Past conferences 1998

Information about past conferences in 1998 is retained here.

  1. RMA Research Students’ Conference, Southampton, January 1998
  2. Mahler’s Legacy, Boulder, CO, January 1998
  3. Oklahoma Culture and History, Lubbock, TX, January 1998
  4. Festival for Original Theatre, Toronto, January 1998
  5. Synaesthesia: Communities, Identities, Technologies, Vancouver, January 1998
  6. Music Library Association, Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, February 1998
  7. American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Winter Meeting, Wellesley, MA, February 1998
  8. American Musicological Society, South-East Chapter, Winter Meeting, Davidson, NC, February 1998
  9. Sonneck Society for American Music, 24th National Conference, Kansas City, February 1998
  10. Role-Play and the World as Stage in the Comedia, London, February 1998
  11. 18th Annual ILASSA Student Conference on Latin America, Austin, TX, February 1998
  12. Patrimonio Musical e Identidad Cultural, Zaragoza/Madrid, February 1998
  13. Identity in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque, Miami, February 1998
  14. Unmasking the Carnival: The Politics and Poetics of Identity, Baton Rouge, LA, February 1998
  15. Teaching the Renaissance, Long Beach, CA, February 1998
  16. Articulating Conflicts in Cultural Studies, Tucson, AZ, February 1998
  17. Inside the Kaleidoscope: Interpreting Interdisciplinarity, Vancouver, February 1998
  18. Chinese Buddhist Music: Research, Propagation, Characteristics, Taipei, February 1998
  19. Making and Unmaking History: The Annual Interdisciplinary English Graduate Conference, Los Angeles, February 1998
  20. (RE)presenting the Holocaust, Columbus, OH, February 1998
  21. Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Annual Meeting, Flagstaff, AZ, February 1998
  22. Aspects of the British Musical Renaissance, Birmingham, February 1998
  23. Music, Drama and the Unconscious, Canterbury, February 1998
  24. Music Theory’s Nature, Oxford, March 1998
  25. Royal Musical Association Annual Conference, Oxford, March 1998
  26. One-Day Postgraduate Conference, London, March 1998
  27. British Art Music in the ’60s, Guildford, March 1998
  28. Symposium ’98, The Music Graduate Society, Montreal, March 1998
  29. American Musicological Society Southwest: Spring Meeting 1998, Austin, TX, March 1998
  30. Spanish Golden Age Theatre Symposium, El Paso, TX, March 1998
  31. Southern Conference on Slavic Studies, Durham/Chapel Hill, NC, March 1998
  32. The Jew and the City, College Park, March 1998
  33. Remembering the Past, Envisioning the Future: New Directions in Holocaust Studies, Murfreesboro, TN, April 1998
  34. 6th Annual Conference, Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, Urbana, IL, April 1998
  35. The Splendors of Versailles, Jackson, April 1998
  36. J. S. Bach and the Musical Instruments of His Time, New Haven, CT, April 1998
  37. Annual Conference, Society for Latin American Studies, Liverpool, April 1998
  38. Exterior Borders/Interior Borders, Tempe, AZ, April 1998
  39. Many Rivers to Cross: Culture and Criticism in the “Postcolonial” Era, Albuquerque, April 1998
  40. Popular Music and Technology, Salford, April 1998
  41. Edwardian Britain: Epilogue or New Chapter?, St Paul, MN, April 1998
  42. Society for Reformation Studies, 5th Annual Conference, Cambridge, April 1998
  43. Media on the Border, San Diego, April 1998
  44. Ethnomusicology and the Cinema, Society for Ethnomusicology, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Williamsburg, April 1998
  45. Rachmaninoff Festival/Conference, College Park, MD, April 1998
  46. Graduate Student Conference on Slavic and East/Central European Literatures, Chicago, April 1998
  47. Word and Image: Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference, Bellingham, WA, April 1998
  48. Southeastern Renaissance Conference, Chapel Hill, NC, April 1998
  49. La Filologia Musicale a confronto, un seminario interdisciplinare, Cremona, April 1998
  50. Constructing Publics: Cultures of Communication in the Early Modern German Lands, Durham, NC, April 1998
  51. Modes of Law: Music and Legal Theory, New York, April 1998
