Past conferences 2001

Information about past conferences in 2001 is retained here.


1.Observation, analyse, modèles: peut-on parler d’art avec les outils de la science?, Paris, January 2001

2.British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Oxford, January 2001

3.Music and Ideology in Latin America, Curitiba, Brazil, January 2001

4.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, Newark, NJ, January 2001

5.Verdi 2001 International Convention, Parma, New York and New Haven, January/February 2001

6.Imagining Home(s): Exploring Culture, Language, Nation, Vancouver, January/February 2001

7.RMA/SMA Study Day, Improvisation, Egham, February 2001

8.2001: A Joyce Odyssey, Miami, February 2001

9.Music Library Association, 70th Annual Meeting, New York, February 2001

10.Room For Play: Drama, Theatre, and Performance, Los Angeles, February 2001

11.Texte et Partition, Paris, February 2001

12.Second Annual Northeastern Graduate Conference on Slavic Literature and Culture, New Haven, CT, February 2001

13.American Musicological Society, Northern California Chapter, San Francisco, February 2001

14.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Providence, RI, February 2001

15.Graduate Association of Music and Musicians at UT, First Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, February 2001

16.Gustav Mahler and the Twentieth Century, Guildford, March 2001

17.Socialist Realism in Central European Music: 1945-1955, Cardiff, March 2001

18.University of Birmingham Annual Study Day 2001, Birmingham, March 2001

19.Renaissance Society of America, Annual Meeting, Chicago, March 2001

20.Das Internet und die Geschichtswissenschaften, Basel, March 2001

21.Comparative Music Praxes, London, March 2001

22.Crossing the Borders: Theories of Performance in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Toronto, March 2001

23.Ghosts, Apparitions, and Spectres in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Durham, March 2001

24.The New Science: Emerging Viewpoints in the Early Modern Era, Claremont, CA, March 2001

25.Shakespeare in Popular Culture, Albuquerque, NM, March 2001

26.North and South: Identity, Imagination and Memory in Pre-Modern Cultures, Columbia, SC, March 2001

27.The Dislocation of Culture: Postcolonial Literature and Cultural Theory, Long Beach, CA, March 2001

28.Louis Armstrong Symposium, Durham, NC, March 2001

29.The Hip-Hop Paradigm: Mapping and Transcending its Boundaries, Ann Arbor, March 2001

30.Culture, Ethnicities, and the Diaspora in the 21st Century, East Lansing, MI, March 2001

31.American Musicological Society, Southeast Chapter, Chapel Hill, NC, March 2001

32.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Chestnut Hill, MA, March 2001

33.Midwest Graduate Music Consortium, Chicago, March 2001

34.The Opera Libretto: State of Research and New Perspectives, Rome, March 2001

35.Music History of Spain, Leipzig, March 2001

36.Samuel Barber Symposium, Richmond, VA, March 2001

37.Aesthetic Encounters, Kuwait, March 2001

38.Perceptions within Musical Studies, Birmingham, March 2001

39.East/West: Points of Contact, Williamsport, PA, March 2001

40.Southern Conference on Slavic Studies, Washington, DC, March 2001

41.Narrative, Houston, March 2001

42.Society of Early Americanists Conference, Norfolk, VA, March 2001

43.(Re)reading 1930s Broadway Theatre, Jacksonville, FL, March 2001

44.Native American Studies, Albuquerque, NM, March 2001

45.The Century of Victoria and Verdi, Roanoke, VA, March 2001

46.Re-Visioning Victorian Religion, Hartford, CT, March 2001

47.Authenticities East and West, Princeton, March/April 2001

48.Music and Art in the World of Stefano della Bella, Richmond, VA, March/April 2001

49.Victorian Nocturnes, Providence, RI, April 2001

50.Victorian Endings, Chicago, April 2001

51.The Victorians and America, Worcester, UK, April 2001

52.Musique et rhétorique aux XIXe et XXe siècles, Paris, April 2001

53.Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, 9th Annual Conference, Lancaster, PA, April 2001

