Past conferences 2003

Information about past conferences in 2003 is retained here.


1.British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Oxford, January 2003

2.New Ideas and Trends in Czech Culture, Language and Literature, London, January 2003

3.Music and Terror in Stalinist Russia, Portland, OR, January 2003

4.Critical Musicology Forum, Roehampton, January 2003

5.Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, January 2003

6.Music and Globalization, Second Chilean Musicological Congress, Santiago de Chile, January 2003

7.American Musicological Society, Capital Chapter, Winter Meeting, Baltimore, MD, January 2003

8.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Winter Meeting, Worcester, MA, January 2003

9.Medieval and Early Modern Memory and Commemoration, Melbourne, February 2003

10.(Medieval) Perceptions of the Past / Visions of the Future, Toronto, February 2003

11.Musique et geste en France au XVIIIe siècle, Geneva, February 2003

12.Texts/Commentaries, Twentieth Illinois Medieval Association Conference, Chicago, February 2003

13.Adorno’s Schubert, Cambridge, February 2003

14.Music and Death in the Eighteenth Century, London, February 2003

15.20th Annual Meeting, South Central Society for Music Theory, Tuscaloosa, AL, February 2003

16.American Musicological Society, Northern California Chapter, Winter Meeting, San Francisco, February 2003

17.2003 Florida State University Theory Forum, Tallahassee, FL, February 2003

18.The Organ in Context, Reading, February 2003

19.Prokofiev and Twentieth-Century Culture, Manchester, February 2003

20.Cultures in Motion: The Africa Connection, Knoxville, TN, February 2003

21.American Handel Society, Iowa City, February/March 2003

22.The 1980s: Popular Music and Culture, New York, February/March 2003

23.Bach’s Passions, Miami, FL, February/March 2003

24.Forum on Music & Christian Scholarship, 2003 Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, March 2003

25.Reception of Julius Caesar, Rome, March 2003

26.Narrative – An International Conference, Berkeley, CA, March 2003

27.Philosophical Perspectives on Art and Experience, Southampton, March 2003

28.Music Theory South East Annual Meeting, Davidson, NC, March 2003

29.GAMMA-UT Third Annual Conference, Austin, TX, March 2003

30.Haydn Society of California, Inaugural Conference, Claremont, CA, March 2003

31.Instruction and Identity: Education in the Middle Ages, Princeton, NJ, March 2003

32.Meter in Early Modern Europe, Renaissance Society of America, Toronto, March 2003

33.SHARP: Book History, 1350-1700, Renaissance Society of America, Toronto, March 2003

34.Society for Textual Scholarship, New York, March 2003

35.Vagantes: Second Annual Graduate Student Conference on the Middle Ages, Toronto, March 2003

36.The Waltz, Toronto, March 2003

37.Victorian Doubt, Mystery and Meaning in the Arts, Waco, TX, March 2003

38.The Operas of Antonín Dvorák, Leeds, March 2003

39.British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies, Cambridge, March 2003

40.Southern Conference on Slavic Studies, Savannah, GA, March 2003

41.Les monodies rituelles en Europe Occidentale et au Maghreg: Espagne, Algérie, Italie, Corse, Lille, March 2003

42.Society for Ethnomusicology, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting, Mahwah, NJ, March 2003

43.American Musicological Society, Midwest Chapter, St Louis, MO, March 2003

44.Composing Identity: Korean Sentiment and Sounds in an American Context, Berkeley, CA, March 2003

45.Continuities and Discontinuities in the Austrian Twentieth Century, Edinburgh, April 2003

46.International Modernism, American Comparative Literature Association, San Marcos, CA, April 2003

47.Theodor W. Adorno: zum 100. Geburtstag, Austin, TX, April 2003

48.New England Conference of Music Theorists (NECMT)/Music Theory Society of New York State (MTSNYS), Joint Meeting, New Haven, CT, April 2003

49.City University of New York, Sixth Annual Graduate Students Music Symposium, New York, April 2003

50.Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory, Ninth Annual Conference, Tucson, AZ, April 2003

51.Authority and Authorities in Music Theory, Composition and Performance, Trossingen, April 2003

52.Longman, Broderip, Clementi & Co: Music Sellers and Instrument Makers, London, April 2003

