Past conferences 1997

Information about past conferences in 1997 is retained here.

  1. New Research on Spanish Renaissance Music, Urbana, IL, January 1997
  2. American Historical Association annual meeting, New York, January 1997
  3. Adorno and Analysis, Bristol, February 1997
  4. Conference on Mexican Music, University of Kansas, February 1997
  5. Symposium 97, Music Graduate Society of McGill University, Montreal, February 1997
  6. Johannes Ockeghem et la culture musicale dans le Royaume de France au XVe siècle, Tours, February 1997
  7. Personal Taste and the Ethnomusicologist, Stony Brook, NY, February 1997
  8. New York Women Composers Conference, New York, February 1997
  9. Schubert Festival, Durham, NC, February 1997
  10. Georgia Association of Music Theorists, Annual Meeting, Athens, GA, February 1997
  11. Poetry, Politics and Song: “English” Vocal Music from 1850 to the Present, Cardiff, March 1997
  12. Joy’s Legacy: Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Winston-Salem, NC, March 1997
  13. Exploring Intense Musical Experience, Keele, Staffs., March 1997
  14. British Forum for Ethnomusicology, Annual Conference 1997, Limerick, March 1997
  15. Second Latin American Congress of IASPM (“Problems and Cases of Latin American Popular Music”), Santiago de Chile, March 1997
  16. The Mendelssohns at the Millennium, Bloomington, March 1997
  17. Mendelssohn Symposium, Durham, NC, March 1997
  18. Music Theory Southeast, 6th Annual Meeting, Rock Hill, SC, March 1997
  19. Spring Meeting, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, AMS, Swarthmore, PA, March 1997
  20. Foundations of Time Perception, Ghent, March 1997
  21. 23rd National Conference, Sonneck Society for American Music, Seattle, March 1997
  22. The Rhythms of Culture: Dancing to Las Americas, Ann Arbor, March 1997
  23. 31st Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Brighton, March 1997
  24. Culture and the Literary, Radford, VA, March 1997
  25. Southeastern Renaissance Conference, 54th Annual Meeting, Knoxville, March 1997
  26. Southern Conference on Slavic Studies, Lexington, KY, March 1997
  27. American Musicological Society, South-West Chapter, Georgetown, TX, March 1997
  28. South Central Society for Music Theory, Annual Meeting, Oxford, Mississippi, March 1997
  29. Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory, Annual Meeting, Boulder, CO, March 1997
  30. Renaissance Society of America, Vancouver, April 1997
  31. Medieval Academy of America, Annual Meeting, Toronto, April 1997
  32. Music in Urban Societies, 1400-1600, Egham, April 1997
  33. Music, Time and Measurement: West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis, Santa Barbara, CA, April 1997
  34. Associação Portuguesa de Ciências Musicais, VIII Encontro Nacional: Música e Identidade, Lisbon, April 1997
  35. Power, Patronage and Institutions in Mediterranean Music, 1400-1600, Avila, April 1997
  36. Music & Dance of Africa and the Diaspora, Ann Arbor, April 1997
  37. Music Theory Society of New York State, 1997 Meeting, Rochester, April 1997
  38. Society for Seventeenth-Century Music (SSCM), Conference, Tallahassee, Florida, April 1997
  39. Florida State University 1997 Theory Forum, Tallahassee, FL, April 1997
  40. American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter, Murfreesboro, TN, April 1997
  41. American Musicological Society, Midwest Chapter, Vermillion, SD, April 1997
  42. American Musicological Society, New York State-St Lawrence Chapter, Hamilton, Ontario, April 1997
  43. Graduate Student Music Forum Symposium, Madison, WI, April 1997
  44. Annual Meeting, Midwest Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Macomb, IL, April 1997
  45. Brahms the Contemporary: Perspectives on Two Centuries, Boston, MA, April 1997
  46. Britpop: Towards a Musicological Perspective, Leeds, April 1997
  47. Final Schubertiade Symposium, New York, April 1997
  48. Festival Culture in Germany and Europe, London, April 1997
  49. Third Annual Media Symposium, Stockholm, April 1997
  50. Philipp Melanchthon, 1497-1560: His Life, Work and Influence, Cambridge, April 1997
  51. The Orchestration of the Arts, Cambridge, MA, April 1997
  52. Expanding the Visual Field, Los Angeles, April 1997
  53. 13th Annual Graduate Symposium, Russian and East European Studies, Charlottesville, VA, April 1997
  54. Second Annual Radford University Student Research Conference on Gender, Radford, VA, April 1997
  55. Women Compose: A Forum for Work on Women, Music, and Gender, Bloomington, April 1997
  56. Culture, Communication and Power, New Delhi, April 1997
  57. The Charles Fowler Colloquium in Arts Education, College Park, MD, April 1997