  52. American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Spring Meeting, Storrs, CT, April 1998
  53. American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter, Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, April 1998
  54. American Musicological Society, Pacific NW Chapter, Eugene, OR, April 1998
  55. Graduate Student Music Forum Symposium, Madison, WI, April 1998
  56. Music Theory Society of New York State, Annual Meeting, New York, April 1998
  57. Las Misiones de Chiquitos, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, April-May 1998
  58. Discovery, New Frontiers and Expansion in the Iberian World, Lisbon, May 1998
  59. Milton Babbitt Symposium, Washington, DC, May 1998
  60. Music Theory Midwest Ninth Annual Conference, Louisville, KY, May 1998
  61. Music Cognition Workshop, Columbus, OH, May 1998
  62. Marsilio Ficino in Central Europe, Budapest, May 1998
  63. Culture and the Politics of Identity in Modern Romania, Bucharest, May 1998
  64. Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies, 1998 Conference, Ottawa, May 1998
  65. Renaissance Conference of Southern California, Annual Conference, San Marino, CA, May 1998
  66. Ireland: The Last Hundred Years, Ottawa, May 1998
  67. 33rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 1998
  68. Encyclopedias, Their Users, and Uses (33rd International Congress on Medieval Studies), Kalamazoo, MI, May 1998
  69. Ashkenaz: Theory and Nation (Conference on Yiddish and Ashkenazic Studies), Kraków, May 1998
  70. Black American Music in Europe, Utrecht, May 1998
  71. Postgraduate Study Day, Guildford, June 1998
  72. Cultural History after Foucault II, Aberdeen, June 1998
  73. 1798, 1848, 1898: Revolution, Revival, Commemoration, Cork, June 1998
  74. The 1848/49 Hungarian Revolution and the Jews, Jerusalem, June 1998
  75. Rhetoric and Technology in the Next Millennium, Internet Conference, June 1998
  76. Juxtapositions: The Harlem Renaissance and the Lost Generation, Cape Town, June 1998
  77. Goodly Worlds: Places, Topoi and Global Riches, Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association, Big Sky, MT, June 1998
  78. Society of Dance History Scholars Conference, Eugene, OR, June 1998
  79. Bodies in Question, Australian Drama Studies Association, Hamilton, New Zealand, June-July 1998
  80. Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Tampere, June-July 1998
  81. Music Education in a Multicultural Society, Aarhus, July 1998
  82. Coming Down Fast! Replaying the 1960s, Wolverhampton, July 1998
  83. Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science, Winfield, KS, July 1998
  84. Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference 1998, York, July 1998
  85. Eighth Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Exeter, July 1998
  86. Music and the Sirens, Cambridge, July 1998
  87. Villancico and Cantata in the Iberian World, 1400-1800, London, July 1998
  88. Music in Eighteenth-Century Italy, Cardiff, July 1998
  89. Biennial Conference on 19th-Century Music, Bristol, July 1998
  90. Legenda: Reading and Writing Myth, Lancaster, July 1998
  91. Seminar in the History of the Book to 1500, Oxford, July 1998
  92. Expertise Constructed: Didactic Literature in the British Atlantic World, 1500-1800, Cambridge, July 1998
  93. 1798/1998: Back to the Present, Forward to the Past, Limerick, July 1998
  94. International Society for the Classical Tradition, 4th Meeting, Tübingen, July-August 1998
  95. Handel Organ Conference, Edinburgh, August 1998
  96. Wagner und die Juden, Bayreuth, August 1998
  97. Popular (Commercial) Music at the End of the 20th Century, Haifa, August 1998
  98. The Musical Work: Reality or Invention?, Liverpool, September 1998
  99. Bruckner-Symposion 1998 “Künstler-Bilder”, Linz, September 1998
  100. Digital Resources in the Humanities ’98, Glasgow, September 1998
  101. Staging Change: Fifty Years of the Theatre, Sheffield, September 1998
  102. 1498-1998 Raizes, Rotas, Reflexoes: Conference of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland 1998, Braga, September 1998
  103. La Vida Musical en los Salones del Siglo XIX, Caracas, Venezuela, September 1998
  104. Texas Medieval Association, Annual Conference, San Antonio, September 1998
