Ligeti: a Portrait with Reich and Riley

The Association “Transylvania Art and Science”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

in collaboration with

Gheorghe Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca


is pleased to announce the International Conference



Ligeti: a Portrait with Reich and Riley



hosted at “I. Lapedatu” Hall of the National Bank of Romania, on 21 and 22 May, 2018.

The event is organisedwithin the Festival


A Tribute to György Ligeti in his Native Transylvania


Festival director: Bianca Ţiplea Temeş


The conference brings together contributors from Europe and the U.S., aiming to provide a scientific snapshot of musical minimalism, on the occasion of Ligeti´s 95thanniversary. Taking its title from one of Ligeti’s iconic pieces for two pianos – Selbsportrait mit Reich und Riley (und Chopin ist auch dabei), the conference will provide an insight into the subject of minimalism in Eastern and Western music, and its impact on Ligeti’s work.

The papers encompass a wide range of topics on Ligeti, Reich, Riley, Nancarrow, Kurtág, as well as various Romanian and Hungarian composers. The conference concludes with the presentation of the new book György Ligeti’s Cultural Identities, with the editors Amy Bauer and Márton Kerékfy.

We welcome participants from abroad to attend this event. If interested, please sendan email to the following address, mentioning your name and affiliation:

As places are limited, applications will be considered in the order of their receipt. While attending the conference, participants will have a unique opportunity to stay in the culturally dynamic city of Cluj in the heart of Transylvania, where Ligeti started to study music.




Conference program:

Kofi Agawu– keynote speaker (Princeton University):
Rethinking Ligeti’s African Affiliations

Amy Bauer (University of California Irvine):

Codes, Constraints, and the Composition of Failure in Ligeti’s Keyboard Works


Manfred Stahnke(Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg):

The Maximal Music of Ligeti


Felix Meyer(Paul Sacher Foundation Basel):

Mr. Hide and Dr. Seek: Conlon Nancarrow Meets György Ligeti

Pavel Puscas (Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca):
Maximalism vs. Minimalism. Ligeti and/or Kurtág


Pierre Michel(Université de Strasbourg):

Melody, Repetition and Periodicity as Symbols for a Certain Period beyond Cultural Differences. A Study of Parallelisms between Ligeti, Reich and Riley


Keith Potter(Goldsmith University London):

Tonality and Harmony in Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians:what the Composer’s Sketchbooks Tell Us


Anna Dalos(Institute for Musicology, Research Center for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences):

Experimentalism and Popularity: Young Hungarian Composers on the Path of Minimalism in the 1980s


Bianca Țiplea Temeș (Gh. Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca):

Out of the loop? Romanian Minimalism


Anca Mihuț (Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca):

Practices and Theories in the Minimalist Type Stage Setting


Vlad Văidean (National University of Music Bucharest):

Hearing Voices: Speech Melody as Technique and Emotion in Steve Reich’s Music