  58. Music of Japan Today III: Tradition and Innovation, Clinton, NY, April 1997
  59. TAGS Day for Music Postgraduates in Theory and Analysis, Egham, May 1997
  60. Cultural Diversity in Music Education, Dartington, May 1997
  61. Sociedad Ibérica de Etnomusicología, Third Annual Congress, Beniccassim (Valencia), May 1997
  62. Music Theory Midwest, Eighth Annual Meeting, Northfield, MN, May 1997
  63. Cantate Domino: Musica nei secoli per il Duomo di Firenze, Fiesole (Florence), May 1997
  64. (Re)presenting Rameau’s Hippolyte et Aricie, New York, May 1997
  65. Music and Vernacular Politics in Late Medieval England: Towards an Anti-Disciplinary Historicism, Kalamazoo, MI, May 1997
  66. 32nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 1997
  67. Alte Musik im 19. Jahrhundert: Rezeption, Komposition, Interpretation, Basel, May 1997
  68. The Multicultural Middle Ages and Renaissance: A Dialogue of the Disciplines, Banff, Canada, May 1997
  69. Freud and Culture Now, Vienna, May 1997
  70. Prague Musical Life at the Beginning of the 20th Century, Prague, May 1997
  71. Word and Music Studies: Assessing an Interart Discipline, Graz, May-June 1997
  72. 10th International Congress on Women in Music, Los Angeles, May-June 1997
  73. Society of Dance History Scholars, New York, June 1997
  74. Medieval Music in Slovenia and its European Connections, Ljubljana, June 1997
  75. University Workshop ’97 (Rock-Pop-Jazz), Bratislava, June 1997
  76. William Grant Still and his world, Flagstaff, Arizona, June 1997
  77. Sharing the Voices: The Phenomenon of Singing, St Johns, Newfoundland, June 1997
  78. Foundations of Neuromusicology: Symposium, Ghent, June 1997
  79. Feminist Theory and Music 4, Charlottesville, VA, June 1997
  80. Cultural History after Foucault I, Amsterdam, June 1997
  81. KlangArt 1997: Musik im virtuellen Raum, Osnabrück, June 1997
  82. Music of the Sea, Mystic, CT, June 1997
  83. International Council for Traditional Music, Nitra, Slovak Republic, June-July 1997
  84. Research, Composers and Performers in the Ibero-American World, Chicago, July 1997
  85. Music Studies and Cultural Difference, London, July 1997
  86. The Ethnic in Music: A Conference on Race, Culture, Nationalism, Gender, Class, Empire and Post-Coloniality, Leeds, July 1997
  87. East-West Seminar 1997, Berlin, July 1997
  88. German-Language Theatre Abroad: Inter-Cultural Relationships Past and Present, Blankenburg, July 1997
  89. Ideas, Cultura e Historia de la Creación intelectual latinoamericana, siglos XIX y XX, Quito, July 1997
  90. The Ancient Kingdom of Navarre During the Middle Ages, Leeds, July 1997
  91. Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Hull, July 1997
  92. Fanny Hensel and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Kassel, July 1997
  93. Brahms Conference, Nottingham, July 1997
  94. International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Saskatoon, July 1997
  95. Periodization in History and Historiography: An Intercultural Comparison, Budapest, July 1997
  96. 13th International Symposium for Balkan Folklore, Ohrid, July 1997
  97. 27th Ballad Conference in Slovenia, Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia, July 1997
  98. Annual Meeting, Society for Music Perception and Cognition, Cambridge, MA, July-August 1997
  99. 4th National Congress of Music Education, Buenos Aires, July-August 1997
  100. West African Drumming and Dance, College Park, MD, July-August 1997
  101. International Musicological Society (IMS), 16th International Congress, London, August 1997
  102. Cambridge University Music Analysis Conference, Cambridge, August 1997
  103. International Symposium on Musical Acoustics, Edinburgh, August 1997
  104. Conference on Instrumentalischer Bettlermantl, a 17th-century Musical Compendium in the Edinburgh University Library Special Collections, Edinburgh, August 1997
  105. Colloquium on Historical Musical Instrument Acoustics and Technology, Edinburgh, August 1997
  106. IAML GENEVA 1997: International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, Annual Meeting, Geneva, August/September 1997
  107. Music Theory Today: 24th Annual Musicological Congress of the Musicological Society of Southern Africa, Stellenbosch, September 1997
  108. Austria Inside Out: Austrian Cultures in International Context, Bowling Green, OH, September 1997
  109. German Studies Association, 21st Annual Conference, Bethesda, MD, September 1997
  110. Printing, Publishing and Urban Culture, Newcastle upon Tyne, September 1997
  111. Venice Reconsidered: The History and Civilization of an Italian City-State, 1297-1797, Syracuse, NY, September 1997
