Past conferences 2010

Information about past conferences in 2010 is retained here.

1.Sergei Prokofiev and War and Peace, Glasgow, January 2010
2.Shifting Ground: A study day in Popular Music and Publishing, Oxford, January 2010
3.Celebrazioni Nazionali per il Terzo Centenario della Nascita di Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Naples, January 2010
4.III International Congress CHOPIN 1810-2010: Ideas, Interpretations, Influence, Warsaw, February 2010
5.Modern Times: Connecting Composers, Cambridge, February 2010
6.Music, Identity and Social Interaction Conference, Manchester, February 2010
7.The Advent Project Ten Years On: Early Medieval Chant and Ritual in Rome, Dublin, February 2010
8.The Music of Music Therapy, Cambridge, February 2010
9.Ensemble: Making Music Together, Limerick, Ireland, February 2010
10.Comment Analyser L’improvisation?, Paris, February 2010
11.Music and Philosophy, London, February 2010
12.First International Conference On Analytical Approaches To World Music, Amerherst, MA, USA, February 2010
13.Music, Identity And Social Interaction, Manchester, February 2010
14.Music, Literature, Illustration: Collaboration and networks in English manuscript culture, 1500–1700, Chawton House Library, Hampshire, February 2010
15.N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov and his heritage in historical perspective, St Petersburg, Russia, March 2010
16.The Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, Eighteenth Annual Conference, Houston, Texas, March 2010
17.‘Off the Staves’: Postgraduate Conference on Music Notation, Bangor, March 2010
18.Correspondances: exchanges and tensions between art, theatre and opera in France, c.1750-1850, London, March 2010
19.The Ballets Russes and Beyond: Music, Modernity and Collaboration, Melbourne, Australia, March 2010
20.Leeds International Jazz Conference 2010: Improvisation – Jazz in The Creative Moment, Leeds, March 2010
21.Musicology in the 3rd Millennium, Seinäjoki, Finland, March 2010
22.After The Magic Flute, Berkeley, California, USA, March 2010
23.12th International Conference Of The Dutch-flemish Society For Music Theory, Amsterdam, March 2010
24.Correspondances: Exchanges and Tensions between Art, Theatre and Opera in France, c.1750-1850, London, March 2010
25.Arvo Pärt and Contemporary Spirituality, Boston, March 2010
26.International Orpheus Academy For Music And Theory 2010 “Ohne Worte, Vocality And Instrumentality In The Era Of Schumann And Chopin”, March–April 2010
27.Seventeenth century ballet: a multi-art spectacle, London, April 2010
28.Bodies/Music Conference, Cork, Ireland, April 2010
29.Musicians & Monuments: Tracing Composers’ Memorial Iconography Through the Ages, Vienna, April 2010
30.The British Organ In The Twentieth Century And Beyond, Oxford, April 2010
31.Women in Music in Ireland Conference, Maynooth, Ireland, April 2010
32.Musicology in the Digital Age, London, April 2010
33.Musica Scotica 2010, TBC, April 2010
34.Between Nostalgia, Utopia, and Realities, Belgrade, April 2010
35.Music, Indigeneity & Digital Media Symposium, Egham, April 2010
36.20th-century Music and Politics, Bristol, April 2010
37.Czech and Slovak Music and Related Arts, Allendale, Michigan, April 2010
38.Seminar On Sound And Score, Ghent, Belgium, April 2010
39.Women in Music in Ireland Conference, Maynooth, Ireland, April 2010
40.Beyond Opera: Staging Theatricality, Stony Brook, NY, and New Haven, CT, USA
41.International Conference: Hanns Eisler, London, April 2010
42.Ottoman Empire and European Theatre, Vienna and Istanbul, April–May 2010
43.SMA TAGS weekend for Music Postgraduates, Bangor, April–May 2010
44.The Musicological Society of Japan International Forum for Young Musicologists 2010, Tokyo, May 2010
45.From Helmholtz To Hard Drives: Music’s Material Legacy And Digital Future, Cambridge, May 2010
46.Roberto Gerhard (1896-1970), Huddersfield, May 2010
47.La Monte Young’s ‘Compositions 1960’, Huddersfield, May 2010
48.Close to the Edge Conference Bridges between Contemporary Music and Popular Music, Chester, May 2010
