Past conferences 2002

Information about past conferences in 2002 is retained here.


1.Critical Musicology Forum: Critical Musicology and High Modernism, Nottingham, January 2002

2.Scottish Music Manuscripts Colloquium, Aberdeen, January 2002

3.American Musicological Society, Capital Chapter, Winter Meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002

4.Ernst von Dohnányi Conference, Tallahassee, FL, January/February 2002

5.Music Therapy: First Research, Cambridge, February 2002

6.Making Sense of Emotion: Philosophies of Art, Ethics and Mind, Southampton, February 2002

7.Society for Music Analysis Study Day: Music and Ethics, Norwich, February 2002

8.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, Winter Meeting, New Brunswick, NJ, February 2002

9.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Winter Meeting, Northampton, MA, February 2002

10.The Long Eighteenth Century: New Perspectives and Old, Orange, CA, February 2002

11.Music, Myth and Magic in the Late Medieval and Early Modern World, Chicago, February 2002

12.Authority and Authorities, The North Carolina Colloquium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Chapel Hill, February 2002

13.The Future of Cultural Memory, Columbia, SC, February 2002

14.Fourth European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC), The Hague, February/March 2002

15.Performance and Performativity: Medieval and Early Modern, Coral Gables, FL, February/March 2002

16.Renaissance Technologies, Huddersfield, March 2002

17.Urban Culture in the Middle Ages, Toronto, March 2002

18.Vagantes 2002 (First Annual Graduate Student Conference on the Middle Ages), Cambridge, MA, March 2002

19.New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Sarasota, FL, March 2002

20.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Spring Meeting, Boston, MA, March 2002

21.Opening the Piano, Royal Musical Association Research Student Study Day, London, March 2002

22.The Carmen Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne, March 2002

23.Immanuel Kant, Evanston, IL, March 2002

24.Textuality, Visuality and Performativity in German Studies, Cambridge, UK, March 2002

25.In Search of the Secret Germany: Stefan George, his Circle and the Weimar Republic, Cambridge, UK, March 2002

26.Travelling Concepts III: Memory, Image, Narrativity, Amsterdam, March 2002

27.Musique et Images, Rennes, March 2002

28.Théorie des vecteurs harmoniques, Paris, March 2002

29.Violence and Creation: Destruction and its Double, New York, March 2002

30.Gothic, Toronto, March 2002

31.Shakespeare in Popular Culture, Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association, National Meeting, Toronto, March 2002

32.The New Information Order and the Future of the Archive, Edinburgh, March 2002

33.Leeds International Jazz Education Conference, Leeds, March 2002

34.Fifth European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC), Bristol, April 2002

35.The Modernisms of the 1960s in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland, Bristol, April 2002

36.Investigating Music Performance, London, April 2002

37.Singing to the Lute, Trossingen, April 2002

38.Silent Languages: Characters, Notes and Symbols in the Early Modern Period, London, April 2002

39.The Reception of the Geneva Psalter in Germany and the Netherlands in the Sixteenth Century, Emden, April 2002

40.European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, Liège, April 2002

41.Narrative, East Lansing, MI, April 2002

42.The Subject of Meaning in the Arts, Riverside, CA, April 2002

43.Summoning the Ghosts: Beethoven’s Op. 70 Piano Trios in Cultural Context, Wellesley, MA, April 2002

44.British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference, Edinburgh, April 2002

45.The Courtesan’s Arts, Chicago, April 2002

46.Musical Improvisation, Description, Notation, 1570-1620, London, April 2002

47.Elgar Conference, Guildford, April 2002

48.Stravinsky’s Legacies, Vancouver, April 2002

49.Annual Conference, British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies, Cambridge, April 2002

50.Martyrdom and Martyrs: Early Modern Perspectives, Durham, April 2002

51.Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, Tenth Annual Conference, Princeton, NJ, April 2002

52.Literatura y Música en los Siglos de Oro, Madrid and Cuenca, April 2002

53.Renaissance Society of America, Tempe, April 2002

54.Exploring the Renaissance, St Louis, April 2002

55.Southeastern Renaissance Conference, Raleigh, NC, April 2002

56.Renaissance Power Play, Los Angeles, April 2002

57.American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter, Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY, April 2002

58.American Musicological Society, New York State-St Lawrence Chapter, Spring Meeting, Geneseo, NY, April 2002

59.Identity and Cultural Exchange 600-1600: Contact, Travel and Trade, Birmingham, April 2002

60.The Cultures of Papal Avignon, 1309-1378, Minneapolis, April 2002

61.Retrieving the 1940s, Leeds, April 2002

62.The (Feminist) Seventies, York, April 2002

63.Crafting Sounds, Creating Meaning: Making Popular Music in the U.S.A., Seattle, WA, April 2002

64.Importing Culture: European Music and Musicians in New York City, 1840-1890, New York, April 2002