  112. 23rd Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, Madison, WI, September 1997
  113. La composition modale avant l’octoechos: bilans et recherches, Tours, September 1997
  114. Music as Heard: Listeners and Listening in Late-Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Princeton, September 1997
  115. Women in Jazz: Nice Work if You Can Get It, Guelph, Ontario, September 1997
  116. American Musicological Society, Southeast Chapter, Durham, NC, September 1997
  117. The Shaping of Welsh Musical Culture, Bangor, Wales, September 1997
  118. Digital Resources for the Humanities ’97, Oxford, September 1997
  119. Cultural Values and Cultural Capital of Pop Music in Asia, Perth, Western Australia, September 1997
  120. Ivilikou: Papua New Guinea Music Conference and Festival, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, September 1997
  121. El hispanismo anglonorteamericano: Aportaciones, problemas y perspectivas sobre Historia, Arte y Literatura españolas (siglos XVI-XVIII), Cordoba, September 1997
  122. First Latin American Meeting for Music Education, Bahia, Brazil, September 1997
  123. The Quechua Expressive Art: Creativity, Analysis and Performance, Santa Cruz, CA, September 1997
  124. VI Asamblea de Latinoamericanistas, Madrid, September/October 1997
  125. 32nd Annual International Musicological Colloquium, Brno, September-October 1997
  126. Fusing the Arts: The Achievement of Michel Sedaine, 1719-1797, London, October 1997
  127. Global Baroque, Eugene, OR, October 1997
  128. Francesco da Milano International Symposium, Milan, October 1997
  129. Urban Culture in the 18th Century, Chicago, October 1997
  130. Representations of Time in the 18th Century, London, Ontario, October 1997
  131. Burckhardt Conference, Princeton, October 1997
  132. European Seminar in Ethnomusicology, Jyväskylä, October 1997
  133. MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, Annual Festival, Bowling Green, OH, October 1997
  134. Iowa Seashore Symposium, Iowa City, October 1997
  135. Mid-West American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Panel: Rousseau & Music, Chicago, October 1997
  136. Genders, Bodies, Borders, Ann Arbor, MI, October 1997
  137. The Rhetorics and Rituals of (Un)veiling in Early Modern Europe, Ann Arbor, MI, October 1997
  138. Music and Constructions of the Human, Stanislaus, CA, October 1997
  139. Nebensache Musik: Schauspiel-Hörspiel-Film-Werbung-Ambience-…, Weimar, October 1997
  140. Philosophy and the Imagination, Binghamton, NY, October 1997
  141. Symposium and Festival, Center for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, October 1997
  142. Der Beitrag der Orden zur Aufklärungsphilosophie (The Contribution of the Religious Orders to the Philosophy of the Enlightenment), Pilicsaba, Hungary, October 1997
  143. The Evolution of Schubert’s Instrumental Style, Paris, October 1997
  144. American Musicological Society, Allegheny Chapter, Pittsburgh, October 1997
  145. American Musicological Society, Midwest Chapter, Chicago, October 1997
  146. American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Cambridge, MA, October 1997
  147. Comparative Colonialisms (CEMERS 31st Annual Conference), Binghamton, NY, October/November 1997
  148. American Musicological Society, Annual Meeting, Phoenix, November 1997
  149. 20th Annual Meeting, Society for Music Theory, Phoenix, November 1997
  150. Annual Conference, Association for Technology in Music Instruction, Cleveland, November 1997
  151. Attending to Early Modern Women: Crossing Boundaries, College Park, MD, November 1997
  152. Creative Women During the Chicago Renaissance (c.1930-1950), Atlanta, GA, November 1997
  153. Vienna 1897: Cultural and Historical Profiles of Early Viennese Modernism, Vienna, November 1997
  154. The Circulation of Music and Musicians in Bohemia and Moravia, 1600-1900: The State of the Sources and the Current Literature, Olomouc, Czech Republic, November 1997
  155. Banned and Exiled: Austrian Musicians in the Americas, New York, November 1997
  156. African Studies Association (USA) 40th Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH, November 1997
  157. Brazilian Identity and Globalization, Washington, DC, November 1997
  158. Fiestas, Ceremonias, Ceremoniales: Pueblo y Corte, España Siglo XVIII, Marbella/Málaga, November 1997
  159. Iglesia y Sociedad en Andalucia en la Edad Moderna, Granada, November 1997
  160. Canovas y su epoca, Madrid, November 1997
  161. The Sites of Culture, 1450-1850, Chapel Hill, December 1997
  162. Songs and the Song: The Parry-Lord Theory Today, Baku, December 1997