Decolonising the musical university

University of Edinburgh, 23-24 July 2020
Twitter: @decol_music

Call for participation

We invite researchers, educators and activists to join us in July 2020 to participate in the process of decolonising the musical university.

Decolonisation is the disruption and dismantling of colonial structures and behaviours. As such, in this meeting too, we would like to disrupt some of the formats of academic practice and prioritise more inclusive ways of working.

Our main aims as organisers are to facilitate, and make space for, marginalised colleagues, and to encourage more privileged colleagues to listen and to reflect on how colonial ideologies continue to influence teaching, learning and research.

Please note that, therefore, this is a call for participation, not a call for papers: the event will not be based around presentation of papers

Our plan as organisers is to create a tailored and pragmatic programme of activities for conference participants based on the interests of those who wish to attend, working in formats suggested by participants.
This is because we want this gathering to produce meaningful changes in practice and thinking that have real-life impact on current and prospective staff and students involved in music in universities.
We particularly welcome participation of those who are marginalised in the arts, society and academia, especially BIPOC.

Please send your expression of interest to participate in ‘Decolonising the Musical University’ by 23:59 GMT on Sunday 15 December 2019.
Submissions should be made by email to<>
This expression of interest should outline your areas of work/interest, and proposed topics of discussion you would like to bring to the table.
Submit your expression of interest as a written document of no more than 300 words, or a voice note of up to three (3) minutes.
Please include your name, location and organisation/institution/role where relevant.

There is no fee to attend the conference. We are working to obtain funds for travel bursaries to assist students and unfunded researchers to attend, but are not able to guarantee any assistance to individuals at this stage.

Conference organisers:
Dr. des. Diljeet Bhachu
Dr M. J. Grant

Full information at