3rd International Music and Musicology Doctoral Conference


Thursday June 4th – Saturday June 6th 2020
at La Sorbonne, rue Victor Cousin, 75005 Paris

Deadline for submissions: February 15th 2020

Scientific committee:
Susan Boynton, Christophe Corbier, Pierre Couprie, Nicolas Dufetel, Gilles Demonet

Dear Doctoral students,

Each year the International Music and Musicology doctoral conference presents the current state of the principal themes of research in Music and Musicology presented by the work of young researchers, doctoral students of IReMus or other groups.

Entitled ”The rhythm of research”, it is an opportunity for young researchers from multiple countries to present an aspect of their research, thus permitting:

  • exchange between young researchers from different backgrounds;
  • dialogue between doctoral candidates and experienced researchers;
  • shared reflection on current academic themes through collaborative ateliers;
  • thereby promoting research in Music and Musicology.

The Conference is open to all doctoral students in music and musicology, regardless of their institute of origin or university to give presentations particularly in the following areas: musical history, music analytical practices, digital humanities applied to musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory and the history music theory, sociology of music, music and other disciplines, etc.

Each year the conference brings together over twenty doctoral students and scholars, specialists and speakers in round table discussions. This year our featured guests will be:

Susan Boynton, Columbia University (Musicologist – Medieval music);

Laurent Cugny, Sorbonne Université (Musicologist – jazz musician – director of the UFR of Music and Musicology);

Gilles Demonet, Sorbonne Université (Head of Masters of music Administration and director of the Institute IReMus – Institute of Research and Musicology);

Dinko Fabris, Università della Basilicata (Musicology – Baroque Music);

François Picard, Sorbonne Université (Ethnomusicology);

Paper proposals are selected by a committee composed of Christopher Corbier (in charge of research at CNRS and historiographical specialist of Greek music), Pierre Couprie (Associate Professor , Analysis and Electroacoustic music representation specialist), Gilles Demonet (director of the masters program in music Administration and director of the institute IReMus – Institute of Research and Musicology) and Nicolas Dufétel (in charge of research at CNRS and adjunct director of IReMus, specialist of Music of the 19th century).

One afternoon will be devoted to workshops in which doctoral students will reflect on current themes of musicological research, a moment dedicated to brainstorming and academic discussion.

A concert in connection with the conference will be organized the first evening at the Riche-lieu amphitheater at the Sorbonne. The objective is to give a wholistic sense of connection between the practice of music and musicological research.

Submit proposals by February 15th 2020. Simply fill out the form by clicking on the follow-ing link:
https://framaforms.org/iiie-congres-doctoral-international-de-musique-et-musicologie- 1572953703

Information concerning the 3rd International Music and Musicology doctoral conference is also available on the institute’s website: http://www.iremus.cnrs.fr/fr/le-laboratoire/bureau-des-jeunes-chercheurs

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