54.Musikalischer Alltag im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert (I. Trossinger Symposium zur Renaissancemusikforschung), April 2001

55.Byzantine, Medieval & Late Roman Drama, Columbus, OH, April 2001

56.Gods, Men, and Monsters, Oxford, April 2001

57.Royal Musical Association Annual Conference: Music & Film, Southampton, April 2001

58.New England Conference of Music Theorists, Sixteenth Annual Meeting (NECMT 2001), West Hartford, CT, April 2001

59.Latin American Music Seminar, London, April 2001

60.Out of Control? MP3 and the Popular Music Industry, Worcester, UK, April 2001

61.South-Central Renaissance Conference, College Station, TX, April 2001

62.Society for Textual Scholarship: Eleventh Biennial International Conference, New York, April 2001

63.Ways of Knowing (Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär), Durham, NC, April 2001

64.Sense/Nonsense: Unmaking Language, New York, April 2001

65.Hans Keller Symposium, Vienna, April 2001

66.Twenty-Fourth National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia, Melbourne, April 2001

67.Music and Power, British Forum for Ethnomusicology, London, April 2001

68.Seventh International Congress, International Society for Ethnology and Folklore, Budapest, April 2001

69.Leeds International Jazz Education Conference, Leeds, April 2001

70.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, Princeton, NJ, April 2001

71.American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter, Atlanta, April 2001

72.American Musicological Society, Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest Chapters, Los Angeles, April 2001

73.Thirteenth Meeting of the Brazilian Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Music (ANPPOM), Belo Horizonte, Brazil, April 2001

74.Enseñanza y aprendizaje de la música, Cipolletti, Argentina, April 2001

75.The Origins of Aura, New Orleans, April 2001

76.British Braids: Intercultural Dynamics in the British Isles Today, Twickenham, April 2001

77.The Cultural Agencies of American Institutions: Analysing Sites for the Production, Dissemination, and Appropriation of Cultural Capital, Madison, WI, April 2001

78.The Silicon Coyote: Where Past Meets Future in the Southwest, Albuquerque, April 2001

79.Fifth Annual Schuylkill Conference: Liberal Arts in Transition, Philadelphia, April 2001

80.Poetry and Music, Liège, April 2001

81.Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, Liège, April 2001

82.The Art of David Tudor: Indeterminacy and Performance in Postwar Culture, Los Angeles, May 2001

83.Occitania-Provence and the Mediterranean, Aix-en-Provence, May 2001

84.La Rhétorique au Moyen-Age, Paris, May 2001

85.Unity and Diversity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Fort Collins, CO, May 2001

86.Renaissance Conference of Southern California, Annual Meeting, San Marino, CA, May 2001

87.Translatio, 1500-1750: Europe and the Atlantic World, Aberdeen, May 2001

88.Closure in the Eighteenth Century, Princeton, May 2001

89.Music in the English Provinces 1700-1900, Leeds, May 2001

90.Victorian Studies and Interdisciplinarity, Quebec, May 2001

91.Canadian Association of Slavists, Quebec, May 2001

92.Die Frau im Bildnis 1600 bis 1750: barocke Repräsentationskultur im höfischen Kontext, Kassel, May 2001

93.2001 Maryland Handel Festival & Conference, College Park, MD, May 2001

94.Representations of the “Medieval” on the Early Modern Stage, Kalamazoo, May 2001

95.The Irish and Anglo-Saxons on the Continent, 550-800, Kalamazoo, May 2001

96.The Teaching and Performance of Medieval Music in Undergraduate, Graduate, and Interdisciplinary Programs, Kalamazoo, May

97.Globalisation and Identity in Music Education, Riga, May 2001

98.The Humanities Computing Curriculum / The Computing Curriculum in the Humanities, Québec, May 2001


100.Music and Literature in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, London, May 2001

101.Society for American Music, 27th Conference, Port of Spain, May 2001

102.Europe and the Asia-Pacific: Culture, Identity and Representations of Region, Norwich, UK, May 2001

