Past conferences 2000

Information about past conferences in 2000 is retained here.


1.Stadt und Öffentlichkeit in Ostmitteleuropa 1900-1939, Leipzig, January 2000

2.Die Nibelungen: Wirkung, Vereinnahmung und Mißbrauch eines deutschen Mythos, Alzey, Germany, January 2000

3.33rd Royal Musical Association Research Students Conference, Huddersfield, January 2000

4.Collecting Beyond the Book: Oxford Libraries as Cabinets of Curiosities, Oxford, January 2000

5.Literature, Film and Modernity, London, January 2000

6.Latin American Symposium of Musicology, Curitiba, Brazil, January 2000

7.Symposium: Musikalischer Rhythmus und Mensch, Witten, January 2000

8.Woman in the Eighteenth Century, Lubbock, TX, January 2000

9.Eighteenth-Century Studies: Past and Future, Tampa, FL, February 2000

10.Mozart 2000, London, February 2000

11.Visions of Orpheus: Celebrating the Quatercentenary of Opera, London, February 2000

12.Freedom of Expression in the Late Medieval and Early Modern World, Santa Barbara, February 2000

13.Form and Expression in Renaissance Polyphony, Montreal, February 2000

14.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Winter Meeting 2000, Boston, February 2000

15.Emigration and Exile from Central and Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century, Toronto, February 2000

16.University of Chicago Slavic Forum, Chicago, February 2000

17.The Myth Of El Dorado, Albuquerque, NM, February 2000

18.New Mexico Studies, Albuquerque, NM, February 2000

19.Kansas Culture, Albuquerque, NM, February 2000

20.Popularmusik und Kirche, Bad Herrenalb, February 2000

21.Cross-Currents in the Humanities, Riverside, CA, February 2000

22.Rhetoric, The Humanities, and Interdisciplinarity, Dallas, February 2000

23.Two Decades of Culture under Francoism, Granada, February 2000

24.Musikwissenschaft im Nationalsozialismus und in faschistischen Regimen: Kulturpolitik — Methoden — Wirkungen, Engers, March 2000

25.New Worlds in Thought, Place and Time, South-East American Society for 18th-Century Studies, Savannah, GA, March 2000

26.Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850, Huntsville, AL, March 2000

27.Beethoven’s String Quartets: A Classical or Modernistic Legacy?, Victoria, BC, March 2000

28.Contemporary Music: Theories and Philosophy, Brussels, March 2000

29.The Birth of an Opera: Janácek, Brno and Jenufa, Nottingham, March 2000

30.Sound in Space 2000, Santa Barbara, March 2000

31.Jacques Chailley (1910-1999) musicologue et théoricien de la musique, Paris, March 2000

32.Figures de la Muse, Paris, March 2000

33.Cocteau’s World: A Symposium, Philadelphia, March 2000

34.Technologies in Transition: Ireland 1000-2000, New York, March 2000

35.American Musicological Society, Southwest Chapter, and Society for Ethnomusicology, Southwest Chapter, Tempe, AZ, March 2000

36.Berlioz: Past, Present, Future, Northampton, MA, March/April 2000

37.Victorian Realities/Victorian Dreams, Urbana, IL, March/April 2000

38.Silence and Expression: Histories of Permission and Censorship, College Station, TX, March/April 2000

39.Walter Murch and the Art of [Film] Sound Design, Iowa City, March/April 2000

40.Technology, Art and Modernity in Russia and Eastern Europe, New York, March/April 2000

41.Russian Avant-Garde Music: Past, Present, Future, London, April 2000

42.British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies Convention, Cambridge, April 2000

43.Midwest Slavic Conference, Urbana, IL, April 2000

44.Living with the Beast: Everyday Life in Authoritarian Serbia, Worcester, MA, April 2000

45.Reimagining Bach, Durham, NC, April 2000

46.RMA Annual Conference, Performance 2000, Southampton, April 2000

47.The Effects of Music (Society for Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education), Leicester, April 2000