53.Borderlines VII: Medieval Studies, Cork, April 2003

54.The Passions in the Early Modern Period, Wolfenbüttel, April 2003

55.Beyond Contemporary Fame: Reassessing the Art of Clemens non Papa and Thomas Crecquillon, Utrecht, April 2003

56.Defining the Holy, Exeter, April 2003

57.Cultural Intersections in Latin American Art Music: The Music of Tania Leon, Greencastle, IN, April 2003

58.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, Spring Meeting, New York, April 2003

59.American Musicological Society, New York State – St Lawrence Chapter Meeting, Hamilton, ON, April 2003

60.American Musicological Society, Pacific Northwest Chapter, Spring Meeting, Seattle, WA, April 2003

61.American Musicological Society, New England Chapter, Spring Meeting, Hartford, CT, April 2003

62.Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, Winston-Salem, NC, April 2003

63.Criss Cross: Conversations about America’s Music, Ann Arbor, MI, April 2003

64.The Heritage and Legacy of Harry T. Burleigh, Edinboro, PA, April 2003

65.Crossing Over, American Comparative Literature Association, San Marcos, CA, April 2003

66.Thinking about Progress 1800-1850, London, April 2003

67.Victorian Transformations, Midwest Victorian Studies Association, Chicago, April 2003

68.Society for Ethnomusicology, Northeast Chapter, 2003 Conference, Brookline, MA, April 2003

69.Traditionelle Musik in Zeiten der Globalisierung, Gelsenkirchen, April 2003

70.Skip a Beat: Challenging Popular Music Orthodoxy, The Second Annual EMP Pop Conference, Seattle, WA, April 2003

71.Hillbilly Sources and Symbols, Chapel Hill, April 2003

72.From Paris to Europe: Music and Pedagogy, 31st European Conference, European String Teachers Association, Paris, April 2003

73.AIDS and Music, NEMLA, Boston, April 2003

74.The Legacy of Antiquity in the Middle Ages, Sewanee, TN, April 2003

75.Thirty-Eighth International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2003

76.Musicology at Kalamazoo, Thirty-Eighth International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, May 2003

77.International Machaut Society, Thirty-Eighth International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, May 2003

78.Medieval Philosophical Texts in Translation, Kalamazoo, May 2003

79.Teaching in the Middle Ages, Kalamazoo, May 2003

80.Medieval Texts in MS and Early Print Settings, Kalamazoo, May 2003

81.Carmelite Culture, Spirituality and History, York, May 2003

82.Sensing Affect: The Physiology and Philosophy of Feeling, 1688-1840, Cambridge, May 2003

83.Readers and Writers in the Eighteenth Century, Princeton, NJ, May 2003

84.The Past in Music, British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference, Bangor, Wales, May 2003

85.Music in Britain: A Social History Seminar, London, May 2003

86.Latin American Music Seminar, London, May 2003

87.The Music Industry, Third Annual Ethnomusicology Graduate Student Organization Conference, Los Angeles, May 2003

88.Soundings: Innovations in, and Reflections upon, Music Theatre, Sidcup, UK, May 2003

89.The Music Industry, Los Angeles, May 2003

90.Culture and the State: Past, Present, and Future, Edmonton, May 2003

91.Reviewing the Canon: Borrowed Music in Films, Stanford, May 2003

92.The Flesh Made Text: Bodies, Theories, Cultures in the Post-Millennial Era, Thessaloniki, May 2003

93.Researching Black Canadian Musics / Black Music Cultures in Canada, Toronto, May 2003

94.Virtual Scores and their MIDI Analogs: Copyright and Licensing Issues, New York, May 2003

95.Jazz, Atonal Music, Noise, Famagusta, May/June 2003

96.Third Biennial International Conference on Twentieth-Century Music, Nottingham, June 2003

97.International Association for Word and Music Studies, Berlin, June 2003

98.Society for Music Perception and Cognition, Las Vegas, June 2003

99.International Brecht Society: 75 Years of “The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny”, Berlin, June 2003

100.First International Conference for Digital Technologies and Performance Arts, Doncaster, UK, June 2003

101.Fifth International Symposium on the Philosophy of Music Education, Lake Forest, IL, June 2003

102.Early Modern Ritual and Remembrance, Aberdeen, June 2003

103.Josquin and his Models: The Emergence of Pervasive Imitation, Montréal, June 2003

104.Seventh International Congress, International Association for the Study of Gregorian Chant, Hildesheim, June 2003

