Past conferences 2007

Information about past conferences in 2007 is retained here.


1.Royal Musical Association Research Students’ Conference, Bristol, January 2007

2.Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference, International Association for Jazz Education, New York, January 2007

3.Latin American Choral Music: Contemporary Performance and the Colonial Legacy, Tucson, AZ, January 2007

4.Lyrica Society/National Opera Association 2007 Convention, New York, January 2007

5.American Musicological Society, Greater New York Chapter, New Brunswick, NJ, January 2007

6.Propaganda and the Mass Media in the Making of Cold War Europe, Dublin, January 2007

7.Twenty-Fourth Annual Music Theory Forum, Florida State University, January 2007

8.Postgraduate Study Day on Russian and East European Music, Glasgow, February 2007

9.The Quarrel of Ancients and Moderns in 17th-century Musical Thought: Synthesis and Perspectives, Rome, February 2007

10.Musikalische Norm um 1700, Frankfurt am Main, February 2007

11.Improvisation: Analytical, Theoretical, and Critical Approaches, Ninth International Conference, Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, Groningen, February 2007

12.Haydn’s Creation, Society for Music Analysis Spring Study Day, Oxford, February 2007

13.Musical Journeys with the Flight of the Earls, Dublin, February 2007

14.Music and Postcolonial Studies, New York, February 2007

15.Sounds of Latin America, Lexington, KY, February 2007

16.Music and the Written Word, Bloomington, IN, February 2007

17.Uniting Sound and Text, Philadelphia, February 2007

18.Music of the Americas: A Transcontinental Conference, Denton, TX, February 2007

19.Hernani/Ernani: Four Centuries of Italian Opera inspired by French Literature, Tours, February 2007

20.Postcolonial Studies and Music, Columbia Music Scholarship Conference, New York, February 2007

21.Religious Festivals in Contemporary Southeast Asia, Riverside, CA, February 2007

22.Irish Popular Music and Dance in History, ICTM Ireland Symposium, Cork, February 2007

23.South Central Society for Music Theory, Annual Meeting, Baton Rouge, LA, February 2007

24.Texas Society for Music Theory, Twenty-Ninth Annual Conference, Arlington, TX, February 2007

25.Midwest Graduate Music consortium (MGMC), Eleventh Annual Conference, Chicago, February 2007

26.Conversations: Music Scholarship Unbound, First Biannual Graduate Music Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, February 2007

27.CCM Music Theory and Musicology Society, Cincinnati, OH, February 2007

28.Studies in Sound: Listening in the Age of Visual Culture, Graduate Student Conference, Iowa City, February 2007

29.Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century, South-Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Tulsa, OK, February 2007

30.The Discipline of Creativity: Exploring the Paradox, Workshop 3 on Creativity and Creative Industries: “Infinite Variety”: Variety in Creative Production, the Role of Audience Responses and the Possibilities of Standardization, Glasgow, February 2007

31.Blues Tunes / Blues Texts: Music, Cultures and Literature in the Global South, Southern American Studies Association, Biennial Meeting, University, MS, February 2007

32.Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture, Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture Association Twenty-Eighth Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM, February 2007

33.Music and (Dis)Placement, London, February 2007

34.Society for American Music / Music Library Association, Pittsburgh, PA, February/March 2007

35.Romantic and Victorian Entertainments, Columbia, SC, USA, March 2007

36.Historical Evidence versus Current Taste: Archives, Research & the Performance of Classical & Romantic Music, Leeds, March 2007

37.Urbane Musikkultur in Berlin: Von der spätfriderizianischen Zeit bis ins frühe 19. Jahrhundert, Berlin, March 2007

38.Music and (Con)text: Interdisciplinary Challenges, Nottingham, March 2007

39.Genetic Criticism in an Interdisciplinary Context: Literature, Visual Arts, Theater, Music, Urbana-Champaign, March 2007

40.Performance Practice: Issues and Approaches, Memphis, TN, March 2007

41.SEMPRE One-Day Conference, Composition and Computer-Assisted Music-Making, Birmingham, UK, March 2007

42.Jazz: Inside and Outside, Leeds International Jazz Conference 2007, Leeds, March 2007

43.Victorian Soundscapes, Leeds, March 2007

44.Children and Performance in Early Modernity, Renaissance Society of America, Miami, FL, March 2007