48.British Forum for Ethnomusicology, Sheffield, April 2000

49.The Music of Peter Maxwell Davies, Lancaster, April 2000

50.Opera Analysis, Cambridge. April 2000

51.Opera as Narrative, Atlanta, April 2000

52.Form and Forming in Music, Cambridge, April 2000

53.Creative and Cultural Aspects and Applications of AI and Cognitive Science, Birmingham, April 2000

54.“So Publick an Approbation”: Attitudes to Dance in Eighteenth-Century England, Oxford, April 2000

55.Interdisciplinary Dance Conference, Ghent, April 2000

56.Eighth Annual Meeting, Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, Vermillion, SD, April 2000

57.Baroque Bridges: Music, Poetry and the Visual Arts in Seventeenth-Century Italy, New Haven, April 2000

58.Southeastern Renaissance Conference, 57th Annual Meeting, Columbia, SC, April 2000

59.Renaissance Dialogues and Debates, Tacoma, WA, April 2000

60.Colloque Cantus firmus IX, Paris, April 2000

61.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Spring Meeting, Cambridge, MA, April 2000

62.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, Princeton, NJ, April 2000

63.American Musicological Society, Pacific Northwest Chapter, Bellingham, WA, April 2000

64.American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter, Annual Meeting, Martin, TN, April 2000

65.American Bach Society, Biennial Meeting, Washington, April 2000

66.The Eighteenth Century Seen Around the World, Philadelphia, April 2000

67.Rethinking the Avant-Garde: Between Politics and Aesthetics, South Bend, IN, April 2000

68.Women, Creativity and the French Revolution, Philadelphia, April 2000

69.Image and Idea: The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick, Buffalo, NY, April 2000

70.The Sixties, New Orleans, April 2000

71.Popular Culture in New Orleans, New Orleans, April 2000

72.The Harlem Renaissance and Homoeroticism, NEMLA, Buffalo, NY, April 2000

73.Theory and Analysis Graduate Students (TAGS) Day 2000, London, May 2000

74.Comparative Music Praxes, London, May 2000

75.Description and Interpretation, Copenhagen, May 2000

76.American Handel Society, College Park, MD, May 2000

77.The Pre-Classical Piano: Expressive Claviers and Their Repertoire in the 18th Century, Vermillion, SD, May 2000

78.Music and Victorian Literature, Reading, May 2000

79.Music and Urban Culture in Early Modern Europe, Valencia, May 2000

80.35th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2000

81.Ignatius and the Jesuits, Kalamazoo, May 2000

82.Crossing Boundaries; Europe Arrives in the New World, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, May 2000

83.Methoden der Erforschung populärer Musik (IASPM meeting), Bremen, May 2000

84.Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Birmingham, June 2000

85.Sir George Grove’s World, London, June 2000

86.Between Thing and Theory: Cultural Studies and the Crisis of Historicism, Crossroads Conference, Birmingham, June 2000

87.Bakhtin and Cultural Studies, Crossroads Conference, Birmingham, June 2000

88.Psychology after the Year 2000, Haifa, June 2000

89.Intersecting Times: The Work of Memory in Southeastern Europe, Swansea, June 2000

90.Jewish Music Conference, London, June 2000

91.Broadway on the Ruhr: The Musical Comedy in the New Millennium, Dortmund, June 2000

92.Jazz in Europe in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, Prague, June 2000

93.Popular Music Today: Objects, Practices, Approaches, Sofia, June 2000

94.International Pipe and Tabor Festival, Gloucester, June 2000

95.Beatles 2000 Conference, Jyväskylä, June 2000

96.Biennial Nineteenth-Century Conference, Egham, June/July 2000

97.Leeds International Schubert Conference, Leeds, June/July 2000

98.9th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Dublin, July 2000

99.The Politics of Opera, Oxford, July 2000

100.Thwarted Voices: Franz Schreker and his Pupils in Berlin (1920-1933), London, July 2000

