SEMPRE Autumn 2020 Conference

The role of music psychology research in a complex world: Implications, applications, and debates

9–11 September, 2020 (N.B. earlier start date)

School of Music, University of Leeds (online)

Invited speaker: Prof. Alexandra Lamont (Keele University)


In light of the global pandemic, the conference will take place online. The event is free to attend, but registration is essential. Please register here:

A provisional conference schedule is also available on the website.


The study of the musical mind its associated behaviours has become increasingly socially conscious, with more emphasis on applications and values, and calls to reflect on music(king)’s capacity to afford (inter)subjectivity and empathy; to engage with music’s global diversity, and to encourage interdisciplinarity communality. Recent years have seen rapid societal and cultural change, which has impacted on priorities for the environment, education, community, wellbeing, politics, and social justice, as well as mounting concern about the rise of intolerance in an increasingly polarised society.

This SEMPRE conference aims to bring together researchers to (re)consider music psychology (in the broadest sense of the term) in light of current social, cultural, and environmental challenges, and seeks to foster discussion and debate about the role that music psychology might play in addressing them.

It is hoped that some papers from the conference will contribute to a Music & Science Special Collection, ‘Music Psychology Research in a Complex World’, guest-edited by Karen Burland and Emily Payne. More information can be found here.

Conference committee: Karen Burland, David Ireland, Melissa Kirby, Emily Payne