Past conferences 2008

Information about past conferences in 2008 is retained here.


1.Breaking into Song, Cambridge, January 2008

2.Society for SMI Postgraduate Students’ Conference, Dublin, January 2008

3.Mozart’s chamber music with piano, Manchester, January 2008

4.John Rich and the Eighteenth-Century London Stage: Commerce, Magic and Management, London, January 2008

5.Royal Musical Association Research Students’ Conference, Guildford, January 2008

6.18th Annual Pacific Northwest Music Graduate Students Conference, Seattle, January 2008

7.Nineteenth-Century American Orchestras, New York, January 2008

8.Performing the Temperaments, London, February 2008

9.Sound and the City: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Cambridge, February 2008

10.Hommage à Daniel-Lesur, Paris, February 2008

11.Soundscapes of India: Tradition, Transformation and Topography, London, February 2008

12.10th International Conference of the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, Maastricht, February 2008

13.Contemporary Music and Spirituality, London, February 2008

14.Conversations: Music Scholarship in Dialogue, Ann Arbor, February 2008

15.Society for American Music, Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, February/March 2008

16.International Orpheus Academy for Music & Theory 2008, Ghent, Belgium, March 2008

17.The Spanish Humour, Sheffield, March 2008

18.Tonality in Perspective , London, March 2008

19.Society for Eighteenth-Century Music/Haydn Society of North America, Joint Conference, Claremont, CA, February/March 2008

20.Singing Europe: Spectacle and Politics in the Eurovision Song Contest, Athens, Greece, February/March 2008

21.Prometheus’s Creatures and Creators: Sources and Migrations of a Myth in the Arts and Literature, Nancy, France, March 2008

22.Écrits de compositeurs 1850-2000, Montreal, March 2008

23.Music, Body, and Stage: The Iconography of Music Theater and Opera, New York, March 2008

24.Leeds International Jazz Conference, Leeds, March 2008

25.Germany’s Reception of the Broadway Musical, Dessau, Germany, March 2008

26.4th Annual Film & Music Conference, Bradford, March 2008

27.First International Conference of Messiaen Studies, Toowoomba, Australia, March/April 2008

28.Musical Modernism in Britain, Oxford, April 2008

29.The Impact of Nazism on Music in the Twentieth Century , London, April 2008

30.The Politics of Opera: The French Revolution and its Consequences, Oxford, April 2008

31.Music Theory Society of New York State (MTSNYS), 36th Annual Meeting, Ithaca, NY, April 2008

32.Benjamin Britten Study Day, Norwich, April 2008

33.West End Musical Theatre, 1880-1930, London, April 2008

34.In the Shadow of the Kunstwerk II, Vienna, April 2008

35.American Musical Theatre, New York, April 2008

36.Empirical Musicology (SEMPRE and IMR), London, April 2008

37.Memories of 1968: International Perspectives, Leeds, April 2008

38.Punk: Words, Music, Politics, Influence, Vancouver, BC, April 2008

39.(Auto)biography as Musical Discourse, Belgrade, April 2008

40.Leos Janácek: Creation within European Culture, Paris, April 2008

41.The Organ in England: Its Music, Technology, and Role through the Second Millennium, Oxford, April 2008

42.Cultures of Performance in Modern Austria, Annual International Symposium of the Modern Austrian Literature and Culture Association, Seattle, WA, April 2008

43.Principles of Music Composing: Musical Archetypes, Vilnius, April 2008

44.Farther Along: The Southern Gospel Convention-Singing Tradition, Murfreesboro, TN, April 2008

45.CHARM Symposium 5: Cultures of recording, Egham, April 2008

46.Brahms and Memory, Durham, New Hampshire, April 2008

47.Case Studies in Nineteenth-Century Performance, Leeds, April 2008

48.French Music, Aesthetics and Identity in the Process of Transformation, 1892-1992, Angers, France, April 2008

49.‘Listening’ Seminar, Orpheus Research Centre in Music, Ghent, May 2008

50.Bach and the Oratorio Tradition, Bethlehem, PA, May 2008

51.Postgraduate Study Day on Prokofiev, London, May 2008

52.TAGS Day for Music Postgraduates, Cambridge, May 2008

53.From Pastoral to Revolution, Second Rothenfels Dance Symposium, Rothenfels, Germany, May 2008

54.Musique et arts plastiques: La traduction d’un art par l’autre, Paris, May 2008

55.Society for Musicology in Ireland, Annual Conference, Waterford, May 2008

56.Midlands Musicology Forum 2008, Nottingham, May 2008

57.Beyond the Dance, Keele, May 2008

58.The Composer-Performer at the Keyboard, Leeds, June 2008

59.Peace of Music: the West-Eastern Divan, London, June 2008

60.Musique et chorégraphie en France de Léo Delibes à Florent Schmitt, Saint-Étienne, France, June 2008

61.Fifteenth Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, Dublin, June 2008

62.Messiaen 2008 International Centenary Conference, Birmingham, UK, June 2008

63.Southeast Asian Arts in Transnational Perspective, Liverpool, June 2008

64.Annual Music Graduate Exchange Conference for the East and South East of England, Oxford, June 2008

65.Re-Thinking Music in Art: New Directions in Music Iconograph, Otago, New Zealand, June 2008

