36th Annual Conference on Music in 18th-Century Britain

The 36th Annual Conference on Music in 18th-Century Britain will take place on Friday 27th November 2020, hosted virtually from the Foundling Museum, London.

It will be hosted from 9.00 via YouTube with questions, comments, discussion and reports at 15.00 via Zoom.

For information, please email handel@foundlingmuseum.org.uk.

Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson (Brentwood), An Old Singer’s Benefit Nights: attracting and entertaining an audience in the mid-eighteenth century

Peter Holman (Colchester), Inexperience or Boldness? : Jeremiah Clarke’s Orchestral Writing

Mary-Jannet Leith (Southampton), London’s Musical Scot: exploring James Oswald’s “Airs for the Four Seasons”

Lizzy Buckle (London), A Chest with Two Locks: Felice Giardini and charitable benefits in eighteenth-century England

Douglas MacMillan (Guildford), Small flutes in English music of the eighteenth century

Eilís Lavelle (Belfast), Manuscript 29 – An introduction to Edward Bunting’s collection