  105. Manuel Ponce, 1882-1948, Mexico City, September 1998
  106. Rabindranath Tagore at the End of the Millennium, Storrs, CT, September 1998
  107. Concepts of Music–Concepts of Musicology, Halle, September-October 1998
  108. 13th International Symposium, German Association of Musicology Students, Frankfurt, October 1998
  109. Deutsch-englische Beziehungen im Bereich der Musik im 18. Jahrhundert, Münster, October 1998
  110. Schostakowitsch und Deutschland Teil II, Berlin, October 1998
  111. Symposium on Music and Computers, Corfu, October 1998
  112. Nation, Myth and Reality: Music in the 1930s, London, October 1998
  113. State of the Art: Slovak culture, 1988-98, London, October 1998
  114. Making Contact: Natives, Strangers and Barbarians, Edmonton, October 1998
  115. Barbarian Pipes and Strings: 4th International CHIME Conference, Heidelberg, October 1998
  116. Crossing the West(s): Inventing Frontiers, Banff, Alberta, October 1998
  117. African American Culture at the Millennium, Washington, DC, October 1998
  118. Cultural Crossroads, Midwestern American Society for 18th-Century Studies, Mackinaw City, MI, October 1998
  119. 3rd Bethlehem Conference on Moravian Music, Bethlehem, PA, October 1998
  120. Amy Beach and Her Times, Durham, NH, October 1998
  121. British Studies Conference, Colorado Springs, October 1998
  122. Romanticism: Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, Salt Lake City, October 1998
  123. Dramaturgy On Stage/In Theory, Flagstaff, AZ, October 1998
  124. Crossing the Borders: Musicology in Dialogue, Frankfurt, October 1998
  125. Patronage and Production: Theoretical Perspectives and Case Studies, Lisbon, October 1998
  126. International Conference on Women Composers of Our Time, Cologne, October 1998
  127. The Fair Sex? Women & the Arts 1660-1830, Daytona Beach, FL, October 1998
  128. Constructing the Human through Music, Stanislaus, CA, October 1998
  129. Antonio Draghi: A Rimini Musician at the Viennese Imperial Court, Rimini, October 1998
  130. American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, New York, October 1998
  131. American Musicological Society, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Chester, PA, October 1998
  132. American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Boston, October 1998
  133. American Musicological Society, Southeast Chapter, Spartanburg, October 1998
  134. American Musicological Society, Southwest Chapter, Fort Worth, October 1998
  135. American Musicological Society, Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, October-November 1998
  136. Hermeneutics of Persecution, Internet Conference, October-November 1998
  137. Shakespeare in Popular Culture, Morgantown, WV, October/November 1998
  138. RMA Study Day, Picturing Performance, Cambridge, November 1998
  139. American Society of Aesthetics, 56th Annual Meeting, Bloomington, IN, November 1998
  140. Ambivalenzen der Okzidentalisierung, Leipzig, November 1998
  141. Stockhausen at 70, Cologne, November 1998
  142. Kurt Weill at Eastman, Rochester, NY, November 1998
  143. I Congreso Internacional de Estudios Latinoamericanos, La Serena, Chile, November 1998
  144. Frank Sinatra: The Man, The Music, The Legend, Hempstead, NY, November 1998
  145. The Secular Latin Motet, Leeds, November 1998
  146. Chant and Polyphony since the Middle Ages, Leuven, November 1998
  147. New Trends in Syrian Studies: A Dialogue of Theory and Practice, Fayetteville, AR, November 1998
  148. Women in Papal Rome, Rome, November 1998
  149. Queer Middle Ages, New York, November 1998
  150. Czech Musicological Society, Annual Conference, Prague, November/December 1998
  151. 32nd Royal Musical Association Research Students Conference, York, December 1998
  152. Society for Music Theory, 21st Annual Meeting, Chapel Hill, December 1998
  153. The World of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, London, December 1998
  154. Opera on/as Film (Lyrica Society), San Francisco, December 1998
  155. Medieval & Renaissance Marketplace and Society, New York, December 1998
  156. Musica, Infanzia e Adolescenzia (Music, Childhood and Adolescence), Naples, December 1998
  157. Consumption: Fantasy, Success and Desire, Liverpool, 1998