65.IASPM, Latin-American Branch, Fourth Congress, Ciudad de Mexico, April 2002

66.Misiones de Chiquitos, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, April 2002

67.Second Chicago Conference on Caucasia, Chicago, May 2002

68.Musicology at Kalamazoo, Thirty-Seventh International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2002

69.International Machaut Society, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2002

70.L’Inspiration: Le Souffle créateur dans les arts, littératures et mystiques du Moyen Age européen et proche-oriental, Paris, May 2002

71.Paragone and Beyond: Past and Present Thinking on the Relationships Between the Arts, Utrecht, May 2002

72.Courts, Elites, and Technology in Renaissance Italy, Coventry, May 2002

73.Workshop on Early Modern German History, London, May 2002

74.Zwischen Loyalität und Tradition: Martin Gerbert — Fürst und Abt von St. Blasien, St. Blasien, May 2002

75.The Presence of the Past: Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association, Las Vegas, May 2002

76.Interculturalité, Intertextualité: Les Livrets d’Opéra (fin du XIXe — début du XXe s.), Nantes, May 2002

77.Humanities Computing and Emerging Mind Technologies, Toronto, May 2002

78.Pelléas et Mélisande 1902-2002: A Centenary, Paris, May 2002

79.Literature and Music in the Study of Culture, Oxford, May 2002

80.Russian Musical Identity: Past, Present and Future, Oxford, May 2002

81.Defining Genre in Film, Literature and Other Arts, Toronto, May 2002

82.Image and Imagination: Representing Gender, Race and Empire, London, May 2002

83.Erich Korngold Conference, Brno, May 2002

84.Exile in Modern Europe: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, New Brunswick, NJ, May 2002

85.The Westernization/Americanization of Austria, New Orleans, May 2002

86.Legitimacy in Central Europe, Oxford, May 2002

87.Eighteenth-Century Ireland, Maynooth, May 2002

88.Iberia and the Mediterranean, Granada, May/June 2002

89.Eighth International Conference of The Center for Romanian Studies: Twentieth Century Romania, A Retrospective, Iasi, Romania, June 2002

90.Occidentalism and Orientalism, Bucharest, June 2002

91.Schoenberg and his God, Vienna, June 2002

92.Messiaen 2002 Conference, Sheffield, June 2002

93.Travellers, Travel and Travel Writing in European Comparison (18th to 20th Centuries), Berlin, June 2002

94.The Intellectual Frontiers of Music, Aberdeen, June 2002

95.The Innsbruck Court, Innsbruck, June 2002

96.Air in the Renaissance, London, June 2002

97.Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Pilsen, June 2002

98.The Czech Musical Environment in International Context, Kromeriz, Czech Republic, June 2002

99.Twelfth International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, Leeds, July 2002

100.Popular Music Studies: Where Now?, IASPM UK and Ireland Conference 2002, Newcastle upon Tyne, July 2002

101.The Politics of Inclusion: Access to Music in Higher Education (Critical Musicology Forum), Newcastle upon Tyne, July 2002

102.Seventh International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition (ICMPC7), Sydney, July 2002

103.Fifteenth Conference, International Society for the Investigation and Promotion of Wind Music (IGEB), Lana, South Tyrol, Italy, July 2002

104.Fakes and Forgeries, Conmen and Counterfeits, Durham, July 2002

105.The Normal and the Abnormal: Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Norms and Deviations, Manchester, July 2002

106.“Ich will anders sein”: Difference in Contemporary Germany, Nottingham, July 2002

107.Russia in Time: Time in Russia, London, July 2002

108.Neighbours and Strangers, Salford, July 2002

109.Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Bristol, July 2002

110.The Book in the [Medieval] Town, York, July 2002

111.Tenth Biennial Baroque Music Conference, La Rioja, July 2002

112.SHARP 2002: Authorship, Reading and Publishing, London, July 2002

113.Sex, Love and Romance: Reflections on the Passions in East Asian Music, CHIME (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research), Sheffield, July 2002

114.International Musicological Society, 17th International Congress, Leuven, August 2002

115.Géneros Musicales: (In)definiciones y (Con)fusiones, Fifteenth Conference of the Argentine Musicological Association, Buenos Aires, August 2002

116.Musicological Society of Southern Africa, 29th Annual Congress, Pretoria, August 2002

117.A Concert of Paintings (IMS), Leuven, August 2002

118.Wagner and Wagnerism: Contexts — Connections — Controversies, Limerick, August 2002

119.German History from the Margins (German History Society Regional Conference), Southampton, September 2002

120.Herder’s Aesthetics & Historical Concerns, Houston, September 2002

121.Modern Times? Literature at the Aesthetic and Epistemological Intersections of German Culture 1925-1955, Nottingham, September 2002

122.Vincent d’Indy and His Time, Paris, September 2002

123.Multicultural Dilemmas: Identity — Difference — Otherness, Ustron, Poland, September 2002

