Popular songs in the 19th Century

organized by

Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini, Lucca

Palazzetto Bru Zane – Centre de musique romantique française, Venice


LUCCA, Complesso Monumentale di San Micheletto

30 November – 2 December 2019


The Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini of Lucca and Palazzetto Bru Zane – Centre de musique romantique française, Venice are pleased to invite submissions of proposals for the symposium «Popular songs in the 19th Century», to be held in Lucca, Complesso Monumentale di San Micheletto, from 30 November to 2 December 2019.

Even if its manifestation differs within the cultural areas in which it appears, the vogue of “popular song” seems to become a transnational phenomenon around the years 1820-1830. Following a period of political affirmation and education via the use of songs (during the French Revolution), this repertoire draws on traditional songs that, although often older (sometimes as old as the fifteenth century), are revived. The political and esthetic purposes of these productions remain to be investigated on a european scale.

The aim of this conference is multifaceted: from the investigation of the history of the nineteenth-century song from the beginning of the century up to the First World War, through evaluation and assessment of the repertoire, of the public and of the performance venues, to the isolation and identification of points of contact between different cultures from a global geographical perspective (Francophone, English-speaking, German, Italian, Spanish).

The possible answers to the essential question ‘What is popular song?’ acquire a central role in this context, since they concern not only its physical manifestations–the circumstances and places of performance of this repertoire–but also its meaning and significance: how the repertoire itself reflects the society of its origins.

The programme committee encourages submissions within the following areas, although other topics are also welcome:

  • The Definition of “Popular Song” in the Nineteenth Century
  • The Literary Sources of the Repertoire
  • Musical Influences on the Repertoire
  • The Different Genres of Popular Song
  • Authors, Performers and Public
  • The Types of Entertainment Venues
  • The Production System of the Song in the Nineteenth Century
  • The Geography of the Song in Urban Spaces
  • Dissemination Through Editions, Press, etc.
  • The Cultural and Social Role of Popular Song

Programme Committee:

  • Roberto Illiano (Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini)
  • Étienne Jardin (Palazzetto Bru Zane – Centre de musique romantique française)
  • Fulvia Morabito (Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini)
  • Michela Niccolai (LaM, Université libre de Bruxelles et IHRIM, Lyon2, Lyon)
  • Massimiliano Sala (Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini)

Keynote Speakers:

  • Derek Scott (University of Leeds)
  • Michela Niccolai (LaM, Université libre de Bruxelles et IHRIM, Lyon2, Lyon)

The official languages of the conference are English, French and Italian. Papers selected at the conference will be published in a miscellaneous volume.

Papers are limited to twenty minutes in length, allowing time for questions and discussion. Please submit an abstract of no more than 500 words and one page of biography.

All proposals should be submitted by email no later than ***Sunday 28 April 2019*** to <conferences@luigiboccherini.org>. With your proposal please include your name, contact details (postal address, e-mail and telephone number) and (if applicable) your affiliation.

The committee will make its final decision on the abstracts by the half of May 2019, and contributors will be informed immediately thereafter. Further information about the programme, registration, travel and accommodation will be announced after that date.

For any additional information, please contact:

Dr. Massimiliano Sala