Past conferences 2006

Information about past conferences in 2006 is retained here.


1.Royal Musical Association Research Students’ Conference 2006, Leeds, UK, January 2006

2.Mozart 2006, London, January 2006

3.Mozart 2006: Classical Music and the Modern World, London, January 2006

4.Thirty-Third Annual Conference, International Association for Jazz Education, New York, January 2006

5.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, New York, a href=”“>January 2006

6.Music & the Moving Image, Santa Barbara, CA, January 2006

7.Perspectives on Music in Canada, Calgary, January 2006

8.The Renaissance Unconscious, Stirling, February 2006

9.Rethinking Mozart, Eighth Conference of the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, Brussels, February 2006

10.“Such People Come into the World Only Once in 100 Years”: Mozart in the Twenty-First Century, Dublin, February 2006

11.Hung up on the Number 64, Conference on John Cage, Huddersfield, February 2006

12.Alfred Schnittke Day, London, February 2006

13.The Interaction of Poetry and Music, Greencastle, IN, February 2006

14.Straws in the Wind: Ballads and Broadsides, 1500-1800, Santa Barbara, CA, February 2006

15.Biennial London Fiddle Conference, London, February 2006

16.Midwest Graduate Music Consortium 2006, Evanston, IL, February 2006

17.Fourteenth Biennial Symposium of Research in Music Theory, Bloomington, IN, February 2006

18.Reconfiguring, Relocating, Rediscovering, International Association for the Study of Popular Music, US Branch, Murfreesboro/Nashville, TN, February 2006

19.Joint National Conference, National Association of African American Studies, National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies, National Association of Native American Studies, and International Association of Asian Studies, Baton Rouge, LA, February 2006

20.Annual Meeting, Texas Society for Music Theory, Denton, TX, February 2006

21.Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century, South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Cocoa Beach, FL, February 2006

22.Forum on Music and Christian Scholarship, Wheaton, IL, February 2006

23.Bartók’s Orbit: The Context and Sphere of Influence of His Work, Budapest, March 2006

24.Re-Engaging Formalism: Bartók, Guildford, March 2006

25.Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and its Legacy, Kingston, Surrey, UK, March 2006

26.Prokofiev Study Day, London, March 2006

27.Farther than We can Hear: Simple Complexity/Complex Simplicity, Symposium on New Music, Cork, March 2006

28.Future Music and the Classical Past: Wagner and his Legacy, Bristol, March 2006

29.Expression in Music, London, March 2006

30.Midlands Musicological Forum, Birmingham, March 2006

31.Renaissance Conference of Southern California, San Marino, CA, March 2006

32.Music Analysis and Teaching, Society for Music Analysis/PALATINE Spring Study Day, Lancaster, March 2006

33.Schenker Symposium, New York, March 2006

34.American Musicological Society, Pacific Southwest Chapter, Long Beach, CA, March 2006

35.American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter, Spring Meeting, Memphis, March 2006

36.Annual Meeting, South Central Society for Music Theory, Hattiesburg, MS, March 2006

37.Annual Meeting, Music Theory Southeast, Chapel Hill, NC, March 2006

38.Fourth Annual Meeting, Music Theory Society of the Mid Atlantic, Princeton, NJ, March 2006

39.Sixth Annual Graduate Student Conference, GAMMA-UT, Austin, TX, March 2006

40.Investigation and Involvement, Toronto, March 2006

41.From Pathétique to Tempest: Beethoven’s Romantic Breakthrough, Leuven, March 2006

42.Mozart aujourd’hui, Louvain-la-Neuve, March 2006

43.Music, Art, and Religion between the Wars: The Construction of Culture in French-Speaking Nations, Montréal, March 2006

44.The American and British Musical, Bristol, March 2006

45.Jazz, Politics and the Popular, 2006 Leeds International Jazz Conference, Leeds, March 2006

46.Second Annual Film Music Conference, Bradford, March 2006

47.“How Art Wore Khaki and went into action”: Propaganda, Popular Culture and the Great War, Newcastle upon Tyne, March/April 2006

