation.
  • The convenors aim to produce a publication developed from selected presentations at this seminar.

Proposals should be submitted using the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/tAy3XiGN7jw08j7y2 (Please specify whether your proposal relates to a short (20) or long (30 minute) presentation.)

Enquiries to Juan Parra (juan.parra@orpheusinstituut.be) and Jonathan Impett (jonathan.impett@orpheusinstituut.be).

  • Deadline for proposals: 15 January 2018 (Extended from December 20)
  • Notification of acceptance: 19 January 2018

Convenors: Juan Parra, Jonathan Impett (Orpheus Institute, Ghent), Fernando Rosas (Imperial College, London)