101.Musiktheorie im Mittelalter, Quellen – Texte – Terminologie, Munich, July 2000

102.ISME 2000: The Music of the Spheres (24th World Conference of the International Society for Music Education), Edmonton, July 2000

103.45th Biennial Convention of the American Guild of Organists, Seattle, July 2000

104.Nights to Remember: Memory, Modernity and the Myth of the Titanic, Southampton, July 2000

105.Historicizing the Ocean, c. 1500 – c. 1900, Greifswald, July 2000

106.VII Simpósio Brasileiro de Computação e Música, Curitiba, Brazil, July 2000

107.IV Encontro de Musicologia Histórica: Música Religiosa na América Portuguesa, Juiz de Fora, July 2000

108.2nd Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts, Baden-Baden, July/August 2000

109.Thirteenth Nordic Musicological Congress, Aarhus, August 2000

110.New Perspectives in Czech and Slovak Studies, Washington, August 2000

111.European Arts in National and Ethnic Contexts, Bergen, August 2000

112.Göteborg International Organ Academy, 4th Biennial Meeting, Göteborg, August 2000

113.6th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Keele, August 2000

114.Medieval & Renaissance Music Conference 2000, Oxford, August 2000

115.Tijd en de Zeventiende-Eeuwse Cultuur (Time in Seventeenth-Century Culture), Amsterdam, August 2000

116.The Past in the Present, Budapest, August 2000

117.Fourteenth Annual Conference, Argentine Musicological Association, San Juan, Argentina, August 2000

118.III Congreso Latinoamericano de la Asociación Internacional para el Estudio de la Música Popular, IASPM, Bogotá, August 2000

119.British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Aberdeen, August 2000

120.Culture, Space, & The City: Berlin/Prague/Vienna, Berlin, August/September 2000

121.Intellectual Migration and Cultural Transformation: The Movement of Ideas from German-speaking Europe to the Anglo-Saxon World, Brighton, September 2000

122.OxMAC (Music Analysis Conference), Oxford, September 2000

123.Developing the Musical Ear: The Teaching of Ear Training at the College Level, New York, September 2000

124.Digital Resources for the Humanities, Sheffield, September 2000

125.Method or Madness?: The Use and Abuse of Inter-Disciplinary Research, Southampton, September 2000

126.Romanticism & the Physical, Tempe, AZ, September 2000

127.Censorship: Phenomenology, Representation, Contexts, Newcastle upon Tyne, September 2000

128.Lost Libraries, Cambridge, September 2000

129.Erziehung und Bildung bei Hofe, Celle, September 2000

130.City, Town and Country: A Sense of Place in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Johannesburg, September 2000

131.The Arts and Regional Identity, Perpignan, September 2000

132.Connections in Contemporary Austrian Culture, Aberdeen, September 2000

133.Die Länder der böhmischen Krone (1471-1526), Kutná Hora, September 2000

134.Criticism of Dvorák and its Motives, Prague, September 2000

135.Calderón 2000, Pamplona, September 2000

136.The Role of the Romanies, Liverpool, September 2000

137.Polonophilia and Polonophobia of the Russians, Bloomington, September 2000

138.Back to the Future: Twentieth-Century Futuristic Fantasies, Liverpool, September 2000

139.American Musicological Society, Southeast Chapter, Newport News, VA, September 2000

140.Modern Greek Music History, Corfu, September/October 2000

141.Sprache – Öffentlichkeit – Identität: Ausdrucksformen europäischer Minderheiten-Kulturen im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, Potsdam, September/October 2000

142.Totem und Tattoo: Moderne Ästhetik — Ästhetische Postmoderne?, Graz, October 2000

143.Frontiers of Transculturality in Contemporary Aesthetics, Bologna, October 2000