48.Society for Eighteenth-Century Music Conference, Williamsburg, VA, April 2006

49.CHARM Symposium 3: Transfer and the Recording as Historical Document, Egham, April 2006

50.Symposion Klanganthropologie, Berlin, April 2006

51.Musica Scotica 2006: 800 Years of Scottish Music, Edinburgh, April 2006

52.Music, Poetry, and Patronage in Late Renaissance Italy: Luca Marenzio and the Madrigal, Cambridge, MA, April 2006

53.Contemporary Questions in Music Aesthetics, Royal Musical Association Study Day, Glasgow, April 2006

54.Cathy Berberian: Pioneer of Contemporary Vocality and Performance, Amsterdam, April 2006

55.Song, Stage & Screen: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Musical Stage, Portsmouth, UK, April 2006

56.Art and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Britain and America: A Transatlantic Exchange, Ann Arbor, April 2006

57.Music and Resistance: 1933-1945, Salzburg, April 2006

58.Shostakovich and Music in the Soviet Union, New Brunswick, NJ, April 2006

59.Music and the Asian Diaspora, Princeton, NJ, April 2006

60.Asian Intersections, Lyrica Society Colloquium, Princeton, NJ, April 2006

61.Musical Spaces, Ninth Annual CUNY Graduate Students in Music (GSIM) Symposium, New York, April 2006

62.2006 Meeting, Society for Ethnomusicology, Northeast Chapter, Hartford, CT, April 2006

63.The Artist as Intellectual: The Composer Fernando Lopes-Graça, Centennial Conference, Coimbra, April 2006

64.Music Theory Society of New York State (MTSNYS), Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting, Saratoga Springs, NY, April 2006

65.New England Conference of Music Theorists, Twenty-First Annual Meeting, Hartford, CT, April 2006

66.American Musicological Society, New York State-St. Lawrence Chapter, Syracuse, NY, April 2006

67.American Musicological Society, Midwest Chapter, Indianapolis, IN, April 2006

68.Mozart – A Challenge for Literature and Thought, London, April 2006

69.Musical Culture and Memory, Belgrade, April 2006

70.Music and Liturgy of the Medieval Irish Church, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, April 2006

71.Fourth Annual Conference, Society for Musicology in Ireland, Limerick, May 2006

72.Music in Late Medieval English Cathedrals, The Plainsong and Medieval Music Society, Oxford, May 2006

73.Santa Maria dell’Anima: Zur Geschichte einer “deutschen” Stiftung in Rom, Rome, May 2006

74.Analysis and Composition, Analysts and Composers, Society for Music Analysis TAGS Day, Southampton, May 2006

75.Non-Finito: Notions of the “Unfinished” in Music, Art and Intellectual History, London, May 2006

76.Technologies of Memory in the Arts, Nijmegen, May 2006

77.Forgery, Authority and Authenticity in the Renaissance, Stirling, May 2006

78.Virtuosity and the Virtuoso in Britain, Music in Britain: A Social History Seminar, London, May 2006

79.British Music and Modernism 1901-1939, Stratford upon Avon, May 2006

80.Interpreting Mozart, Milan, May 2006

81.Mozart 2006, Quinto Seminario di Filologia musicale, Cremona, May 2006

82.Improvisation Pedagogy, Leeds, May 2006

83.Passages: Crossing the Borders between Arts and Cultures, Congress marking the 150th Year of Heinrich Heine’s and Robert Schumann’s Deaths in 1856, Düsseldorf, May 2006

84.Parsifal, une oeuvre pour notre temps?, Paris, May 2006

85.Latin American Music Seminar, London, May 2006

86.Women in Music: Global Perspectives, International Alliance for Women in Music Congress, Miami, FL, May 2006

87.Annual Music Graduate Exchange Conference for the East and South East of England, Egham, June 2006

88.Eastern European Musical Relations, BASEES Russian and East European Music, Inaugural Conference, Bristol, June 2006