66.IMHSD Conference: Dance, Timing and Musical Gesture International, Edinburgh, June 2008

67.On Musical Material , London, July 2008

68.English Cathedral Music: The Long Nineteenth Century to the Present, Durham, July 2008

69.Early Music Editing: Principles, Techniques, and Future Directions, Utrecht, July 2008

70.Music Sources in Private and Civic Contexts (c. 1480-1550), Bruges, July 2008

71.Carl Dahlhaus and Musicology: his Writings, his Effect, his Timeliness, Berlin, July 2008

72.Music and Sound Technology Practice in Education Conference, Doncaster, July 2008

73.Royal Musical Association, Annual Conference, Aberdeen, July 2008

74.Performing Romantic Music: Theory and Practice, Durham, July 2008

75.Vauxhall Revisited: Pleasure Gardens and their Publics, 1660-1880, London, July 2008

76.2nd International Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts and Humanities, Baden-Baden, July 2008

77.Thirteenth Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Leeds, July 2008

78.International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres (IAML), Annual Conference, Naples, July 2008

79.Musical Structure, Fourth Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology (CIM 2008), Thessaloniki, July 2008

80.Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference 2008, Bangor, Wales, July 2008

81.Music after Fascism: Cultural Rebuilding in Post-War Europe, York, July 2008

82.North American British Music Studies Association (NABMSA) third biennial conference, Toronto, July-August 2008

83.Early Modern Medievalisms: The Interplay between Scholarly Reflection and Artistic Production, Leiden, August 2008

84.International Computer Music Conference, Belfast, August 2008

85.Crossing Over, North Atlantic Fiddle Convention 2008, St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, August 2008

86.Music and the Hanseatic League, Antwerp, August 2008

87.Cultivating Britons: Culture and Identity in Britain, 1901 to 1936, Oxford, September 2008

88.Music and the Idea of the North, Leeds, September 2008

89.Opera, Exoticism and Visual Culture: The Fin de Siècle and Its Legacy, London, September 2008

90.Worship, Liturgy and Music in Early Modern England, Durham, September 2008

91.Music and the Melodramatic Aesthetic, Nottingham, September 2008

92.Concepts of Creativity in Seventeenth-Century England, Manchester, September 2008

93.The Georgian Playhouse and its Continental Counterparts 1750-1850, Richmond, Yorkshire, September 2008

94.CarMAC (Cardiff University Music Analysis Conference), Cardiff, September 2008

95.Musical Development and Learning, Second European Conference on Developmental Psychology of Music, London, September 2008

96.“Formulate with the Greatest Care”: Adorno and Performance, Manchester, UK, September 2008

97.Metals in Musical Instruments, Oxford, September 2008

98.Opera Indigene: Critical Perspectives on Re/presenting First Nations and Indigenous Cultures, London, September 2008

99.Music and Health: Current Developments in Research and Practice, Canterbury, September 2008

100.Early Music: Context and Ideas II, Kraków, September 2008

101.Russia Abroad: Music and Russian Orthodoxy, Moscow, September 2008

102.Minimalism, Post-Opera, and Performance, London, September 2008

103.Luciano Berio New Perspectives, Siena, October 2008

104.Music Criticism in Italy in the first first half of the 20th-Century

105., Parma, October 2008

106.Music on stage, Sidcup, Kent, October 2008

107.BÖSE. MACHT. MUSIK. – Evil in Music, Oldenburg, Germany, October 2008

108.The Arts and Community, Langley, British Columbia, Canada, October 2008

109.Russia’s Musical Revolutionaries, Oxford, October 2008

110.Music in Purcell’s London: Only Purcell e’re shall equal Blow, London, October 2008

111.The 9th International Symposium on Spanish Keyboard Music ‘Diego Fernández‘, Mojácar-Garrucha, Spain, October 2008

112.The Viennese Café as an Urban Site of Cultural Exchange, London, October 2008

113.Fifteenth Annual Conference of the Italian Musicological Society, Bergamo, October 2008

114.Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual, Heidelberg, September/October 2008

115.Organs in Art / Organs as Art, New York, October 2008

116.Music Theory and Interdisciplinarity, Graz, October 2008

117.Crosscurrents: American and European Music in Interaction, 1900-2000, Cambridge, MA, October/November 2008

118.1st International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology, Graz, November 2008

119.The Bologna process in European musicology – experiences and new perspectives, Saarbrücken, November 2008

120.Let Beauty Awake

121., London, November 2008

122.New Jazz Histories: a one day symposium, Salford, November 2008

123.New Zealand Musicological Society Annual Conference 2008, Hamilton, New Zealand, November 2008

124.Ethel Smyth (1858-1944) and her generation, Oxford, November 2008

125.Fourth Annual Art of Record Production Conference 2008, Lowell, MA, November 2008

126.Mozart & Science 2008, Austria, November 2008

127.Music, Health, and Happiness, Manchester, November 2008

128.Beckett and Music Symposium, Brighton, November 2008

129.Analysing the Musically Sensuous, Liverpool, November 2008

130.‘The Sounds of Stonehenge‘, Bristol, November 2008

131.Common Heritage of the Western Balkans Interwar Music, Belgrade, December 2008

132.International Bach-Symposium, Leuven, December 2008