Ka-Ching! The Sound of Money Economic, social and aesthetic aspects of money in music

Student’s Conference 7th–10th November 2019

Department of Historical Musicology of Kiel University, Germany

»Can you hear it ring, It makes you wanna sing, It’s such a beautiful thing ‒ Ka-ching!«

If Pink Floyd or Shania Twain sing about the evils of capitalistic society; if Marilyn Monroe dedicates a song to her best friends, diamonds, (in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes); if the sinister plotlines of operas such as Wagner’s Der Ring, Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West or Schreker’s Der Schatzgräber are sparked by mythical inflated means of payment, then, through music, it becomes apparent that »There’s Nothing Quite Like Money« (Brecht/Eisler). Concert halls, music labels and publishers, private and public broadcasting companies, and most of all artists require sufficient income to prevail. More often than not, public or government subsidies make the difference between pittance and prosperity in the cultural sector. As a result, musicians regularly face the dilemma of having to justify their profession, often leading to heated discussions about shutting down venues or orchestras who cannot support themselves through their revenues. Similarly, cultural studies and musicological research depend on third-party funds as well.

These systems implicate fundamental aesthetic questions: In this complex economic context, can music be truly »independent«, or is it inherently linked to a capitalistic value system, e.g. in a clerical or courtly context? If so: Is that a problem?

This conference intends to address the various interdependencies of music and money. It will be hosted at Kiel University in Germany from 7 th – 10 th November 2019 in cooperation with the DVSM (Dachverband der Studierenden der Musikwissenschaft; Association for Students of Musicology) and addresses both national and international students as well as PhD candidates. Although the conference language will be German, presentations can be held in English if preferred.

Potential areas of focus can be:

• Music and economy (e.g. publishers, concert business, media, associations, music industry)

• Socio-economics and music sociology (e.g. audience, taste, gender, aesthetic, performance practice)

• Autonomy and aesthetic (e.g. commissioned works, employment, patronage)

• Money in music (e.g. operas, songs, musicals)

• Money and music research (e.g. scientific operations, foundations)

If you are interested in presenting a topic, please send an abstract of your speech (no more than 2000 characters including blank spaces) and a short biography (no more than 500 characters including blank spaces) to info@klangdesgeldes.de. The deadline for all abstracts is April 15 th . You will receive feedback by May 13 th at the latest.

For further information, please visit: http://www.klangdesgeldes.de