Past conferences 2004

Information about past conferences in 2004 is retained here.


1.Royal Musical Association Research Students Conference, Egham, January 2004

2.Columbia University Graduate Student Conference in Music Scholarship, New York, January 2004

3.Thirty-Third Annual Conference, British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Oxford, January 2004

4.Hawaii Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, January 2004

5.Sixth Conference of the Dutch Society for Music Theory, Utrecht, February 2004

6.Translatio, or the Transmission of Culture, Tempe, AZ, February 2004

7.Memory and the Present in Postsocialist Cultures, Portland, OR, February 2004

8.Music in Dictatorships in the 20th Century, Wuppertal, February 2004

9.Renaissance Conference of Southern California, San Marino, CA, February 2004

10.Audiences — Listening — Consumption, Popular Music Research Forum, London, February 2004

11.Vox Pop: Locating and Constructing the “Voice of the People”, Columbia, SC, February 2004

12.Renaissance Society of America, Annual Meeting, New York, March 2004

13.Books Printed Before 1700, SHARP, Renaissance Society of America, New York, March 2004

14.Theorizing Renaissance Humanists as Intellectuals, Renaissance Society of America, New York, March 2004

15.Representations of the Grotesque and Burlesque in Sixteenth-Century Society, Renaissance Society of America, New York, March 2004

16.Confraternity Studies, Renaissance Society of America, New York, March 2004

17.Renaissance Lyon – a Cultural Center, Renaissance Society of America, New York, March 2004

18.Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654) zum 350. Todesjahr, Creuzburg, March 2004

19.Middle Eastern and Islamic Influence on Western Art and Liturgy: Cultural Exchanges in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Toronto, March 2004

20.Musique et théâtralité dans les îles Britanniques, Metz, March 2004

21.Fourteenth Biennial New College Conference on Medieval-Renaissance Studies, Sarasota, FL, March 2004

22.Armées, guerre et société dans la France du XVIIème siècle, Nantes, March 2004

23.Religion, the Individual and Society in Russia: Past and Present, Gregynog, Wales, March 2004

24.Look and Listen Festival, New York, March 2004

25.Music and its Media, Cambridge, MA, March 2004

26.Second Annual Meeting, Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic, Philadelphia, March 2004

27.Musique française 1900-1945: perspectives multidisciplinaires sur la modernité, Montréal, March 2004

28.Germany and the Imagined East, Twelfth Annual Interdisciplinary German Studies Conference at the University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, March 2004

29.Music and Christian Scholarship, Lookout Mountain, GA, March 2004

30.Delta Blues Symposium X: The 1950s, Jonesboro, AR, March 2004

31.Caribbean Soundscapes: Caribbean Musics and Culture, New Orleans, March 2004

32.Society for American Music, Cleveland, March 2004

33.Cultural Imperialism and Competition: Travel, World’s Fairs and National/Colonial Image, St Louis, MO, March 2004

34.Improvisation and the Guitar, Guelph, March 2004

35.Improvisation, Urbana, IL, April 2004

36.Leeds International Jazz Conference, Leeds, April 2004

37.Music Theory Society of New York State, Rochester, NY, April 2004

38.Music and Theory between 1650 and 1750, Orpheus Institute, Ghent, April 2004

39.Twelfth Annual Conference, Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, La Jolla, CA, April 2004

40.Marc-Antoine Charpentier and His World, Birmingham, April 2004

41.American Musicological Society, Pacific Northwest Chapter, Victoria, BC, April 2004

42.Society for Ethnomusicology, Northeast Chapter, Middletown, CT, April 2004

43.Exploring the Renaissance, Austin, TX, April 2004

44.Medieval Popular Culture, San Antonio, TX, April 2004

45.Les représentations de la musique au Moyen Âge, Paris, April 2004

46.Bridging and Breaking Boundaries, Medieval and Renaissance Cultural Studies Graduate Conference, Calgary, April 2004

47.Folk & Protest Music, Southwest Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Associations, San Antonio, TX, April 2004

48.The Beat Generation and Counterculture, Southwest Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Associations, San Antonio, April 2004