103.European Identity and Nationalism, New Brunswick, NJ, May 2001

104.Editing the Works of Bohuslav Martinu, Prague, May 2001

105.Editing the Works of Antonin Dvorak, Prague, May 2001

106.Arnold Schoenberg in America, Vienna, May 2001

107.Carl Orff: Facets of a Composer, New York, May 2001

108.Rousseau: Music and Language (XIIth Biennial Colloquium of the Rousseau Association), Montréal, May 2001

109.Canadian Association of Slavists, Quebec City, May 2001

110.The Art of David Tudor: Indeterminacy and Performance in Postwar Culture, Los Angeles, May 2001

111.About Gothics: Imagery, Horror, Cruelty, Lódz, May 2001

112.Gothic Cults and Gothic Cultures, Vancouver, June 2001

113.Romanticism and Europe, Newcastle, June 2001

114.Macedonia – Macedonias? Changing Contexts in the Changing Balkans, London, June 2001

115.The Music of György Kurtág, Balatonföldvár, Hungary, June 2001

116.Music without Walls? Music without Instruments?, Leicester, June 2001

117.Musik jenseits der Grenze der Sprache, Freiburg, June 2001

118.The Musician as Entrepreneur and Opportunist, 1600-1900, Los Angeles, June 2001

119.Digital Media and Humanities Research: ACH/ALLC Conference, New York, June 2001

120.Komponisten-Werkverzeichnisse: Probleme-Erfahrungen-Perspektiven, Vienna, June 2001

121.Technology and Play, Chemnitz, June 2001

122.International Summer Institute for Semiotic and Structural Studies, Imatra, Finland, June 2001

123.Musical Ekphrasis (ICMS7), Imatra, June 2001

124.Colloque International Molière: Molière et la fête, Pezenas, June 2001

125.Cross-Currents in Lombardy, c1470-c1530, Warwick, June 2001

126.Opera in Context: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Creation, Performance, and Reception, Iowa City, June 2001

127.Dangerous Representations: Anxiety, Audience, and the Limits of Culture, Brighton, June 2001

128.Der Kanon und die Sinne? Religionsästhetik als akademische Disziplin, Berlin, June 2001

129.No Sense Of Discipline: An International Conference on Interdisciplinarity, Brisbane, June 2001

130.Other(ing) England, High Wycombe, UK, June 2001

131.2nd International Symposium on Pipe and Tabor, Gloucester, June 2001

132.Second Biennial International Conference on Twentieth-Century Music, London, June/July 2001

133.Romantic Nationalisms 1750-1850, London, June/July 2001

134.Guillaume de Machaut: Image, Text and Music, Oxford, June/July 2001

135.Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference 2001, Spoleto, July 2001

136.Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference 2001, Spoleto, July 2001

137.Convegno David Pérez, Palermo, July 2001

138.Critical Musicology Forum, Leeds, July 2001

139.Medieval Household Entertainments, Leeds, July 2001

140.Territory and Access in the Medieval and Early Modern Period, Perth, Western Australia, July 2001

141.Drink and Conviviality in Early Modern England, Reading, July 2001

142.The Legacy of the Great Exhibition, London, July 2001

143.Between Empires: Orientalism Before 1600, Cambridge, July 2001

144.Cultural Studies: Between Politics and Ethics, Bath, July 2001

145.Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Popular Music Studies Twenty Years Later (IASPM Conference), Turku, July 2001

146.Feminist Theory and Music 6, Boise, ID, July 2001

147.Word and Music Studies: Third International Conference, Sydney, July 2001

148.Textual Intersections in the Nineteenth Century: European Literatures, Histories, Arts, Cardiff, July 2001

149.The Rise of a New Century as a Cultural Phenomenon in Russia, Middlebury, VT, July 2001

150.Third Conference on Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain, London, July 2001

151.Nationalism and Identity in Third Republic France, Keele (UK), July 2001

152.Thirty-Sixth World Conference, International Council for Traditional Music, Rio de Janeiro, July 2001

153.Women, Gender and the Extreme Right in Europe, 1919-1945, Cardiff, July 2001

154.Digital Resources for the Humanities: DRH 2001, London, July 2001

155.VIII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, Fortaleza, Brazil, July/August 2001