124.Second World Conference on Music and Censorship, Copenhagen, September 2002

125.Global Economies of Art and Entertainment, Roanoke, VA, September 2002

126.Women in Europe Between the Wars, Birmingham, September 2002

127.Medieval-Renaissance Conference XVI, Wise, VA, September 2002

128.Court Culture of the Jagiellonian Dynasty, Lublin, September 2002

129.Fifth International Hilandar Conference, Raska, September 2002

130.Webern 2002, Mittersill, September 2002

131.Cage 2002 — 90/10, Sheffield, September 2002

132.Second International Conference of Music and Artificial Intelligence (ICMAI’02), Edinburgh, September 2002

133.The 1830s, Salford, September 2002

134.Blake and Popular Culture, Twickenham (UK), September 2002

135.Music in Shakespeare; Shakespeare in Music, Leeds, September 2002

136.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Fall Meeting, South Hadley, MA, September 2002

137.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, Fall Meeting, New York, October 2002

138.Musicological Society of Australia, National Conference, Newcastle, NSW, October 2002

139.Musikgeschichte zwischen Ost- und Westeuropa: Nationale Musik im 20. Jahrhundert, Kompositorische und gesellschaftliche Aspekte, Leipzig, October 2002

140.Second Conference of the German Music Theory Society, Munich, October 2002

141.DVSM-Symposium 2002, Bochum, October 2002

142.Analysing Recordings, Sheffield, October 2002

143.Sexuality in Modern German History, Washington, DC, October 2002

144.Third International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, Paris, October 2002

145.Western Music and Racial Discourses, London, October 2002

146.Musik als Mittel politischer Identitätsstiftung im 20. Jahrhundert, Schwerte, October 2002

147.Jewish Culture(s) in the New Europe: The Case of Vilnius (1918-39), Leipzig, October 2002

148.Nazi Entertainment Cinema, San Diego, October 2002

149.Symposium “Pierrot lunaire”: Albert Giraud / Otto Erich Hartleben, and Arnold Schoenberg, Leuven, October 2002

150.Emotions, Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society, Eighth Annual Conference on Psychoanalysis and Social Change, Philadelphia, October 2002

151.Romantic Journeys: American Conference on Romanticism, Tallahassee, FL, October 2002

152.The Fragile Tradition: The German Cultural Imagination since 1500, Cambridge, October 2002

153.The Mysterious and the Foreign in Early Modern England, Hamilton, ON, October 2002

154.New Scholarship in Book History and Print Culture, Toronto, October 2002

155.Second Biennial Conference, Image and Imagery: Frames, Borders, Limits, St Catharines, Ontario, October 2002

156.Music and Melancholy, 1400-1800, Princeton, NJ, October 2002

157.Dancing Exploded, Fourth Annual Dance Symposium, Oxford, October 2002

158.Composing Principles: Continuity and Innovation in Contemporary Music, Vilnius, October 2002

159.Midwest Popular Culture Association, Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, October 2002

160.The Sunny Side of Life: The Carter Family and America’s Music, London, October 2002

161.Early Modern English Catholic Culture, Chicago, October 2002

162.Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference, San Antonio, October 2002

163.Third ‘Diego Fernandez’ International Symposium on Spanish Keyboard Music (FIMTE 2002), Almería, October 2002

164.Modernist Studies Association, Madison, WI, October/November 2002

165.The Image of Paradise: From Myth to Utopia, St Petersburg, October/November 2002

166.Berlioz Conference, London, November 2002

167.Romantic Performances, York, November 2002

168.Music: Concept, Writing and Performance, Copenhagen, November 2002

169.Ethnomusicology and Authenticity, British Forum for Ethnomusicology, London, November 2002

170.Second International Conference, Understanding and Creating Music, Caserta, November 2002

171.Musique tchèque et culture française: Échanges et influences dans l’Europe du XXe siècle, Paris, November 2002

172.Musicology and Globalization (International Congress of the Musicological Society of Japan, IMJ 2002), Shizuoka, Japan, November 2002

173.Environment and Culture, Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, November 2002

174.Popular Music and American Culture, Austin, TX, November 2002

175.Holocaust Reception, PAMLA, Bellingham, WA, November 2002

176.Royal Musical Association Annual Conference, Glasgow, November/December 2002

177.Czech Musicological Society Annual Meeting, Prague, December 2002

178.Encounters between East and West 1453-1699, London, December 2002

179.David in Medieval and Renaissance Culture (Eighteenth Biennial Barnard College Medieval/Renaissance Conference), New York, December 2002

180.The Hollywood Musical, 1970-2002, Modern Languages Association, New York, December 2002

181.The State of the Song, London, December 2002

182.Cultural Studies Association of Australia, Melbourne, December 2002

183.History in/at/of the Vienna Burgtheater, Modern Languages Association, New York, December 2002

184.Muzio Clementi: The Musical Cosmopolitan, Rome, December 2002

185.WEDELMUSIC2002 (Second International Conference on Web Delivering of Music), Darmstadt, December 2002