Past conferences 2011

Information on past conferences in 2011:

  1. Jewish Music and Germany after the Holocaust, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA, February 2011
  2. Brian Ferneyhough: a symposium, London, February 2011
  3. A Celebration Of The Music Of Malcolm Arnold, Cambridge, February 2011
  4. Networks of Keyboard Music c. 1600, focusing on Jan Sweelinck and Peter Philips, Montreal, February 2011
  5. Dance and Music: Moving Dialogues, McGill, Canada, March 2011
  6. Techno-soundings: Acousmatic Methodologies of the Ear, Hong Kong, March 2011
  7. Musical, Cultural and Religious Networks in Early Modern Europe: in Celebration of Peter Philips’s 450th Anniversary, Aberdeen, March 2011
  8. Developing the Musician, Reading, March 2011
  9. CLIEC 2011 – Concordia Live and Interactive Electroacoustic Colloquium, Montreal, March 2011
  10. Art Musics of Israel: Identities, Ideologies, Influences, London, March–April 2011
  11. Iannis Xenakis International Conference London 2011, London, April 2011
  12. Royal Musical Association Colloquium: The Piano in Contemporary Music, Liverpool, April 2011
  13. The Improvised Space: Techniques, Traditions and Technologies, Kingston,April 2011
  14. The Sounds of Early Cinema in Britain: Performance, Realisation and Reception, London, April 2011
  15. Music, Gender, and Globalization, Ithaca, NY, USA, April 2011
  16. Leeds International Jazz Conference 2011:  Time Captured – Jazz composition, composing and composers, Leeds, April 2011
  17. BFE Annual Conference 2011, Falmouth, April 2011
  18. London-New York: Exchanges and Cross-Cultural Influences in the Arts and Literature, Nancy, France, April 2011
  19. Negotiating ‘the West’ Music(ologic)ally, Utrecht, The Netherlands, April 2011
  20. RMA Colloquium: The Piano in Contemporary Music, Liverpool, April 2011
  21. Shifting Ground: A Symposium on Music and Publishing, Oxford, April 2011
  22. Aspects Of Artistic Experimentation In Early Music, Ghent, Belgium, April 2011
  23. SMA Theory and Analysis Graduate Students Conference, London, April 2011
  24. International ORCiM Seminar 2011, Ghent, Belgium, April 2011
  25. International Conference on Music Theory and Analysis, Belgrade, Serbia, May 2011
  26. The making of the opera “Library” at University of Évora, Évora, Portugal, May 2011
  27. Latin American Music Seminar, London, May 2011
  28. Digital opera: new means and new meanings, York, May 2011
  29. Music as Tension, Music as Release, Boston, May 2011
  30. Orpheus Doctoral Conference: ‘Instrument And Music: The Play Between Material And Message’, Ghent, Belgium, May 2011
  31. 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, IL, USA, May 2011
  32. Forum for Innovation in Music Production and Composition (FIMPaC), Leeds, May 2011
  33. Music in Middle Eastern Cinema Conference, London, May 2011
  34. PERFORMA’11, a conference on performance studies, Aveiro, Portugal, May 2011
  35. Music Linked Data, London, May 2011
  36. Interconnections The Science, Art And Practice Of Music, Bangor, May 2011
  37. Audio Engineering Society 130th Convention, London, May 2011
  38. Music and Nature, Reykjavík, May 2011
  39. Music And The Moving Image VI, New York, May 2011
  40. Baltic Musics and Musicologies, Canterbury, May 2011
  41. La folie du temps : musique, littérature et arts, Caen, France, May 2011
  42. Crossroads: Greece as an intercultural pole of musical thought and creativity, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 2011
  43. 9th Annual SMI Conference, Dublin, June 2011
  44. 2nd Annual International Conference on Fine and Performing Arts, Athens, June 2011
  45. Fifth Annual Conference of the South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM), Grahamstown, South Africa, June 2011
  46. Capturing Process? Practice Research in the Arts, London, June 2011
  47. Music and Media (MaM), Lisbon, Portugal, June 2011
  48. Fourth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, “Unity and Variety in Orthodox Music: Theory and Practice”, Joensuu, Finland, June 2011
  49. Time, Realism and Convention in Recent Opera, Brighton, June 2011
  50. Performing Musicology, London, June 2011
  51. Music and Liturgical Reform,1611 – present, Valencia, Spain, June–July 2011
  52. troja 2011: Rekrutierung musikalischer Eliten – Knabengesang im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert, Münster, Germany, June–July 2011