45.The Discourse of Film Music, Third Annual Film and Music Conference, Bradford, March 2007

46.Filmer l’acte de création, Rennes, March 2007

47.4es Rencontres Interartistiques de l’Observatoire Musical Français, Paris, March 2007

48.Teatro y música en España: los géneros breves en la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII, Madrid, March 2007

49.Pascual Veiga e a súa época, Santiago de Compostela, March 2007

50.Race and Ethnicity in the Nineteenth Century, Twenty-Eighth Annual Conference of the Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Selinsgrove, PA, March 2007

51.Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum, London, March 2007

52.A Leap from the Temple of Culture into the Abyss: Decadence in Central and Eastern Europe, 1880-1920, New York, March 2007

53.Technologies of the Diva, New York City, March 2007

54.Music and Crisis, Harvard Graduate Music Forum Conference, Cambridge, MA, March 2007

55.“Is This It All?”: Questioning Received Truths in Music, University of Toronto Music Graduate Students’ Association, Annual Conference, Toronto, March 2007

56.University of Minnesota School of Music Graduate Student Symposium, Minneapolis, March 2007

57.American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter, Annual Meeting, Athens, GA, March 2007

58.Music Theory Southeast (MTSE), Athens, GA, March 2007

59.Twenty-Second Annual Meeting, New England Conference of Music Theorists, Medford, MA, March 2007

60.Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic, Fifth Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, March 2007

61.International Conference on Narrative, Washington, DC, March 2007

62.Encounter and Experience: Cultures in Process, Interdisciplinary Conference, Bielefeld, March 2007

63.Society for Ethnomusicology, Southeast and Caribbean Chapter, Annual Conference, Athens, GA, March 2007

64.Vagantes Graduate Medieval Conference, Chicago, March 2007

65.Music Graduate Students’ Symposium, Montreal, March 2007

66.The Discipline of Creativity: Exploring the Paradox, Workshop 4 on Creativity and Creative Industries: “This Motley Crew”: Managing “Creatives” and the Creative Unit, Glasgow, March 2007

67.Forum on Music and Christian Scholarship, Annual Meeting, New Haven, CT, March 2007

68.Queer Vibrations: Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference, New York, March 2007

69.American Musicological Society, Pacific Northwest Chapter, Tacoma, WA, March 2007

70.Music of Japan Today 2007, Baltimore, MD, March/April 2007

71.Invention, Intention, Persuasion: Forms of Self-Expression in Renaissance Arts and Letters, Cambridge, March/April 2007

72.On the Relationship of Imitation and Text Treatment: The Motet around 1500, Bangor, Wales, March/April 2007

73.First Interdisciplinary Anna Amalia & Goethe Conference, Weimar, March/April 2007

74.Engaged Scholarship and Performance: Cultural Research and Practice in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Joint Conference MACSEM & MAFA, Williamsburg, VA, March/April 2007

75.Music and Society, Seventy-Eighth Annual Meeting, The Pacific Sociological Association, Oakland, CA, March/April 2007

76.American Handel Society, American Handel Festival, Princeton, April 2007

77.Francisco J. García Fajer ‘Lo Spagnoletto’ and his Musical World, La Rioja, Spain, April 2007

78.Friedrich Spee, Trier, April 2007

79.Vocality Symposium, University of Virginia, April 2007

80.Repeat Repeat (conference on the concept of repetition), Chester, UK, April 2007

81.Guqin, Aesthetics and Humanism, Taichung, Taiwan, April 2007

82.Trans, Pan, Inter: Cultures in Contact, Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relations, American Comparative Literature Association, Puebla, Mexico, April 2007

83.Sixteenth Annual Meeting, West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis, Salt Lake City, April 2007

84.Eighteenth Annual Conference, Music Theory Midwest, Lawrence, KS, April 2007

85.From the Brain to Human Culture: Intersections between the Humanities and Neuroscience, Lewisburg, PA, April 2007

86.Practice-Based Research in Music, London, April 2007

87.Pianistes d’aujourd’hui: Critique, pédagogie, interprétation, Paris, April 2007

88.Reactions to the Record: Perspectives on Historic Performance, Stanford, CA, April 2007

89.Music Theory Society of New York State (MTSNYS), Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting, New York City, April 2007