49.Forum for Innovation in Music Production and Composition (FIMPaC), Leeds, May 2010
50.The Choir — Artistic, Pedagogical and Scholarly Perspectives, Helsinki, May 2010
51.Eighth annual conference of the Society for Musicology in Ireland/Aontas Ceoleolaíochta na hÉireann, Derry/Londonderry, May 2010
52.First International Clare Fischer Symposium, May 2010, Graz, Austria
53.Music and its Referential Systems, Ljubljana, May 2010
54.Performativity, Poetry & Creation: Investigating the Creative Space of Live Art Song Performance, London, May 2010
55.Heinrich Isaac and His World, Bloomington, Indiana, May 2010
56.Concert Theatre Symposium, London, May 2010
57.Music and Numbers, Canterbury, May 2010
58.Music And The Moving Image V, New York, May 2010
59.European Sacred Music, 1550–1800: New Approaches, Fribourg, Switzerland, June 2010
60.1st Annual International Conference on Fine Arts, Athens, Greece, June 2010
61.RMA Music Iconography Study Group, London, June 2010
62.English Country Dancing: Rooted In The Past, Dancing Into The Future, Toronto, Canada, June 2010
63.Study Group for Russian and Eastern European Music, Annual Conference 2010, Oxford, June 2010
64.Current Trends in Ethnomusicological Research – The 2nd International Workshop in Hanover/Hildesheim, Hanover, June 2010
65.Music and Media, Berlin, June 2010
66.Sights & Sounds: Interrogating the Music Documentary, Salford, June 2010
67.Popular Music Fandom: A One Day Symposium, Chester, June 2010
68.‘O Vision Entrancing’: a British Opera Study-Day, Bristol, June 2010
69.‘Every discrete person that redeth or hereth this…’: readers, listeners and owners of books in the Middle Ages, Bangor, June 2010
70.Music for Stringed Instruments: Music Archives and the Materials of Musicological Research in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries, Cardiff, June 2010
71.Benjamin Britten in Context, Liverpool, June 2010
72.14th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music, Belfast, July 2010
73.Echoes of Empires: Musical Encounters after Hegemony, Stellenbosch, South Africa, July 2010
74.The 6th symposium of the ICTM Study Group & The 2nd symposium of the ICTM Study Group, Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2010
75.16th Biennial Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, Southampton, July 2010
76.L’activité de composition musicale : des esquisses aux traces indirectes, Paris, July 2010
77.Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, London, July 2010
78.Beyond Notes: Improvisation In Western Music In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries, La Spezia, Italy, July 2010
79.Worlds to Conquer: the travelling virtuoso in the long 19th century, Bristol, July 2010
80.The Symphony Orchestra as Cultural Phenomenon, London, July 2010
81.Beyond the centres: Musical avant gardes since 1950, Thessaloniki, July 2010
82.CIM10 Nature versus Culture, Sheffield, July 2010
83.RMA Annual Conference, London, July 2010
84.Fourth Biennial Conference, North American British Music Studies Association (NABMSA), Des Moines, Iowa, August 2010
85.The Jazz Chameleon: The 9th Nordic Jazz Conference, Helsinki, August 2010
86.Bridging Musicology and Composition: The Global Significance of Bartók’s Method A Symposium and Festival, Cambridge, August 2010
87.International Symposium on Music/Sonic Art, Baden-Baden, Germany, August 2010
88.Jacques Buus Symposium, Antelope, CA, USA, August 2010
89.Study Group for Musics of East Asia (MEA), Korea, August 2010
90.Third International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus10), Cambridge, September 2010
91.ORCiM Research Festival ‘Unexpected Variations’, Ghent, Belgium, September 2010
92.From Stage To Screen: Musical Films In Europe And United States (1927-1961), Arezzo, Italy, September 2010
93.Arvo Pärt: Soundtrack of an Age, London, September 2010
94.National Graduate Conference for Ethnomusicology, London, September 2010
95.ORPHEUS RESEARCH CENTRE IN MUSIC [ORCiM] RESEARCH FESTIVAL 2010– showcase of research in-and-through musical practice, Ghent, Belgium, September 2010
