“Music Theory” – 9th International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium

IX. International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium

“Music Theory”

10-12 May 2018

Kütahya – TURKEY


Deadline for Abstract Submission: 25 March 2018

The Symposium opens its doors in May 2018 with the theme “Music Theory”. Below are the specific subjects for paper proposals concerning the 9th International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium:

A. Analysis
a1. Analysis of works
a2. Approaches to Composition
a3. Analysis of Terms/Concepts
a4. Analysis of Music Editions
a5. Methods of Analysis
B. History of Music Theory
C. Tuning Systems
D. Theory Education
d1.Case Studies in Theory, Solfeggio, Form, Harmony,  Makam and Usûl Teaching
d2. New Approaches and Methods in Theory, Solfeggio, Form, Harmony, Makam and Usûl Teaching
E. Interdisciplinary Studies on Music Theory

Hoping to experience the 9th International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium as the stage for a qualitative festival of knowledge where the structure of muhisas2018@gmail.comsic will be liberally discussed…

Please see http://hisas.org.tr/english for detailed information.

Please see http://hisas.org.tr/abstract-submission-guidelines for “Submission Guideline”.

Please send any queries to hisas2018@gmail.com