SEMPRE Autumn Conference

The role of music psychology research in a complex world: Implications, applications, and debates

10–11 September, 2020

School of Music, University of Leeds

Guest speaker: Prof. David Hargreaves (Roehampton University)

The study of the musical mind its associated behaviours has become increasingly socially conscious, with more emphasis on applications and values (Sloboda, 2005), and calls to reflect on music(king)’s capacity to afford (inter)subjectivity and empathy; to engage with music’s global diversity, and to encourage interdisciplinarity communality (Clarke, 2011). Recent years have seen rapid societal and cultural change, which has impacted on priorities for the environment, education, community, wellbeing, politics, and social justice, as well as mounting concern about the rise of intolerance in an increasingly polarised society.

This SEMPRE conference aims to bring together researchers to (re)consider music psychology (in the broadest sense of the term) in light of current social, cultural, and environmental challenges, and seeks to foster discussion and debate about the role that music psychology might play in addressing them. Encouraging a broad and inclusive approach, we invite submissions for individual 20-minute papers or posters that address a wide variety of topics, methodologies, and questions, including (but not limited to):

  • (How) can music psychology understand and address current societal challenges?
  • What should a socially engaged music psychology look like today?
  • What are the urgent/difficult questions?
  • What new approaches to socially applicable research are there?
  • What key assumptions remain in the field and how might they be challenged?
  • Any paper/poster that explicitly applies music psychological knowledge to address socially urgent research questions.

A Call for Proposals will be circulated soon. For all enquiries, please contact Dr Emily Payne (