90.Theorizing Performance/Performing Scholarship, City University of New York Graduate Students in Music, Tenth Annual Conference, New York City, April 2007

91.Fifteenth Annual Conference, Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, South Bend, IN, April 2007

92.Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society, Calgary, Alberta, April 2007

93.The Proms and British Musical Life, London, April 2007

94.American Handel Society, Princeton, NJ, April 2007

95.Identity Formation, Manchester, April 2007

96.Waking Up From History: Music, Time, and Place, Fifth Annual Pop Conference at Experience Music Project, Seattle, April 2007

97.Tempo, Metre, Rhythm: Time in Music after 1950, Ghent, April 2007

98.Between Folk and Popular: The Liminal Spaces of the Vernacular, British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference, Newcastle, UK, April 2007

99.Boundaries, Blockades and Bridges, IASPM Canada and IASPM-US 2007 Joint Conference, Boston, April 2007

100.Interdisciplinary Music Panel, National Popular Culture & American Culture Associations, Joint Conference, Boston, MA, April 2007

101.Stephen Foster, National Popular Culture & American Culture Associations, Joint Conference, Boston, MA, April 2007

102.Contemporary Garage Rock and its Influences, National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations, Joint Conference, Boston, MA, April 2007

103.Musical Theatre, National Popular Culture & American Culture Associations, Joint Conference, Boston, MA, April 2007

104.Dance and Culture, National Popular Culture Association & American Culture Associations, Joint Conference, Boston, MA, April 2007

105.Appalachian Studies, National Popular Culture & American Culture Associations, Joint Conference, Boston, MA, April 2007

106.CHARM Symposium 4: Methods for Analysing Recordings, Egham, April 2007

107.The Organ in England to the Death of Elizabeth I, Oxford, April 2007

108.Music and the City in Latin America, Latin American Music SLAS Conference, Newcastle, April 2007

109.Latin American Music Seminar, London, May 2007

110.Musical Meaning and Human Values: A Colloquium with Lawrence Kramer, Fordham, May 2007

111.Le son des rouages: Représentations musicales des rapports homme-machine au 20e siècle, Paris, May 2007

112.Sexualities, Textualities, Art and Music in Early Modern Italy, Cork, May 2007

113.Society for Music Analysis, TAGS Day for Music Postgraduates, London, May 2007

114.PERFORMA (Conference on Performance Studies), Aveiro, Portugal, May 2007

115.Surrounded, Postgraduate One-Day Conference on Electroacoustic Music, Keele, UK, May 2007

116.Annual Conference, Society for Musicology in Ireland, Dublin, May 2007

117.Second International Conference on Consciousness, Theatre, Literature, and the Arts, Aberystwyth, May 2007

118.Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC), Forty-First Annual Conference, Milwaukee, WI, May 2007

119.The Discipline of Creativity: Exploring the Paradox, Workshop 5 on Creativity and Creative Industries: “Ars Longa”: Establishing Value, Dundee, May 2007

120.Principles of Music Composing: Musical Text, Seventh International Music Theory Conference, Vilnius, May 2007

121.Baltic Music Study Day, Leeds, May 2007

122.Music and Language as Cognitive Systems, Cambridge, May 2007

123.Canadian University Music Society, Annual Conference, Montreal, May 2007

124.Sensing and Feeling: The Embodiment of Experience in the Eighteenth Century, Bloomington, IN, May 2007

125.Mathematics and Computation in Music, Berlin, May 2007

126.Fifth Fifteenth-Century Conference, Monticello, IL, May 2007

127.Popular Music, Oceanic Popular Culture Association Conference, Honolulu, HI, May 2007

128.Beyond Grieg – Edvard Grieg and his Diverse Influences on Music of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries, Bergen, May/June 2007

129.The Life and Work of Edward J. Dent, Cambridge, June 2007

130.Graduate Exchange Conference, London, June 2007

131.PhD Students’ Conference, Edinburgh, June 2007

132.Schoenberg and His Legacy, New York, June 2007

133.From the Instrumental to the Imaginary Theatre: Aesthetic Changes in the Work of Mauricio Kagel, Siegen, June 2007

134.Spiritual New Music: Between Fall and Resurrection, Amsterdam, June 2007

135.¡Que Viva la Musica Popular!, International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Biennial Conference, Mexico City, June 2007