89.From the Wellspring to the Ocean: Béla Bartók’s Musicological Legacy in Today’s World, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, June 2006

90.The Creative and Scientific Legacies of Iannis Xenakis, Guelph/Waterloo/Toronto, June 2006

91.La musique et ses entours, Ens, June 2006

92.Grounding Moves: Landscapes for Dance, Twenty-Ninth Annual Conference, Society of Dance History Scholars, Banff, Alberta, June 2006

93.Musical Iconography in the 21st Century: Mapping European Art for Contexts and Methods, Ravenna, June 2006

94.Musique et société, Paris, June 2006

95.Music and Philosophy: Emotion and Reason, Helsinki, June 2006

96.Second International Conference for Digital Technologies and Performance Arts, Doncaster, June 2006

97.Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, Santa Fe, NM, June/July 2006

98.The City — Place of Cultural Acts by Women in the Renaissance (Die Stadt — Ort kulturellen Handelns von Frauen in der Frühen Neuzeit), Hanover, June/July 2006

99.Royal Musical Association, Forty-Second Annual Conference, Nottingham, July 2006

100.Fourteenth International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, Manchester, July 2006

101.Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference, Durham, July 2006

102.Twelfth Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Warsaw, July 2006

103.Das Musikleben am Hof von Kurfürst Max Emanuel, Munich, July 2006

104.Staging the Feminine: The Arts of the Prima Donna, 1720-1920, Leeds, July 2006

105.Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Cambridge, July 2006

106.United Kingdom Society for Renaissance Studies, Edinburgh, July 2006

107.Music and Consciousness, Sheffield, July 2006

108.Sound Effects: the Oral/Aural Dimensions of Literatures in English, St Andrews, July 2006

109.Fourteenth Annual Conference, Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP), The Hague, July 2006

110.Second International Conference, Music and Gesture, Manchester, July 2006

111.Teaching, Learning and Performing Music, Manchester, July 2006

112.Instrumental Music and the Industrial Revolution, Cremona, July 2006

113.Popular Musics of the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds, Newcastle upon Tyne, July 2006

114.National Graduate Conference for Ethnomusicology: New Directions in Music Studies, Cambridge, July 2006

115.Society for French Studies, Annual Conference, St Andrews, July 2006

116.Digital Humanities 2006, Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing/Association for Computing in the Humanities, Paris, July 2006

117.International Society for Music Education, World Conference, Kuala Lumpur, July 2006

118.Away From Home: Wind Music as Cultural Identification, Northfield, MN, July/August 2006

119.Second Biennial Conference, North American British Music Studies Association, Colchester, VT, August 2006

120.The Music of the Czech Lands and Central Europe up to 1620 [Hudebni kultura ceskych zemi a stredni Evropy do roku 1620], Prague, August 2006

121.Eighth Annual Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts — Music, Environmental Design, and the Choreography of Space, Baden-Baden, August 2006

122.Crossing Borders: Transpositions and Translations in Russian Culture, Third Fitzwilliam Conference in Russian Studies, Cambridge, UK, August/September 2006

123.East Asian Music and Modernity, 2006 Asian Pacific Traditional Arts Festival, I-lan, Taiwan, August/September 2006

124.Exploring Displacement, Crossing Boundaries, and the Traveler/Stranger in German Exile Arts and Writings 1933-1945, Hartford, CT, September 2006

125.“Darmstadt, Du Stadt meiner Träume”: The International Reception of Postwar Darmstadt as the Shangri-La of Musical Modernism, Brno, September 2006

126.Musica Baltica: University and Music in the Baltic Region, Greifswald, September 2006

127.From Composition to Critical Text: Editing Béla Bartók’s String Quartets and Duke Bluebeard’s Castle, Budapest, September 2006 (CANCELLED)

128.Boston University Messiaen Project Conference, Boston, September 2006

129.Shostakovich-100, London, September 2006

130.Shostakovich: Centenary Reflections, Cambridge, UK, September 2006

131.Schumann Perspectives: A View Across the Disciplines, Lubbock, TX, September 2006