156.Seventh International Symposium on Systematic and Comparative Musicology/Third International Conference on Cognitive Musicology, Jyväskylä, August 2001

157.Fifth International Congress of Hungarian Studies, Jyväskylä, August 2001

158.Musicological Society of Southern Africa, Annual Congress, Pretoria, August 2001

159.The Czech and Slovak Legacy in the Americas, Lincoln, NE, August 2001

160.Hollywood Musicals and Music in Hollywood, Boulder, CO, August 2001

161.Romantic Subjects, Seattle, August 2001

162.Operatic Subjects: Music and Literature, 1800-1850, Seattle, August 2001

163.Shakespeare and His Contemporaries in Performance, Cambridge, August 2001

164.Wooden O Symposium, Cedar City, UT, August 2001

165.Thirtieth Annual Conference of the International Double Reed Society (IDRS) Morgantown, WV, August 2001

166.Loose Canons, Canberra, August/September 2001

167.Towards Normality? Social and Cultural Change within German-Speaking Jewry, 1812-1918, Cambridge, September 2001

168.Germania Latina – Latinitas teutonica, Munich, September 2001

169.“Agamemnon” in Performance, 458 BC – 2001 AD, Oxford, September 2001

170.Ritual, Liturgy and Magic in Early Modern Music Theatre, Turku, September 2001

171.Colloque Musique et Mathématiques, Louvain-la-Neuve, September 2001

172.Autour des musiques électroniques, Paris, September 2001

173.Wissenssicherung, Wissensordnung und Wissensverarbeitung: Das europäische Modell der Enzyklopädien, Augsburg, September 2001

174.Musik im Alltag – Sozialpsychologie der Musik, Hildesheim, September 2001

175.Southern Comparative Literature Association, 27th Annual Meeting, Chapel Hill, NC, September 2001

176.Redefining the American West, Las Vegas, NM, September 2001

177.Not Fade Away: The Life and Times of Buddy Holly, Lubbock, TX, September 2001

178.No Future? Punk 2001, Wolverhampton, September 2001

179.Central Renaissance Conference, Emporia, KS, September 2001

180.The Portuguese Guitar, Evora, Portugal, September 2001

181.Artur Schnabel Conference, Berlin, September 2001

182.American Musicological Society, Midwest Chapter, 2001 Fall Meeting, Chicago, September 2001

183.The Music of Charles Tournemire, London, September 2001

184.Postgraduate Student Symposium, Canberra, September 2001

185.Victorian Performances, Lancaster, September 2001

186.Victorian Subversions, Vancouver, September 2001

187.Computer Aided Solutions to Analytical Problems, Warsaw, September 2001

188.Computer Assisted Music Pedagogy, Florence, October 2001

189.The Politics of Opera: Wagner and His Aftermath, Oxford, October 2001

190.Der “männliche” und der “weibliche” Beethoven, Berlin, October 2001

191.Symposium on Robert and Clara Schumann, New York, October 2001

192.Society for Music Analysis Study Day: ‘TP²: The Pople Tonalities Project’, Reading, October 2001

193.German Society for Music Theory, Dresden, October 2001

194.Society for Ethnomusicology, Annual Meeting, Southfield, MI, October 2001

195.Tendencias actuales de investigacion en etnomusicología, Madrid, October 2001

196.Latin American Music Seminar, London, October 2001

197.38th International Heinrich Schütz Festival, Malmö, October 2001

198.The String Quartet 1900-1950; Othmar Schoeck Symposium, Zurich, October 2001

199.Japanese Music Today and Tomorrow, Brighton, October 2001

200.The Renaissance in the Nineteenth Century, Toronto, October 2001

201.The Victorian Grand Tour, Berkeley, October 2001

202.Russian and East European Book and Manuscript Collections in the USA, New York, October 2001

203.Venice 1501: Petrucci, Music, Print and Publishing, Venice, October 2001

204.Life and Works of Peter Abelard, Nantes, October 2001

205.Society for Confraternity Studies, Denver, CO, October 2001

206.Kultur des Luthertums im 16. Jahrhundert (GSA 2001), Washington, DC, October 2001