49.This Magic Moment: Capturing the Spirit and Impact of Music, The 2004 Experience Music Project Pop Conference, Seattle, April 2004

50.Narrative, Burlington, VT, April 2004

51.Serious Pleasures, Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Association, Iowa City, April 2004

52.ESCOM Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology, Graz, April 2004

53.Principles of Musical Composition: Aspects of Historical Spread, Vilnius, April 2004

54.Music in Eighteenth-Century Life: Cities, Courts, Churches, Washington, DC, April/May 2004

55.Francesco Cavalli and the Venetian Opera of the Seventeenth Century, Brussels, May 2004

56.Traductions et lectures de Pétrarque, Rennes, May 2004

57.Royal Musical Association Postgraduate Study Day: Contemporary Questions in Musical Aesthetics, Birmingham, May 2004

58.Theory and Analysis Graduate Students’ Day, Oxford, May 2004

59.L’imaginaire musical, entre interprétation et création, Paris, May 2004

60.Early Modern Shapes, Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference, Bellingham, WA, May 2004

61.Medieval Manuscript Miscellanies, Thirty-Ninth International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, May 2004

62.Louise Farrenc and the Reception of Classicism in France, Bremen, May 2004

63.Victorian Modernities, Reading, May 2004

64.La Cultura del Fortepiano, Rome, May 2004

65.British Musical Renaissance Study Day XI, Stratford-upon-Avon, May 2004

66.Prokofiev and America, London, May 2004

67.EthNoise!: Approaches to Analysis and Music Theories in Ethnomusicology, Chicago, May 2004

68.Music and the Art of Seduction, Amsterdam, May 2005

69.Music Theatre and Performance (Analysis): Perception, Temporality and Rhythm in Music Theatre, St Petersburg, May 2004

70.On the Right Track: The Role of the Recording Studio in Popular Music and Media, Annual Conference of IASPM-Canada, Ottawa, May 2004

71.Confluence: Ideas, Identities, Place, Canadian Association of Slavists, Winnipeg, May/June 2004

72.Royal Musical Association Study Day: Reception Studies in Current Musicology, Manchester, June 2004

73.Sunrise of the Baroque: First Rothenfels Dance Symposium, Rothenfels, June 2004

74.British Wagnerism, Oxford, June 2004

75.From Fin de siècle to Fascism: Music in Italian Culture 1900-1950, Oxford, June 2004

76.Orientalism and Modernism: Cross-Cultural and Interartistic Connections, Cambridge, June 2004

77.Britannia (Re-)Sounding: Music in the Arts, Politics, and Culture of Great Britain, Oberlin, OH, June 2004

78.Bedrich Smetana’s Work in the Period of Transition: 1824-1884, Litomysl, June 2004

79.Association for Women in Slavic Studies, Urbana, June 2004

80.Islam & the West: Science, Art, Technology, Paris, June 2004

81.Music and Language, Aberdeen, June 2004

82.Études de rhétorique sur la musique de l’époque de Haydn à celle de Dutilleux, Paris, June 2004

83.2004 Symposium of the International Musicological Society, Melbourne, Australia, July 2004

84.Music in France (1830-1940), Melbourne, July 2004

85.Ethel Smyth session, International Musicological Society, Melbourne, July 2004

86.Commemoration, Ritual and Performance: a Symposium on Medieval and Early Modern Music, Sydney, July 2004

87.Music and Musicology at Oxford: A Centenary Symposium for Sir Jack Westrup (1904-1975), Oxford, July 2004

88.Stravinsky/Cocteau/Oedipus: Myth, Music and Modernism, Bristol, July 2004

89.Music and Modernism, Graz, July 2004

90.Performance Studies Focus Group, Toronto, July 2004

91.Thirteenth International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, Durham, July 2004

92.Musiques d’Asie orientale : Oralité et improvisation Ninth International Chime Conference, Paris, July 2004

93.“Overseas Blues”: European Perspectives on African American Music, Gloucester, UK, July 2004

94.International Society for Music Education, World Conference, Tenerife, July 2004

95.Fifth International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education, Samos, Greece, July 2004

96.Annual Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Glasgow, July 2004

97.Eleventh Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Manchester, July 2004