132.New Paths: Robert Schumann, 1848-1856, Montreal, September 2006

133.New Directions, New Voices, Southern African Music Research Conference, Potchefstroom, September 2006

134.Musical Acoustics Network Conference, London, September 2006

135.The North German Organ and its Repertoire, Calgary, Alberta, September 2006

136.Music and Nature, Society for New Music, Syracuse, NY, September 2006

137.Re-mapping the American South, Bristol, September 2006

138.Authenticity, Salford, UK, September 2006

139.Second Annual Art of Record Production Conference, Edinburgh, September 2006

140.Collision 2006: Interarts Research and Practices, Victoria, BC, September 2006

141.Medieval-Renaissance Conference, Wise, VA, September 2006

142.Musiche in Vetrina: Musica, giovani e progetti di promozione, Lecco, September 2006

143.Music as Local Tradition and Regional Practice, Musicological Society of Australia, Twenty-Ninth National Conference, Armidale, Australia, September/October 2006

144.Thinking about Music: Resources and Skills for Musicologists, Royal Musical Association Training Day, London, October 2006

145.Italian Musicological Society, Thirteenth Annual Conference, Torino, October 2006

146.Alexander Agricola Symposium, Valladolid, October 2006

147.The Functional and Autonomous in Music: Patterns and Meanings, Ljubljana, October 2006

148.Sounds of Science – Schall im Labor (1800-1930), Berlin, October 2006

149.Sixth Conference, Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie, Weimar, October 2006

150.American Musicological Society, Midwest Chapter, Chicago, October 2006

151.Melody and Melodic Function as Objects of Analysis, Paris, October 2006

152.Music & Medicine, SEMPRE conference, Edinburgh, October 2006

153.Music and Disability Workshop, Edinburgh, October 2006

154.Principles of Musical Composition: The Cyclic Principle, Sixth International Music Theory Conference, Lithuanian Composers’ Union, Vilnius, October 2006

155.The Twentieth Century and the Phenomenon of Personality in Music, Thirty-Ninth International Baltic Musicological Conference, Riga, October 2006

156.Domenico Scarlatti in Spain: The Neapolitan Connection, Seventh FIMTE Symposium on Spanish Keyboard Music, Mojácar-Almería, October 2006

157.American Musicological Society, Midwest Chapter, Chicago, October 2006

158.Spotlight on Wagner, Sidcup, Kent, October 2006

159.Medievalism and the Marvelous, Twenty-First International Conference on Medievalism, Columbus, OH, October 2006

160.Fortune & Fatality: Performing the Tragic in Early Modern France (1553-1715), New York, October 2006

161.Constructions of Death, Mourning, and Memory, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, October 2006

162.Rezeption und Selbstwahrnehmung von Musikkulturen, ICTM Conference, Mainz, October 2006

163.Theater und Medien, Erlangen, October 2006

164.Roots of Techno: Black DJs and the Detroit Scene, Bloomington, IN, October 2006

165.The Discipline of Creativity: Exploring the Paradox, Workshop 1 on Creativity and Creative Industries: “Inherent Unknowability”: Recognizing Creativity and Successful Endeavour, St Andrews, October 2006

166.Zemlinsky Lost and Found, London, October 2006

167.Leonard Bernstein, Boston to Broadway, Cambridge, MA, October 2006

168.RUNDumFUNK – Twenty-First International DVSM Conference, Mainz, October 2006

169.Interdisciplinary Conference, Mozart and Science, Baden bei Wien, October 2006

170.Lieux de musique, Paris, October 2006

171.Arts and Humanities in the “Luoshenfu” (Poem of the Goddess of Luo River), Paris, October 2006

172.Rock and Roll Culture, Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association, Baltimore, MD, October 2006

173.Sixth Biennial National Symposium on Multicultural Music, Knoxville, TN, October 2006

