“Music and Acoustic Spaces in the Civil and Ecclesiastical Institutions of the Iberian Peninsula” (MEDyREN Conference) Spanish Society of Musicology


image.pngThe commission “Music and Contexts in the Medieval and Renaissance Iberian World” (MEDyREN), of the Spanish Musicology Society (SEdeM) aims to bring together all researchers interested in different perspectives from which music and its context within the Iberian Peninsula can be studied, from the ninth to the sixteenth or early-seventeenth centuries. Given that the terms traditionally used for conceptualising periodisation are usually understood as having fixed start and finish dates, and that these are not as commonly used today especially in light of the constant evolution of History, the use of traditional terminology only implies an attempt to delimit briefly studies beginning with the earliest written musical sources through to the gradual establishment of the aesthetic currents that extend until the Golden Age.

The intention of this First International Congress under the title “Music and Acoustic Spaces in the Civil and Ecclesiastical Institutions of the Iberian Peninsula” to take place in the exceptional setting of the Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe on 6-7 April 2018, is to create a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on various interdisciplinary issues related to music and acoustic spaces from the Middle Ages to the late sixteenth century: musicologists, performers, art historians and archivists will be some of those in charge of

providing that broad vision of the musical phenomenon in its different contexts. In the same way, this congress offers an opportunity to become aware of the latest contributions of other researchers who are working in this field, in order to exchange ideas on the latest developments and studies.

The principal themes of the congress will preferably be the following:

  • Cathedral and monastic music: spaces for liturgical and other religious ceremonies.
  • Court music: performance spaces and musical context.
  • Music and its different locations as an element of devotion or the demonstration of
  • power.
  • The circulation of repertoires and musicians.


All those interested in attending the Congress must register before 30 March, 2018. Please complete the relevant form for this purpose available on the Commission’s website https://medyren.wixsite.com/medyren-sedem/international-conference-2018 

It has been decided by the organisers that registration will be free for all participants, in order to facilitate attendance and stimulate the exchange of information and opinion among all those who are interested in this subject. Registered participants who attend at least 80% of the hours of the conference will receive a certificate issued by the University of Extremadura, which will include the number of hours and the corresponding credits. All the information related to this First International Congress Music and Acoustic Spaces in the Civil and Ecclesiastical Institutions of the Iberian Peninsula. From the Middle Ages until the dawn of the Seventeenth Century can be consulted on the web https://medyren.wixsite.com/medyren-sedem/international-conference-2018 



The organization of the Congress has planned to devote several sessions of a maximum duration of twenty minutes to free communications related to the topics of the Congress. For this, interested parties must complete a communication proposal form that can be found on

the page  before FEBRUARY 23rd, 2018. It is necessary to include an abstract of about 200 words, stating the language in which they intend to present their communication: Spanish, Portuguese or English and a contact email

address. The organizing committee will confirm the acceptance of the communications before MARCH 16th, 2018 by email and through the website of the Commission.


Francisco Rodilla León (Universidad de Extremadura. Chairman of MEDyREN)


Alberto Cebolla Rollo (Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León)

Ferran Escrivà-Llorca (Universidad Jaume I)

Eva Esteve Roldán (Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, UNIR)

Iain Fenlon (University of Cambridge, UK)

Teresa Fraile Prieto (Universidad de Extremadura)

Santiago Galán Gómez (Taller de Músics-ESEM, Barcelona)

John Griffiths (University of Melbourne, Monash University)

Elsa De Luca (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Mercedes Pérez Vidal (Heinrich Heine Universität-Düsseldorf)

Santiago Ruiz Torres (Universidad de Salamanca)

Francesc Villanueva Serrano (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)


Coordinator: Nuria Torres Lobo (Universidad de Valladolid)

Association of Young Musicologists of Madrid