144.Musik im Medienzeitalter, Düsseldorf, October 2000

145.Icons of Pop, Sheffield, October 2000

146.In Armonia Favellare: Early Opera and Monody, Urbana-Champaign, October 2000

147.Techno Music: Fastforward from Local History to Global Market, Detroit, October 2000

148.4th Moravian Music Conference, Bethlehem, PA, October 2000

149.Central Slavic Conference, Kansas City, October 2000

150.International Shostakovich Symposium, Glasgow, October 2000

151.Musik und kulturelle Identität, DVSM Symposium 2000, Munich, October 2000

152.Adorno and the Modernist Avant-Garde, Philadelphia, October 2000

153.The Medieval Artistic Community: Textual Exchanges in the Middle Ages, New York, October 2000

154.Argentine National Musicological Institute “Carlos Vega”, Buenos Aires, October 2000

155.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, New York, October 2000

156.Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections: general page for the combined conference bringing together:

◦American Musical Instrument Society

◦American Musicological Society

◦Association for Technology in Music Instruction

◦Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives, & Documentation Centres

◦Canadian Society for Traditional Music

◦Canadian University Music Society

◦The College Music Society

◦Historic Brass Society

◦International Association for the Study of Popular Music (Canadian & U.S. chapters)

◦Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relationships

◦Society for American Music (formerly the Sonneck Society for American Music)

◦Society for Ethnomusicology

◦Society for Music Perception and Cognition

◦Society for Music Theory

157.Toronto 2000: AMS Annual Conference, Toronto, November 2000

158.Toronto 2000: Music Theory and Psychology Session, Toronto, November 2000

159.Popular Music and National Culture, Ljubljana, November 2000

160.Popular and American Culture Association, 23rd Annual Conference, Springfield, MA, November 2000

161.Formation of Identity and Taste in the Eighteenth-Century World, East Lansing, MI, November 2000

162.Fifty-Second Annual Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Forest Grove, OR, November 2000

163.Workshop: Höfe des Hauses Österreich, Vienna, November 2000

164.Eighteenth-Century Women in the Arts, Denver, November 2000

165.Music and Metropolis: Recontextualizing Krenek and Weill, London, November 2000

166.Between Politics and Culture – Jews in the German Democratic Republic, Tel Aviv / Jerusalem, November 2000

167.Contemporary Opera at the Millennium, Hempstead, NY, November 2000

168.Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies, Eighth Annual Conference, New Orleans, November 2000

169.Trendmedium Pop(ulär)Musik – Wandel und Perspektiven, Essen, November 2000

170.Multiculturalism: A Global Perspective, Denver, November 2000

171.IV Foro del Órgano, Granada, November 2000

172.Analyse Musiques Anciennes, Paris, November 2000

173.La storia della musica: prospettive del secolo XXI, Bologna, November 2000

174.A cappella Choral Music, Bartók to Ligeti, Trento, November/December 2000

175.Martinu’s Stage Works, Prague, December 2000

176.Czech Musicological Society, Annual Conference, Prague, December 2000

177.Music and Literature in German Romanticism, Dublin, December 2000

178.34th Royal Musical Association Research Students’ Conference, Exeter, December 2000

179.Jazz Analysis Study Day, Paris, December 2000

180.Interfaces: Meeting Points for Improvisation and Composition, London, December 2000

181.Musiques, arts, technologies: Pour une approche critique, Montpellier/Barcelona, December 2000

182.Musique, mathématiques et philosophie: Le compositeur roumain Anatol Vieru (1926-1998), Paris, December 2000

183.Americanization, Globalism, and the Nation State in Europe, Notre Dame, IN, December 2000

184.Seventeenth Barnard College Medieval and Renaissance Conference: Public Performance/Public Ritual, New York, December 2000

185.Incunabula and their Readers, London, December 2000

186.MALVINE and LEAF. Gateways to Europe’s Cultural Heritage, Berlin, December 2000

187.Acoustics and Music: Theory and Applications, Montego Bay, December 2000