Past conferences 2013

Information on past conferences in 2013:

  1. RMA Research Students’ Conference 2013, Southampton, January 2013
  2. 6th Annual Society for Musicology in Ireland Postgraduate Students’ Conference, Dublin, January 2013
  3. The National Element in Music, Athens, January 2013
  4. 3rd International Meeting for Chamber Music, Évora, Portugal, January 2013
  5. Beyond Notation: An Earle Brown Symposium, Boston, USA, January 2013
  6. Poetry, Music, Drama: the creation of contemporary opera, London, January 2013
  7. Composition, review, and peers: An interrogation of criticism and evaluation at the intersection of composition and academic practices, Kingston, January 2013
  8. Expressions of Britishness – Music and the Arts in the Twentieth Century, London, January 2013
  9. Wagner and Adaptation: an International Symposium, Toronto, January–February 2013
  10. Forum on Music and Christian Scholarship, New Haven, CT, USA, February 2013
  11. Jewish Music Conference, Haifa, Israel, February 2013
  12. Music from Japan, London, February 2013
  13. ORCiM Seminar 2013: The (Re)Sounding Experiment, Ghent, Belgium, February 2013
  14. Leeds International Jazz Education Conference and Music Festival, Leeds, February–March 2013
  15. Music in Detention: Research Perspectives, Göttingen, Germany, March 2013
  16. 2013 McGill Music Graduate Symposium, Montreal, March 2013
  17. Britten 100 Symposium at UEA, Norwich, March 2013
  18. Music and Diplomacy, Cambridge, MA, USA, March 2013
  19. Conference on Frank Bridge, Bristol, March 2013
  20. Orthodoxy, Music, Politics and Art in Contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe, London, March 2013
  21. Western Classical Music Pedagogy:  Music theory, Analysis and Techniques of Composition, London, March 2013
  22. Fifth International Schenker Symposium, New York, March 2013
  23. The small economies of the ‘new’ music industry, Bristol, March 2013
  24. CMPCP Performance Studies Network Conference, Cambridge, April 2013
  25. Musica Scotica – Eighth Annual Conference, Edinburgh, April 2013
  26. Institute of Musical Research: Popular Music Research Training day, London, April 2013
  27. South African Jazz Cultures: Indaba / discussion day, York, April 2013
  28. The Digital Score, London, April 2013
  29. The Gruuthuse Manuscript – Literature, music and devotion around 1400, Bruges, April 2013
  30. Thinking and singing conference, London, April 2013
  31. 4th International Musicological Student Conference-Competition, Tbilisi, Georgia, April 2013
  32. SMA Theory and Analysis Graduate Symposium (TAGS), Keele, April 2013
  33. What is Performance Philosophy? Staging a new field, Guildford, April 2013
  34. Shifting Positions: Writing Materialities of Sound, Toronto, April 2013
  35. ‘Time Stands Still: Notation in Musical Practice’, Festival-Conference, Middletown, CT, USA, April 2013
  36. Rethinking Jazz Cultures, Salford, April 2013
  37. IDAF 2013 – Symbiosis, Kingston, April 2013
  38. Ludomusicology Conference 2013, Liverpool April 2013
  39. Church Music: Sound Ministry?, Canterbury, April 2013
  40. The Symphony and Ireland: A Symposium, Dublin, April 2013
  41. Between Madness and Method: the research dimension in creativity and the creative dimension in research, Lyon, April 2013
  42. Creative teaching for creative learning in higher academic music education, York, May 2013
  43. Symposium on Electronic and Computer Music, EMSAR 2013, Cambridge, May 2013
  44. British Contemporary Classical Music since 2000s, London, May 2013
  45. Celebrating John Dowland’s 450th Anniversary, Cambridge, May 2013
  46. Création lyrique et scénique en France 1920-1968, Paris, May 2013
  47. The Music Encoding Conference 2013: Concepts, Methods, Editions, Mainz, Germany, May, 2013
  48. Richard Wagner’s Impact on His World and Ours, Leeds, May–June 2013
  49. “The medium is message” Sound – Image – Gesture: An Illusory Interaction?, Chateau de Plaisir, France, May 2013
  50. Musicology at Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI, USA, May 2013
  51. York Spring Festival of New Music: Music, Technology and Imagination, York, May 2013
  52. The Music of Simon Holt, London, May 2013
  53. Fourth International Symposium on Music/Sonic Art: Practices and Theories, Karlsruhe, May 2013
  54. ‘The universal language of mankind’: Music and the Myth of Intelligibility, Oxford, May 2013
  55. RIdIM Conference 2013, Istanbul, June 2013
  56. Temporality in Performance and Performing Arts, Grožnjan, Croatia, June 2013
  57. New Elizabethans 1953-2013: Nation, Culture, and Modern Identity, June 2013
  58. Creative Arts and Creative Industries: Collaboration in Practice, Manchester, June 2013
  59. No Sir, I Won’t: Reconsidering the Legacy of Crass and Anarcho-punk, Oxford, June 2013
  60. Perspectives on the Reception of the work of Roberto Gerhard, Madrid, June 2013
  61. Musical Manuscripts and their Legacies: A Symposium in Honour of Jane Morlet Hardie, Sydney, June 2013
  62. 2013 Annual Conference of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, Maynooth, June 2013
  63. Studying the ‘Tonal’ Avant-Garde: Methodologies of Twentieth-Century Music, 1900-1960 RMA Postgraduate Study Day, Keele, June 2013
  64. Wagner’s Reception in Western Culture, Madrid, June 2013
  65. Music and/as Process Symposium, Huddersfield, June 2013
  66. PERFORMA, a conference on performance studies, Porto Alegre, Brazil, May–June 2013
  67. The Practices Of Comedy, Lisbon, June 2013
  68. Instrumental Music in the Iberian World 1760-1820, Lisbon, June 2013
