Art Readings 2020: New Art Module: Journeys

Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences





6 – 8 April 2020

Venue: Sofia, 21 Krakra Str., Institute of Art Studies

The 2020 edition of the annual conference Art ReadingsNew Art module, will focus on the interpretations of the theme of journeys in the contemporary art, in its different artistic practices, genres and art-works.  The topic of journeys can be referred to actual physical journeys – movement from one place to another, nonetheless, to describe the processes in art making; symbolic passages that solely relate to personal experience and exploring identity; spiritual voyages etc.The thematic scope of the New Art Module includes but not limited to the following aspects of the topic:

·      Journeys as a topic of the contemporary art;

·      The art of traveling and the art as a voyage;

·      Routes, tracks, turns and returns in art;

·      Traveling as a genre-defining factor;

·      Art and psychogeograpy: the poetics of locations;

·      Journeys and structuring of environment and space;

·      Cultural practices, based on traveling – documentation of journeys, guest-performances; tours of artists and art-objects; festivals etc.;

·      Journeys as an exchange of ideas; a meeting point for different cultural traditions etc.;

·      Voyages, traditions and culture;

·      Traveling and models of interaction in the arts: transformation of traditions;ethnocentrism; socialization; inculturation; аculturation etc.;

·      Migration, diaspora art, multiculturalism;

·      Journeys and popular culture

The organisers seek to attract experts in the academic fields of art-history, theory and history of architecture, musicology, drama and theatre studies, cinema studies, culturology, ethnomusicology and other humanities to present their papers on various aspects of travelling in relation to material culture and the arts, with an emphasis on modern and contemporary art.

The conference languages are English and Bulgarian but in the conference proceedings are accepted articles in French and German also.

The organisers will apply for financial support in 2019. Limited hotel accommodations may be provided for some of the participants.

Please, send your proposals of 300 to 500 words in English or Bulgarian, Including a short biography.

Ten per cent of the participants shall be post-doctoral and early career researchers, PhD students who are strongly encouraged to apply.

 Please, send your proposal to:

for fine arts:;

for music:;

for theatre:

for cinema:

for architecture:

 Please, also send a copy to:

 Important dates:

1 September 2019: Deadline for abstract and CV submission;

15 October 2019: Deadline for notification of acceptance/rejection;

15 February 2020: Deadline for confirming participation;

1 March 2020: Deadline for announcing the conference programme.

International Organising Committee (listed alphabetically)

Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, Romanian Academy of Sciences, Romania

Elvira Popova, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico

Fani Vavili-Tsinika, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Ingeborg Bratoeva, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia

Kamelia Nikolova, National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts & Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia

Marina Frolova-Walker, University of Cambridge, UK

Milena Bozhikova, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia

Milena Georgieva, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia

Vesselina Penevska, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia

Yana Hashamova, Ohio State University, USA