  53. Mahler Centenary Conference, Guildford, July 2011
  54. The Diva: An interdisciplinary Conference, Liverpool, July 2011
  55. 1st International Conference on Historical Keyboard Music: Sources, Contexts, and Performance, Edinburgh, July 2011
  56. International Conference on Music in Russia and the Soviet Union: Reappraisal and Rediscovery, Durham, July 2011
  57. 13th International Conference of the Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale (RIdIM) & 1st Brazilian Conference on Music Iconography, Salvador, Brazil, July 2011
  58. Performance Studies Network, CMPCP, Cambridge, July 2011
  59. Music and Philosophy, London, July 2011
  60. Eighth Biennial Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain Conference, Belfast, July 2011
  61. Performing Arts in Contemporary Asia: Tradition and Travel, Egham, July 2011
  62. Enhancing music iconography research: considering the current, setting new trends, Salvador, Brazil, July 2011
  63. RMA Annual Conference 2011 – ‘Horizons’, Brighton, July 2011
  64. North American Conference on 19th-Century Music, Richmond, VA, USA, July 2011
  65. Lancaster University Music Analysis Conference (LancMAC), Lancaster, July 2011
  66. Orchestral Conducting In The Nineteenth Century, La Spezia, Italy, July 2011
  67. Revisiting the Past, Recasting the Present: The Reception of Greek Antiquity in Music, 19th Century to the Present, Athens, Greece, July 2011
  68. Historic Brass Society conference, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, August 2011
  69. Fifth J. S. Bach Dialogue Meeting, Edinburgh, August 2011
  70. The musical legacy of Karlheinz Stockhausen: Looking back and forward, Köthen, Germany, August 2011
  71. Second International Symposium on Music and Sonic Art: Practices and Theories – MuSA 2011, Baden-Baden, Germany, August 2011
  72. Symposium: W. B. YEATS AND THE ARTS, Galyway, Ireland, August 2011
  73. The Anatomy of Listening, Glasgow, August–September 2011
  74. Franz Liszt: Mirror Of A European Society In Evolution, Rennes, Dijon, and Strasbourg, France, September 2011
  75. Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875–1911): His Time and Our Time, Vilnius, September 2011
  76. Music in Divided Germany, Berkeley, CA, USA, September 2011
  77. Sites of Memory, Anamnesis, and Representation of Identiti (SMARI 2011), Paris, September 2011
  78. Rhythm Changes: Jazz and National Identities, Amsterdam, September 2011
  79. The Soundtrack Of Conflict: The Role Of Music In Radio Broadcasting In Wartime And In Conflict Situations, Göttingen, Germany, September 2011
  80. Second Biennial Euro-Mediterranean Music Conference, Nicosia, Cyprus, September 2011
  81. ‘Striking a Chord’ Music, Health and Wellbeing: Current Developments in Research and Practice, Folkestone, September 2011
  82. Marginal figures of twentieth-century music, Petrozavodsk, Russia, September 2011
  83. La produzione giovanile di Riccardo Zandonai fra tradizione e modernità, Trentino, Italy, September 2011
  84. Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives, Cuddesdon, September 2011
  85. VIVA V.E.R.D.I.: Music from Risorgimento to the Unification of Italy, Pistoia, Italy, September 2011
  86. The Open University Literature and Music Research Group: Don Juan: Interdisciplinary Symposium, London, September 2011
  87. II International Meeting of Music Theory and Analysis USP/UNESP/UNICAMP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 2011
  88. Beyond Press Cuttings: New Approaches to Reception in Opera Studies, Oxford, September 2011
  89. F.Liszt: Mirror of European Society in Evolution, Rennes, Dijon, and Strasbourg, September 2011
  90. Film Music Conference: Celebrating the Centennials of Bernard Herrmann & Nino Rota, Leeds, September 2011
  91. Word Event: a verbal notation symposium, Bath, September 2011
  92. UFMG Early Music Week III: On the Eloquent Mysterium, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, September 2011
  93. The Home of Metal: Heavy Metal and Place, Wolverhampton, September 2011
  94. RMA AGM and Dent Medal Study Day (In honour of Martin Stokes), London, September 2011
  95. Tracking the Creative Process in Music, Lille, France, September–October 2011
  96. The European Sound In The Era Of Liszt: the Musical Tour In The Nineteenth Century, Briosco, Italy, September–October 2011