136.A Day in the Life – Sgt Pepper at 40, Leeds, June 2007

137.Music in Russia and Eastern Europe after the Thaw, Bristol, June 2007

138.Suppressed Music in Latin America, London, June 2007

139.Exploring Music in Wales, Bangor, Wales, June 2007

140.Youth Culture/s in Europe, Loughborough, UK, June 2007

141.Music and the Self, 2007 Echo Conference, Los Angeles, June 2007

142.Fifteen Years Later: Past and Present in Soviet/Post-Soviet Popular Music, IASPM Biennial Conference, Mexico City, June 2007

143.Clarinet and Woodwind Colloquium 2007, Edinburgh, June 2007

144.Feminist Theory & Music 9, Montreal, June 2007

145.Music and Evolutionary Thought, Durham, June 2007

146.Music and/as Right Action, Norwich, June 2007

147.Music and Health in America, Boulder, CO, June 2007

148.The ‘Languages’ of Electroacoustic Music, Fourth International Conference, Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (‘EMS07’), Leicester, UK, June 2007

149.AIS2 Intersections: Soundscapes and Music, Soundscapes and Identity, Regina, Saskatchewan, June 2007

150.Thirty-Sixth Annual Meeting, American Musical Instrument Society, New Haven, June 2007

151.Strauss Among the Scholars, Oxford, June/July 2007

152.Phenomenon of Singing, International Symposium VI, St John’s, Newfoundland, June/July 2007

153.Fragment: Cultural Histories and Vocabularies of the Fragment in Text and Image, c. 1300-2000, Aberystwyth, June/July 2007

154.Music in Australian Tertiary Institutions – Issues for the 21st Century, Brisbane, June/July 2007

155.Performance and Physical Memory: International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 2007

156.Open the Book, Open the Mind, Fifteenth Annual Conference, Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP), Minneapolis, July 2007

157.Sixth Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain Conference, Birmingham, July 2007

158.Ancient Drama in Modern Opera, 1600-1800, APGRD Conference, Oxford, July 2007

159.La musica e il sacro, XIV convegno internazionale sul barocco padano (secoli XVII-XVIII), Brescia, July 2007

160.Music, Cultural History and the Wesleys, Bristol, UK, July 2007

161.Fifth Biennial International Conference on Twentieth-Century Music, York, July 2007

162.“I Feel the Air of Another Planet”: Schoenberg’s Chamber Music, Schoenberg’s World, Ottawa, July 2007

163.Words and Notes in the Nineteenth Century, London, July 2007

164.International Council for Traditional Music, Thirty-Ninth World Conference, Vienna, July 2007

165.Accordion Culture, ICTM 2007, Vienna, July 2007

166.Ernest Bloch: The Man and his Music for the Twenty-First Century, Cambridge, July/August 2007

167.Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference 2007, Vienna, August 2007

168.Third Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology (CIM07), Tallinn, August 2007

169.Theorizing Southern African Music: Perspectives and Conjectures, Johannesburg, August 2007

170.Musics, Theories, Practices: Focus on South Africa, First Congress of the South African Society for Research in Music, Bloemfontein, August 2007

171.Music in the World of Islam, Assilah, Morocco, August 2007

172.Combined CHARM Conference and Royal Musical Association Annual Meeting: Musicology and Recordings, Egham, September 2007

173.The Voice of the People: The European Folk Revival, 1760-1914, Sheffield, UK, September 2007

174.Ivor Gurney: Poetry and Music, Cambridge, UK, September 2007

175.Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Child Prodigy of the Avantgarde or The Last Romantic?, Bern, September 2007

176.Sound, Music and the Moving Image, London, September 2007

177.Byzantine Musical Culture, American Society of Byzantine Music and Hymnology, Athens, September 2007

178.First International Conference on Minimalist Music, Bangor, Wales, September 2007

179.East-West Connections in Music since 1950, Kingston, UK, September 2007

180.Building an Archive for the Future, IASA-BAAC Conference, Riga, September 2007

181.Music, Justice and Gender, Syracuse, NY, September 2007

182.Sixth European Music Analysis Conference / VII. Jahreskongress der Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie, Freiburg, October 2007

183.Musik und Philosophie heute, Dresden, October 2007

184.Leeds International Music Technology Education Conference, October 2007

185.Musical Participation, SEMPRE One-Day Conference, Sheffield, UK, October 2007

