Music and the Arts in England, c. 1670–1750

International and interdisciplinary conference, 27th−29th June 2019

Universität Hamburg, Institut für Historische Musikwissenschaft

There were various discussions on, and re-evaluations of, the interrelations of the arts in the 17th and 18th centuries. The origins of these disputes were multi-layered and deeply rooted in fundamental social changes which led to new conditions for the creation and reception of art, permitting new configurations for the professionalization of artists and the legitimation of the arts. England and especially its metropolis London was one of the centres for strengthening professionalism in the artsranting stages for all kinds of novelties as well as providing for a print media with unparalleled dissemination to influence the reception and perception of art. The international and interdisciplinary conference aims to define, on the one hand, unique features of the reception and perception of the arts in England. On the other hand, it strives to evaluate English influences on, and exchange processes with, the European continent. Its specific focus lies on the re-evaluation of the arts’ significance and meaning in interrelation with music.

keynote speaker: John Brewer (Pasadena)

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