Transnationalism and Transculturalism in Canadian Music, 1969-2019

Call for Papers

Study Day: Transnationalism and Transculturalism in Canadian Music, 1969-2019

University of Ottawa

School of Music

Friday, 27 September 2019

In the context of celebrations to mark its 50th anniversary, the School of Music at the University of Ottawa will host a study day on Friday, September 27th, 2019. Entitled “Transnationalism and Transculturalism in Canadian Music, 1969-2019,” it will provide a forum for exchange and debate around Canadian contemporary classical music and the ways in which it has been impacted by globalization, immigration, displacement, exile, multiculturalism, exoticism and any other phenomena that point to creative dialogues and encounters that transcend Canada’s historically-constituted geographical and cultural borders. Concentrating on music composed in the classical tradition, this study day aims to promote scholarly work on both established and lesser-known Canadian composers and musicians.

The organizers invite proposals that prioritize links between the three broad themes outlined below:

1)         Canadian Composition and Immigration, Emigration, Exile, and Displacement

-In what ways has international mobility affected specific Canadian composers and their musical works?

– How have Canadian composers negotiated transcultural attachments to other countries in their works?

-How have exile and displacement been treated by Canadian composers, whether in their narratives about themselves or in their music?

-What roles do specific regionalist and/or local cultures play in Canadian transcultural music creation?

-In what ways have international diasporic communities played a role in the creation of contemporary Canadian works?

2)         Canadian Composition and the Imagined Other

-In what ways have Canadian composers imagined and incorporated international musical and artistic influences in their works?

-How have globalization and the development of technologies that promote international exchange and communication influenced Canadian composers?

-How have Canadian composers negotiated the musical and aesthetic influences of both Western Europe and the United States in their creative endeavours?

-How has exoticism functioned within Canadian compositional practices?

 3)        Canadian Composition and International Training and Mobility

-How has the foreign training of Canadian composers impacted their musical language, style, and creative choices?

-How has participation in international festivals and musical events impacted Canadian musicians?

-How have international commissions played a role in the activities of Canadian musicians?

-How has the international exposure and mobility of Canadian musicians been received both in Canada and abroad?

We welcome proposals for 20-minute presentations that investigate contemporary Canadian music in a transnational context. The official languages of the study day are French and English. Please send a 250-word summary of your proposed presentation to In your covering email, please provide your full name and institutional affiliation (if applicable). The deadline for receipt of proposals is March 4, 2019. Selected participants will be informed by late March 2019.


Christopher Moore (University of Ottawa)

Program committee

Geneviève Bazinet (University of Ottawa)

Jean Boivin (Université de Sherbrooke)

Jonathan Goldman (Université de Montréal)

Roxane Prevost (University of Ottawa)