Study Day and Workshop on Music, Well-being and Mental Health

Study Day and Workshop on Music, Well-being and Mental Health
An RMA, BFE and NAMHE event
York St John University, 12-13 May 2018
– Saturday 12 May 2018: Study Day on Music, Well-being and Mental Health
– Sunday 13 May 2018: Workshop day on Well-being and Mental Health for music researchers and practitioners
Call for papers for the study day on Saturday 12 May 2018
Individuals and communities’ well-being and mental health can benefit from musical audition and performance. Conversely, we are increasingly becoming aware of the physical and mental challenges that music professionals from all areas face. These can be further accentuated when considered in a high-pressure environment such as academia. This event proposes to bring together researchers and practitioners to share their research on positive and negative effects of music and music making. It also aims to offer a space to discuss related issues affecting these communities. The workshop will be an opportunity to share and establish strategies to protect and improve their well-being and mental health.
Paper (20 or 10 minutes) and poster submissions are invited on topics around music, wellbeing and mental health for the study day. We are interested in submissions from research students and early career researchers.
Possible topics include: – Music and silence for well-being
– Music and silence for mental health
– Negative effects of music and silence on physical and mental health
– Music and citizenship
– Music and communities
– Well-being for musicians
– Mental health issues in music
– Well-being in HE
– Mental health issues in HE
To submit an abstract, please email <> with the following details:
– Name
– Email Address
– Institutional affiliation
– Abstract (max. 250 words)
– Short biography (max. 150 words)
– Specify whether submitting for paper or poster
The deadline for the submission of an abstract is Tuesday 13 March at 5 pm.