96.Conference on British Music, Victoria, Australia, September 2010
97.Fifth International Jean Sibelius Conference, Oxford, September 2010
98.The Embodiment of Authority: Perspectives on Performances, Helsinki, September 2010
99.Researching Music, Technology & Education, Scarborough, September 2010
100.‘Re-examining the Transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque’: A Forum for Student-Led Research, Oxford, September 2010
101.Music Analysis Summer School, Durham, September 2010
102.Doing Ethnomusicology: Implications and Applications, London, September 2010
103.Song Stage Screen V: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Voice in Music, Theatre and Film, Winchester, September 2010
104.Second Biannual Forum for Interdisciplinary Dialogue: ‘Icons and Iconoclasm’, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, September 2010
105.10th International Symposium on Spanish Keyboard Music “Diego Fernández”, Almería, Spain, October 2010
106.Schumann Bicentennial Festival-Conference, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA, October 2010
107.Music on Stage, Sidcup, October 2010
108.Arts and Genesis, Langley, British Columbia, Canada, October 2010
109.42nd Baltic Musicology Conference: Music and Identities: The Baltic Sea Region in the 21st Century, and New Approaches to Music Analysis, Riga, Latvia, October 2010
110.International Symposium — Jorge Peixinho Mémoires… Miroirs, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2010
111.Tonality 1900–1950: Concept and Practice, Durham, NC, October 2010
112.Seventeenth Annual Conference Of SIDM, Pisa, Italy, October 2010
113.Silent Film and Live Performance: a workshop, Egham, October 2010
114.Faszinosum ‘Klang’ – Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven, Vienna, October 2010
115.The Organ in Canada: Visioning 2020, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, October 2010
116.200 Years Of Music In Latin America And The Caribbean (1810-2010), Mexico City, October 2010
117.XVII Convegno Annuale Della SIDM/Seventeenth Annual Conference Of SIDM, Pisa, Italy, October 2010
118.10th International Music Theory Conference Principles Of Music Composing: Sacral Music, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2010
119.The British Museum Citole: New Perspectives, London, November 2010
120.Luigi Nono’s stage conceptions, poets & architects, Lisbon, November 2010
121.Con la mente e con le mani: Teaching and Learning the Art of Coutnerpoint on the Keyboard (1581-1671), Smarano and Trento, Italy, November 2010
122.Jazz and Race, Past and Present, Milton Keynes, November 2010
123.G.W.l. Marshall-Hall: A Symposium, Melbourne, Australia, November 2010
124.Opera and Nation, Budapest and Gyula, Hungary, November 2010
125.The Piano Trio: History, Technique, Performance, London, November 2010
126.The Appropriation of Musical Repertories in Central Europe ca. 1420–1450, Vienna, November 2010
127.What can science tell us about musical meaning?, London, November 2010
128.‘Non-nationalist’ Russian Opera: International Symposium, Leeds, November 2010
129.Rare Records and Raucous Nights: Investigating Northern Soul, Salford, November 2010
130.The British Museum Citole: New Perspectives, London, November 2010
131.Werk, Werkstatt, Handwerk – Neue Zugänge zum Material der Alten Musik, Basel, Switzerland, November 2010
132.Chopin And Liszt: Two Composers And Their Relation To The Parisian Musical Scene, Lucca, Italy, December 2010
133.The Impact Of Ethnomusicology, London, December 2010
134.International ORCiM Seminar 2010: “Sound And Score”, Ghent, Belgium, December 2010
135.Music, Film, Narrativity, Hull, December 2010
136.Musicological Society of Australia and New Zealand Musicological Society Annual Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, December 2010
137.The Return Of The Monument: Current Retrospective Tendencies In Musicology, Vienna, December 2010
138.Enchanting Modernity: Theosophy and the Arts in the Making of Early Twentieth-Century Culture, Liverpool, December 2010