174.Claude Debussy International Congress, Austin, TX, October 2006

175.Ethnicity, Nationalisms and Diasporas, Sixth Annual Hydra Rebetiko Conference, Hydra, Greece, October 2006

176.Exoticism, Identity and Constructions of Hispanic Music, Melbourne, October 2006

177.American Musicological Society/Society for Music Theory, Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, November 2006

178.Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relations, Los Angeles, November 2006

179.Music Programme Notes, Society for Music Analysis Autumn Study Day, Brighton, November 2006

180.Twenty-Second Annual Conference on Music in Eighteenth-Century Britain, London, November 2006

181.Listening: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Cambridge, November 2006

182.One Ring: Wagner in the Twenty-First Century, Chicago, November 2006

183.Shifting Times / Zwischen Zeiten: Enescu Symposium, Oldenburg, November 2006

184.Colloque international Charles Koechlin, Paris, November 2006

185.Dance in Music Theatre — Dance as Music Theatre: Facets of the Interplay of Dance and Music in Theatre, Hanover, November 2006

186.Music and Performance, The Documentary Tradition, 2006 Film and History League Conference, Dallas, November 2006

187.Freud in Translation, Freud in Transition, London, November 2006

188.Levinas, Blanchot: Thinking the Difference, Paris, November 2006

189.Cornelius Cardew, London, November 2006

190.Carlo Gozzi entre dramaturgie de l’auteur et dramaturgie de l’acteur: un carrefour artistique européen, Paris, November 2006

191.Congress on Research in Dance, Thirty-Eighth Annual Conference, Tempe, AZ, November 2006

192.The Many Worlds of Vicente Martin y Soler, Valencia, November 2006

193.Film and History League Conference, Dallas, TX, November 2006

194.Leeds International Music Technology Education Conference, Leeds, November 2006

195.Toward a Philosophy of the Vernacular? Reading Richard Middleton’s Voicing the Popular, Newcastle, UK, November 2006

196.L’Ethnomusicologie de la France, Colloque international, Nice, November 2006

197.Le Kunqu et le Jingju entre tradition et modernité, Paris, November 2006

198.Decolonizing Ethnomusicology, Society for Ethnomusicology, Annual Meeting, Honolulu, November 2006

199.Canadian Society for Traditional Music, Fiftieth Annual Meeting, Ottawa, November 2006

200.Latin American Music Seminar, London, November 2006

201.La Réception de l’oeuvre de Mozart en France et en Angleterre jusque vers 1830, Poitiers, November 2006

202.Chopin in Paris: The 1830s, Warsaw, November/December 2006

203.Les voyages de Mozart en France: ses rencontres avec la Franc-Maçonnerie, Paris, December 2006

204.Die Zauberflöte, Sources et interprétations, Brussels, December 2006

205.François-Joseph Fétis, Brussels, December 2006

206.Music and Travel, British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual One-Day Conference, Manchester, December 2006

207.Music and Identity in Ireland, Maynooth, December 2006

208.Historical Presence of Luigi Nono, Padua, December 2006

209.Sound Art and Creative Technology, London, December 2006

210.Private and Public, Victoria & Albert Museum Workshop, London, December 2006

211.Music and Musicians in Early Modern Ecclesiastical Institutions, Baeza, Spain, December 2006

212.First International Congress of Music & Contemporary Technologies, Seville, December 2006

213.Music and Postmodern Cultural Theory, Melbourne, December 2006

214.The European Fin de Siècle: Gender, Nation, Race, London, December 2006

215.The Discipline of Creativity: Exploring the Paradox, Workshop 2 on Creativity and Creative Industries: “Art for Art’s Sake?”: Responses to Commercialization, St Andrews, December 2006

216.Dancing under the Rising Sun: The Influences of Japanese Colonialism on Dance in the Asia-Pacific Region, Taipei, Taiwan, December 2006

217.Kurdish Music: From the Past to the Present, From the Present to The Future, Diyarbakir, Turkey, December 2006