186.Unlocking Audio: Sharing Experience of Mass Digitisation, London, October 2007

187.Symposium on Popular Dance and Music, Guildford, October 2007

188.Annual Meeting, Louisiana Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, New Orleans, October 2007

189.Poetics and Politics of Place in Music, Fortieth Baltic Musicological Conference, Vilnius, October 2007

190.Music and National Identity, Strasbourg, October 2007

191.“I Sing who I Am”: Identity, Ethnicity and Individuality in Chinese Music, European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (CHIME), Twelfth International Conference, Dublin, October 2007

192.Chinese Musical Influences in Contemporary Western Art Music, Bowling Green, OH, October 2007

193.Italian Musicological Society, Fourteenth Annual Conference, Pescara and Chieti, October 2007

194.Reconsidering the Arts in the German Democratic Republic, Carlisle, PA, October 2007

195.The Muwashshah: History, Origins and Present Practices, London, October 2007

196.Domenico Scarlatti in Spain (II): the Keyboard Sonata in Spain and Portugal during the Eighteenth Century, Eighth International Symposium on Spanish Keyboard Music “Diego Fernández”, Almería-Andalusia, October 2007

197.New Dimensions in Organ Conservation and Documentation, Rochester, NY, October 2007

198.Music in Inter-war France Study Day, Keele, November 2007

199.Ethnomusicology and the Culture Industries, London, November 2007

200.Gender and Musical Performance, Sheffield, UK, November 2007

201.American Musicological Society, Quebec City, Canada, November 2007

202.Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relations, American Musicological Society, Québec City, November 2007

203.In saeculum Amiens: Les manuscrits musicaux d’Amiens au Moyen-Age, Amiens, November 2007

204.Understanding Bach’s B-Minor Mass, Belfast, November 2007

205.French Music: Performance and Analysis, Laie, Hawaii, November 2007

206.Figures de l’Antiquité dans l’opéra français : des Troyens de Berlioz à Œdipe d’Enesco, Saint-Étienne, November 2007

207.New Music and the Musical Canon: A Symposium on Composition in the Twenty-First Century, Hong Kong, November 2007

208.John Coltrane (1926-1967): The Work and its Legacy, Tours, November 2007

209.Francesco Buti, Parma, Arezzo and Narni, November 2007

210.Society for Interdisciplinary French Seventeenth-Century Studies, Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference, New Haven, November 2007

211.Second International Conference on Sensing Technology, Palmerston North, New Zealand, November 2007

212.Rethinking Late Style: Art, Literature, Music, Film, London, November 2007

213.Trauma: Current Thinking and Practice in Music Therapy, Cambridge, November 2007

214.CIRAS 2007: Fourth International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Palmerston North, New Zealand, November 2007

215.Association for Technology in Music Instruction, Salt Lake City, November 2007

216.Analysing Popular Music in Context, Society for Music Analysis, Autumn Study Day, Liverpool, November 2007

217.Art & the Holocaust, Annual Conference, Pacific Ancient & Modern Language Association, Bellingham, WA, November 2007

218.Islands, Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Musicological Societies, Brisbane, Australia, November 2007

219.Music on the Edge, International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Australia/New Zealand Branch, Dunedin, November/December 2007

220.De-Canonizing Music History, International Symposium for Histories of Popular Music, Jazz, and Folk Music, Helsinki, November/December 2007

221.Preparing Students for the Post-Classical World: Challenges and Opportunities for Music Institutions, Greencastle, IN, November/December 2007

222.The Vision of Murray Adaskin (1906-2002): His Contributions to the Musical Scene of Canada and Beyond, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, November/December 2007

223.Elgar and Musical Modernism, London, December 2007

224.Percy Grainger at 125, Melbourne, December 2007

225.The Art of Record Production Conference 2007, Brisbane, Australia, December 2007

226.Inaugural International Conference on Music Communication Science, Sydney, Australia, December 2007

227.First Conference of the ICTM Study Group for Musics of East Asia (MEA), Shanghai, December 2007

228.Chopin in the 1840s: The Last Decade, Warsaw, December 2007

229.Lichtung: A One-Day Conference on the Music of Emmanuel Nunes, Leeds, December 2007

230.Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relations, Convention of the Modern Language Association, Chicago, December 2007