  97. Transformations Of Musical Modernism, Paris, October 2011
  98. Tomas Luis de Victoria Symposium, London, October 2011
  99. BASEES Study Group for Russian and Eastern European Music Annual Conference 2011, Oxford, October 2011
  100. Digital Pop and the Death of the Musical Artefact, London, October 2011
  101. VII European Music Analysis conference, Rome, October 2011
  102. David Perez and the music of his epoch, Aveiro, Portugal, October 2011
  103. Cultural Counterpoints: Examining the Musical Interactions between the US and Latin America, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, October 2011
  104. ORCiM RESEARCH FESTIVAL 2011: X-PERIMENT – an international dialogue on Artistic Experimentation in Music, Ghent, Belgium, October 2011
  105. The Music Of Nature: Sound Imitation In Ritual And Art, St Petersburg, October 2011
  106. Listening Spaces: Art Music and its Audiences in the Concert Hall and Beyond, c.1850-1945, London, October 2011
  107. David Perez and his epoch, Aveiro, Portugal, October 2011
  108. Boulez in Portrait, London, October 2011
  109. In Diaghilev’s circle: Impresario in dialogue with composers, St Petersburg, October 2011
  110. BASEES Study Group for Russian and Eastern European Music – Music Theory and Criticism, Oxford, October 2011
  111. Thanatos as Muse? Schubert and Concepts of Late Style, Maynooth, Ireland, October 2011
  112. SysMus11: Fourth International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology, Cologne, October 2011
  113. Third International Conference on Music and Minimalism, Leuven, Belgium, October 2011
  114. Tango: Creation, Identification, Circulation, Paris, October 2011
  115. Principles Of Music Composing: National Romanticism and Contemporary Music, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2011
  116. Music and Gesture : 2nd Musical Itineraries Forum, Lisbon, October 2011
  117. Tomas Luis de Victoria Symposium, London, October 2011
  118. Liszt and the Arts, Budapest, Hungary, November 2011
  119. Music and Transcendence, Cambridge, November 2011
  120. Domestic Music in Recusant Circles in Elizabethan and Jacobean Times, Cambridge, November 2011
  121. Caribbean and Latin American Music Study Day, Huddersfield, November 2011
  122. The Future of Arts Research, London, November 2011
  123. Caribbean and Latin American Music Study Day, Huddersfield, November 2011
  124. 1st international conference ‘Music and Technologies’, Kaunas, Lithuania, November 2011
  125. Russian Emigré Culture: Conservatism or Evolution?, Saarbrücken, Germany, November 2011
  126. Performance, Creativity, Collaboration, Wellington, New Zealand, November 2011
  127. Feiern – Singen – Schunkeln. Karnevalsaufführungen vom Mittelalter bis heute, Cologne, November 2011
  128. The Gothic Revolution: Music in Western Europe, 1100–1300, Princeton, November 2011
  129. 2nd International Conference: Luigi Boccherini and the Music of his Time, Madrid, November 2011
  130. Time, Space, Intentionality – On Emmanuel Nunes’s 70th Anniversary, Lisbon, November 2011
  131. Iannis Xenakis – in Memoriam International Conference, Nicosia, Cyprus, November 2011
  132. Encontro Nacional De Investigação Em Música / National Conference Of Music Research, Porto, Portugal, November 2011
  133. Constructing Historiography of Music: The Formation of musicological Knowledge, Göttingen, Germany, November 2011
  134. Brahms in the Home, London, November 2011
  135. Performing sound and sentiment, self and society, Bergen, Norway, November–December 2011
  136. ‘Power Of Music’: The 34th National Conference Of The Musicological Society Of Australia And The 2nd International Conference On Music And Emotion, Perth, Australia, November–December 2011
  137. “Perfect Harmony” and “melting strains”.  Music in Early Modern Culture between Sensibility and Abstraction, Berlin, December 2011
  138. CARDEW 2011: A Conference to Celebrate Cornelius Cardew (1936–1981), London, December 2011
  139. First International Conference: Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805), Lucca, Italy, December 2011
  140. Women and the 19th-Century Lied, Mynooth, Ireland, December 2011
  141. Radical Music History Symposium, Helsinki, December 2011
  142. DREAM Symposium: Technology and Musical Thought, London, December 2011