“Fragility of Sounds”

Venue: University for Music and the Performing Arts, Graz, Austria
Dates: 8 and 9 May, 2020
Submission Deadline: 4 November 2019
Languages: English and German

The project team is delighted to announce the Call for Proposals for the international artistic research festival-conference “Fragility of Sounds”, being held on 8 – 9 May 2020. The event will consist of panels with individual papers, panel discussions, performances and experimental formats. Participants include international guest artists and artistic researchers Chaya Czernowin, Elaine Mitchener, Elisabeth Schimana and Darla Crispin. “On the fragility of sounds” is an artistic research project funded by the FWF Austrian Science Fund (PEEK Project AR537). It is designed to explore terrains of composition and contemporary music theatre as they are interwoven with feminist practice. The project research expands from the intersection of listening, composing, and feminism. We ask: Can music theatre be conceived with “Another Ear” rather than from the perspective of the “Male Gaze”? We aim to understand how the process of composing is affected by (feminist) listening. We do not aim at “feminist” or “fragile” works as such. Rather, we study how the practice of composing, listening or spatializing sound relates to these topics:
# fragility, vulnerability, precariousness
# membranes, skin, surfaces
# filtering, transition
# physicality, body, identity, gender, feminism

We look into the process and the practice of composing from the artist’s perspective. In doing so, we explore the potential of an autoethnographic approach as foundation for artistic research. In order to further explore aspects of the interaction of composing, listening, and feminism as related to music theatre, we invite researchers and artists to contribute to the discussion. “Fragility of Sounds” is a multi-/interdisciplinary festival-conference and invites proposals from researchers and artistic researchers from any discipline whose work relates to this topic. We welcome individual papers, joint papers, lecture-performances and experimental formats. We strongly encourage researchers and artists at pre-doc level to submit a proposal.

The proposal for a 20-minute contribution in English or German should include: title of the proposal, language, name, institutional affiliation, country, abstract (up to 300 words) and a short curriculum vitae (up to 200 words).

Please submit your proposal via e-mail to christina.lessiak@kug.ac.at and pia.palme@kug.ac.at.

Deadline: Monday, 4 November 2019. Applicants will be notified of the decisions by 20 December 2019. For any further information, please contact Christina Lessiak christina.lessiak@kug.ac.at.

Project TeamPia Palme, PhD, Head of Project
Christina Lessiak, BA MA, Assistant
Centre for Gender Studies University of Music and Performing Arts Graz / Austria
PEEK Project AR537 “On the Fragility of Sounds”