105.Symposium on Fifteenth-Century Musical Instruments and Instrumental Music, London, June 2003

106.Hull University Music Analysis Conference (HUMAC), Hull, July 2003

107.Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Leeds, July 2003

108.Venice in the Nineteenth Century, Leeds, July 2003

109.Making Waves: Literary Studies in an Interdisciplinary Frame, Cambridge, July 2003

110.Feminist Theory and Music 7, Bowling Green, OH, July 2003

111.Nineteenth-Century Worlds, London, July 2003

112.Performance Studies Focus Group Pre-Conference, New York, July 2003

113.Scarborough Electroacoustics 2003, Scarborough, July 2003

114.CongressCATH 2003: Warp:Woof — Aurality/Musicality/Textuality, Leeds, July 2003

115.Music–Culture–Society: A Symposium in Memory of John Blacking, Perth, Australia, July 2003

116.Reading Iberia: Iberian Studies in Theory and Practice, Birmingham, July 2003

117.Music and the Sacred, Brescia, July 2003

118.International Society for Music Education, Regional Conference, Kisumu, Kenya, July 2003

119.International Machaut Society, International Conference on Medieval Studies, Leeds, July 2003

120.Medieval Drama in Eastern Europe, International Conference on Medieval Studies, Leeds, July 2003

121.Romantic Conflict, British Association for Romantic Studies, Warwick, July 2003

122.James VI & I, 1567-1603-1625: Quatercentenary Perspectives, Reading, July 2003

123.Archiving Modernism, Edmonton, July 2003

124.Experimental Film Today, Preston, July 2003

125.American Society for Aesthetics, Rocky Mountain Division, Santa Fe, NM, July 2003

126.Music, Environmental Design, and the Choreography of Space, Fifth Annual Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts, Baden-Baden, July/August 2003

127.Music and Gesture, Norwich, UK, August 2003

128.Fever Running in the Blood: Feeling and Showing Emotions in the Heart of the Town (14th-16th Centuries), Ghent, August 2003

129.European Cultural Transfer in the Eighteenth Century Cultures in Europe, Eleventh Quadrennial Congress of the International Society for Eighteenth Century Studies (ISECS), Los Angeles, August 2003

130.Eighteenth-Century Lyric and the Enlightenment(s): Passions, Values, and Histories, ISECS, Los Angeles, August 2003

131.Theatre of the World – The World of Theatre, Eger, August 2003

132.The Cultures of Post-1989 Central and East Europe, Targu Mures, Romania, August 2003

133.Seventh Conference on Welsh Music, Aberystwyth, August 2003

134.International Society for Music Education, Regional Conference, Mexico, August 2003

135.First South American History Congress, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, August 2003

136.Music as Emergent Behaviour, Ninth Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, Campinas, August 2003

137.Not Fade Away: Third Annual Buddy Holly Music Festival and Symposium, Lubbock, TX, August 2003

138.International Colloquium Philippus de Monte, Antwerp, August 2003

139.Philippe de Monte, the Rudolphine Court and Bohemia, Prague, September 2003

140.New Interpretations of Cristóbal de Morales: Life, Works & Influences, Oxford, September 2003

141.Siena in the Renaissance: The Last Century of the Republic, Siena, September 2003

142.Music Historiography, Royal Musical Association Annual Conference, Cardiff, September 2003

143.Early Music: Context and Ideas, Kraków, September 2003

144.Symposium on Classical, Hellenistic, and Late Antique Texts in the Eighteenth Century, New York, September 2003

145.Society for Renaissance Studies, Bristol, September 2003

146.Central Renaissance Conference, Lawrence, KS, September 2003

147.Cultural Conquests, 1500-2000, Prague, September 2003

148.Understanding Britain, Salford, September 2003

149.In(ter)discipline: New Languages for Criticism, Cambridge, September 2003

150.Film Musicals: From the Classical Era to Postmodern Cinema, International Film Studies Conference, Cork, September 2003

151.Broadening the Playlists: Popular Musics in Dialogue, International Association for the Study of Popular Music (US Branch), Los Angeles, September 2003

152.American Musicological Society, Midwest Chapter, Chicago, September 2003

153.Fifth Triennial Conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM), Hanover, September 2003

154.New Music in the “New” Europe 1918-1938: Ideology, Theory and Practice, International Musicological Colloquium, Brno, September/October 2003