207.Legacies: Five Hundred Years of Printed Music, Denton, TX, October 2001

208.The Origins of Modern Ethnography, Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference, Denver, CO, October 2001

209.Nicaragua and Popular Culture, Puebla, Mexico, October 2001

210.The Beat Movement, Mexico, and Dionysian Art, Puebla, Mexico, October 2001

211.The Piano in Spain until 1830: From the “Clavicordio de Piano” to the “Piano”, Mojácar, Andalusia, October 2001

212.Colloque Michel-Richard de Lalande, Versailles, October 2001

213.Music, Song, Art and Society, Dublin, October 2001

214.Socialist Realism and Music: Antimodernisms and Avant-Gardes, Brno, October 2001

215.Ruth Crawford Seeger: Modernity, Tradition, and the Making of American Music, New York, October 2001

216.Modernist Studies Association Conference, Houston, October 2001

217.Modernist Studies in the Digital Age, Modernist Studies Association, Houston, October 2001

218.musik netz werke – ein Symposium für Junge Musik, Berlin, October 2001

219.Cinema and Theatre of Andrzej Wajda, Lódz, October 2001

220.Western Conference on British Studies, Houston, October 2001

221.Globalization and Nationalisms (2nd International Conference on Postcolonial Studies), Vigo, October 2001

222.Horizons of the Humanities: Future, Thoughts and Critical Theories, Pusan, Korea, October 2001

223.Sights and Sounds, Terre Haute, IN, October/November 2001

224.Vincenzo Bellini and France: History, Performance and Reception of His Work, Paris, November 2001

225.Le livret d’opéra au temps de Massenet, Saint-Etienne, November 2001

226.Society for Music Analysis Study Day: Music Analysis and Popular Music, Cardiff, November 2001

227.The New (Ethno)Musicologies, Egham, November 2001

228.Music and the Aesthetics of Modernity, Cambridge, MA, November 2001

229.Irony, Montage, Defamiliarization: The Politics of Form, Vienna, November 2001

230.Andrzej Panufnik’s Music and its Reception, Kraków, November 2001

231.Carl Nielsen Symposium, Birmingham, November 2001

232.Literature and the Other Arts, Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Santa Clara, November 2001

233.The Regulation of Print, 1557-1700, Cleveland, November 2001

234.Post-Community Theory and Literature, Midwest Modern Language Association, Cleveland, Ohio, November 2001

235.Postmodern Practices: MediaTraces–DiscourseBodies–TradeMarx, Erlangen, November 2001

236.Autobiography, PAMLA Annual Conference, Santa Clara, November 2001

237.American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), 33rd National Convention, Crystal City, VA, November 2001

238.The New (Ethno)Musicologies, British Forum for Ethnomusicology, Egham, November 2001

239.The Lyric, London, November 2001

240.Early Modern Lyric in Context, Groningen, November 2001

241.Theatre History and Development in New England in the Last Fifty Years, Boston, November 2001

242.American Musicological Society, Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, November 2001

243.Society for Music Theory 2001, Philadelphia, November 2001

244.Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, San Antonio, TX, November 2001

245.Eighteenth-Century Chaos and the Borders of the Comprehensible, Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 2001

246.College Music Society, Forty-Fourth Annual Meeting, November 2001

247.Czech Musicological Society, Annual Conference, Prague, November/December 2001

248.Musik und Humanität, Frankfurt am Main, November/December 2001

249.Web Delivering of Music (WEDELMUSIC2001), Florence, November/December 2001

250.Classical Music, London, December 2001

251.Royal Musical Association Research Students’ Conference, London, December 2001

252.Bruges-Venice: Music in Two Urban Mosaics, Bruges, December 2001

253.Critical Theory and Experimental Music, Hobart, December 2001

254.The Avatars of A Clockwork Orange, Angers, December 2001

255.Understanding Bach through Science, Art and Criticism, Oxford, December 2001

256.Verdi and the Operatic World in the 19th Century, Lisbon, December 2001