98.German-Anglo Cultural Transfers and Encounters, c.1660-1914, London, July 2004

99.Time and Memory, Twelfth Triennial Conference, International Society for the Study of Time, Cambridge, July 2004

100.New Directions in the Humanities, Prato, July 2004

101.(Re)Creating Arthur, Winchester, August 2004

102.Eighth International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Evanston, IL, August 2004

103.Fourteenth Nordic Musicological Congress, Helsinki, August 2004

104.Die Münchner Hofkapelle des 16. Jahrhunderts im europäischen Kontext, Munich, August 2004

105.The Work of Antonín Dvorák, Prague, September 2004

106.The English-Texted Music of William Byrd, Leeds, September 2004

107.Music and Cultural Identity, Gesellschaft für Musikforschung, Thirteenth International Congress, Weimar, September 2004

108.The Institutions of Opera in Paris from the July Revolution to the Dreyfus Affair, Chapel Hill, NC, September 2004

109.Musique et pouvoir, Paris, September 2004

110.Laus Platonici Philosophi: Marsilio Ficino and his Influence, London, September 2004

111.Music in the Early Years: Communication, Cognition and the Development of the Self, Newcastle upon Tyne, September 2004

112.The Sound of the Stone: Medieval Instruments in the Way of Saint James, Santiago de Compostela, September 2004

113.Understanding the Muwashshah, London, September 2004

114.ICEC 2004: Third International Conference for Entertainment Computing, Eindhoven, September 2004

115.Italian Society for Musicology, Eleventh Annual Conference, Lecce, October 2004

116.Representing Performance: Musical Recordings in Culture, Egham, October 2004

117.Royal Musical Association Study Day: Improvisation in Musical Performance, London, October 2004

118.Le travail de l’interprétation: Esthétique, théorie, pratique, Paris, October 2004

119.Peter Maxwell Davies at 70, Canterbury, October 2004

120.Single Action Harp Symposium, London, October 2004

121.American Perspectives on Penderecki, Houston, October 2004

122.The Muwashshah: History, Origins and Present Practices, London, October 2004

123.Latin American Music Seminar, London, October 2004

124.Culture and Society in the Age of Globalization, Tenth International Culture and Power Conference, Iberian Association for Cultural Studies, Burgos, October 2004

125.Fifth International Symposium on Spanish Keyboard Music “Diego Fernandez”, Mojácar, Almeria-Andalusia, October 2004

126.International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM-US Branch), Annual Conference, Charlottesville, VA, October 2004

127.Sound-Image-Space: Applying Music Technology, Leeds Music Technology Education Conference, Leeds, October 2004

128.Russian-Finnish Music Contacts at the Turn of the Twentieth Century in the Context of the Franco-Russian Alliance, St Petersburg, October 2004

129.Royal Musical Association, 40th Annual Conference, Birmingham, November 2004

130.Petrarch (1304-1374): Translations, Interpretations and Appropriations through the Ages, London, November 2004

131.A Century of Composing in America: 1820-1920, New York, November 2004

132.The Sounds of the Guitar: A Global Crossroads, Leeds, November 2004

133.UK Songwriting Festival – Education Day, Bath, November 2004

134.L’Histoire du disque: innovations techniques, pratiques musicales et usages sociaux, Paris, November 2004

135.Tonspuren, “Musik und Film, Musik im Film”, Graz, November 2004

136.Bernd Alois Zimmermann — Zeitauffassung und musikalische Poetik, Dresden, November 2004

137.Contemplating Borders, Society for Ethnomusicology, Forty-Ninth Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ, November 2004

138.“Wie wir uns aufführen”: Performanz/Performativität im Spannungsfeld von Kultur- und Sozialstudien, Vienna, November 2004

139.Performativity: A Paradigm for the Studies of Art and Culture, Copenhagen, November/December 2004

140.Musical Instruments, British Forum for Ethnomusicology, London, December 2004

141.The Unknown Schubert: New Perspectives, New Insights, Regina, Canada, December 2004

142.French Music around 1700 in the European Context, Basel, December 2004

143.Musiques et musiciens oubliés, Paris, December 2004

144.Le modèle vocal, Rennes, December 2004