155.Theoriebildung an ihren Grenzen: Neue und Alte Musik, Third Congress, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie, Basel, October 2003

156.The Aura of Music In Language, New York, October 2003

157.The Hollywood Songbook: Brecht and Eisler in Exile, Selinsgrove, PA, October 2003

158.Romanticism and Nationalism in Music, Corfu, Greece, October 2003

159.Musical Violence and/as Community, American Studies Association, Hartford, CT, October 2003

160.Fourth Annual Symposium on Spanish Keyboard Music (FIMTE 2003), Mojácar (Andalusia), October 2003

161.First Spanish Musicology Graduate Student Conference, Valencia, October 2003

162.Pacific Northwest Music Graduate Students Conference, Seattle, October 2003

163.Musicological Society of Australia National Workshop 2003: Performance, Aesthetics and Experience, Brisbane, October 2003

164.Asian Performing Arts Symposium, Armidale, NSW, October 2003

165.ISMIR 2003: Fourth International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, Washington, DC, October 2003

166.Analysing Text and Intertext, Society for Music Analysis, Leeds, October 2003

167.The Music of Africa, Princeton, October 2003

168.Music and Silence, York, October 2003

169.Thirtieth Annual Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies, St Louis, MO, October 2003

170.Medieval Lives: Cultures and Contexts of the Middle Ages, Storrs, CT, October 2003

171.Other Realms: Spirituality, Mysticism, and Religion in Contemporary Music, Thirty-Seventh Contemporary Music Festival, Terre Haute, IN, October 2003

172.Music and Literary Modernism, Central New York Conference on Language and Literature, New York, October 2003

173.Berlioz 2003, Paris, October 2003

174.First Leeds Music Technology Education Conference, Leeds, October/November 2003

175.Words & Music: Commonalities, South Central Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Hot Springs, AR, October/November 2003

176.The Legacy of Hugo Wolf (1860-1903), Saskatoon, October/November 2003

177.Dmitri Shostakovich – His Late Works and their Context in the History of their Time, Dresden, October/November 2003

178.Dance in Education, Seventeenth World Congress on Dance Research, Athens, October/November 2003

179.The Royal Philharmonic Society: Past and Future, London, November 2003

180.Berlioz: Sacred and Profane, Cambridge, November 2003

181.Hector Berlioz in the Age of French Romanticism, Denton, TX, November 2003

182.Narratology beyond Literary Criticism, Hamburg, November 2003

183.Vixen Muse: Hugo Wolf’s Musical World, Ottawa, November 2003

184.Arnold Schoenberg and his Contemporaries, Prague, November 2003

185.ReMigration and Music, Tutzing, November 2003

186.Society for Music Theory, Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting, Madison, WI, November 2003

187.The Body in Musical Performance, British Forum for Ethnomusicology, Roehampton, UK, November 2003

188.The Future of Musical Performance, London, November 2003

189.Musicological Society of Australia and the New Zealand Musicological Society Joint Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, November 2003

190.Gothic: Art for England 1400-1547, London, November 2003

191.Thistle, Rose and Fleur-de-Lys: Musical Connections between Scotland, England and France, Aberdeen, November 2003

192.Continuities and Change: A Celebration of Balinese Music, Theatre, and Dance, Worcester, MA, November 2003

193.The Composers and Compositions of the Berlin Sing-Akademie, Memphis, TN, November 2003

194.Only in America: International Conference and Festival of Jewish Music in America, New York, November 2003

195.Istanbul International Spectral Music Conference, Istanbul, November 2003

196.Annual Conference, Czech Musicological Society, Prague, December 2003

197.The Intercultural Narrative, IALIC, Fourth Annual Conference, Lancaster, December 2003

198.Re-Reading Babbitt: The Composer as Author, Princeton, December 2003

199.Les genres de Psyché, Valenciennes, December 2003

200.Mousikè et Aretè: La Musique et l’Éthique de l’Antiquité à l’Age moderne, Paris, December 2003

201.The Life and Music of Samuel and Samuel Sebastian Wesley, Nottingham, December 2003

202.Music and Anxiety in the Eighteenth Century, Modern Languages Association, San Diego, December 2003

203.Latin American Popular Music: Trans-cultural Sampling and Global Reverberations, London, December 2003

204.Rhythmic and Proportional Elements in Plainchant, 1350-1650, Parma-Arezzo, December 2003