The Past and Present in a Musical Work

Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music

Słowackiego Street No. 7, Bydgoszcz, Poland

26th-28th November 2019


Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz

the Faculty of Composition, Theory of Music and Sound Engineering

the Department of Theory of Music and Composition)

Call for papers


For the purpose of investigating the phenomenon of musical creation during this year’s conference we propose that a work of music be viewed from two perspectives: that of the cultural heritage, on the basis of which the work determines itself, and that of the concurrent trends, ideas, values and other artworks that it enters into a dialogue with or seems to isolate itself from. Such a binary approach that enables one to discern manifestations of past and present culture in the observable artefacts, through identifying the sources of and inspirations for writing the musical work, aims to uncover what makes the work unique. To paraphrase the words of Mieczysław Tomaszewski: ‘music composed in the past, or present, may be juxtaposed with one’s own; it may be continued, imitated, or turned into one’s own artistic statement’.

Proposed thematic areas:

1. Elements of past and present art manifested in a work of music.

2. the utilized categories of transtextuality as understood by G. Genette, i.e. ‘all that sets the text in relationship, whether obvious or concealed, with other texts’.

3. the functions and senses that elements of other works have in a given work of music.

4. a musical work’s individuality in relation to its sources and the inspirations that led to writing the work.


Proposals should contain the following: 1. the scholar’s full name (with affiliation or confirmation of independent status), 2. the title of the proposed paper, 3. a summary (300 words max.), 4. a biographical note (200 words max). Each paper will be allocated a maximum of 20 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for discussion.

Submissions should be sent by email, no later than 20 June 2019, to the academic coordinator of the conference, ph.d. Barbara Mielcarek-Krzyżanowska: .

Acceptance of proposals will be communicated by 30 June 2019.

Congress languages:

Proceedings will be conducted in English and Polish.

Financial and organisational matters:

To all registered conference participants we provide accommodation, board and remuneration, and an opportunity of attendance at accompanying concerts that have traditionally been held to present the works of Bydgoszcz composers among others.


Papers selected by the academic committee will be published in the form of post-conference proceedings.

Academic committee:

Prof. Anna Nowak (FNAM Bydgoszcz) – Dean of the Faculty of Composition, Music Theory and Sound Engineering

Ph. D. Barbara Mielcarek-Krzyżanowska (FNAM Bydgoszcz) – coordinator