  69. Roots of American Musical Life, Williamsburg, VA, USA, June 2013
  70. International Conference Sacralization of the Profane and Profanation of the Sacred Music as a Means and an Object, Ljubljana, June 2013
  71. EMS13: Electroacoustic Music in the Context of Interactive approaches and network, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2013
  72. 3rd International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis, Amsterdam, June 2013
  73. Vancouver International Song Institute, 4th Annual Song Scholarship and Performance Program, Vancouver, June 2013
  74. Rethinking Poulenc: 50 Years On, Keele, June 2013
  75. Ninth Biennial International Conference on Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Cardiff, June 2012
  76. With Four Hands: Music for Two Pianists, London, June 2013
  77. RMA study day – 20th Century British Poets in Music, Hull, June 2013
  78. Translating Music: Launch event, Mapping Music, London, June 2013
  79. Mastering the Mix: A Student-led Symposium on Interdisciplinarity in Musicology and Compositional Practice, Oxford, June 2013
  80. Benjamin Britten on Stage and Screen, Nottingham, July 2013
  81. Med&Ren Music Conference 2013, Certaldo, Florence, Italy, July 2013
  82. Databases and digital resources: current issues, Paris, July 2013
  83. Performing Prejudice, Newcastle, July 2013
  84. Music | Digitisation | Mediation: Towards Interdisciplinary Music Studies, Oxford, July 2013
  85. Recital And Urban Setting In The Nineteenth Century, La Spezia, Italy, July 2013
  86. Musical Instruments – History, Science and Culture, Oxford, July 2013
  87. First International Conference of Dalcroze Studies, Coventry, July 2013
  88. Third North American Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, Fort Worth, TX, USA, July 2013
  89. 2nd International Conference on Historical Keyboard Music, Edinburgh, July 2013
  90. International Conference on Analyzing Popular Music, Liverpool, July 2013
  91. Mechanical Musical Instruments, London, July 2013
  92. Music and Philosophy, London, July 2013
  93. Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives Conference, Cuddesdon, Oxford, August 2013
  94. 2013 International Computer Music Conference, Perth, Australia, August 2013
  95. Chant and Culture, Vancouver, August 2013
  96. Silence, Absence and Ellipsis in Words and Music, London, August 2013
  97. Managing Your Talents: Interdisciplinary Research on the Performing Arts, Amsterdam, August 2013
  98. Negotiating Music: Utrecht Early Music Festival Symposium 2013, Utrecht, Netherlands, August–September 2013
  99. RMA Annual Conference 2013, London, September 2013
  100. Staging Operatic Anniversaries, Oxford, September 2013
  101. The Staging of Verdi and Wagner Operas, Pistoia, Italy, September 2013
  102. Inaugural Music Therapy Plus Conference on Music and Communication, London, September 2013
  103. Third Biennial Mediterranean Music Conference, Nicosia, Cyprus, September 2013
  104. Extended Durations symposium, Huddersfield, September 2013
  105. Hearing Landscape Critically: Music, Place, and the Spaces of Sound,
    Stellenbosch, South Africa, September 2013
  106. Eighth Biennial International Conference on Music since 1900, Liverpool, September 2013
  107. Beyond the East-West Divide: Rethinking Balkan Music’s Poles of Attraction, Belgrade, September 2013
  108. Sociocultural crossings and borders: musical microhistories, Vilnius, September 2013
  109. Internationalism and the Arts: Imagining the Cosmopolis at the long fin de siècle, London, September 2013
  110. SysMus13, Genoa, Italy, September 2013
  111. Northern Identities: Constructions of Space, Place and Region, Huddersfield, September 2013
  112. Richard Wagner on stage: Crisis and creation, Sevilla, Spain, September 2013
  113. Training “Early” Musicians in the Age of Recordings, Tel Aviv, September 2013
  114. Tracking the Creative Process in Music, Montreal, October 2013
  115. Principles of Music Composing: the Phenomenon of Rhythm, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2013
  116. Verdi’s Third Century: Italian Opera Today, New York, October 2013
  117. Translating Music Symposium: Opera, Multilingualism and Translation, London, October 2013
  118. Twentieth Annual Conference of the Società Italiana di Musicologia (SIdM), Foggia, Italy, October 2013
  119. INTIME 2013 – Adaptive and Assistive Technologies, Coventry, October 2013
  120. Notation in Contemporary Music: Composition, Performance, Improvisation, London, October 2013
  121. Rethinking Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Towards New Ethical Paradigms in Music and Health Research, London, October 2013
  122. “Beyond the Semitone”: a Symposium on Tuning, Scale Systems, and Microtonality in Historical and Contemporary Contexts, Aberdeen, October 2013
  123. International Musicological Society East Asian Regional Association,
    Second Biennial Conference, Taipei, October 2013
  124. Fourth International Conference on Music and Minimalism, Long Beach, CA, USA, October 2013
  125. International conference: JĀZEPS VĪTOLS – IDENTITY, WORKS, CONTEXTS, Riga, October 2013
  126. Music around the Atlantic Rim, Cardiff, October 2013
  127. Benjamin Britten: A Century of Inspiration, Lubbock, Texas, USA, October 2013
  128. Wandering Minstrels: The History of Travelling Opera in Britain, London, October 2013
  129. Benjamin Britten at 100: An American Centenary Symposium, Normal, Illinois, USA, October 2013
  130. MUSICS IN THE SHIFTING GLOBAL ORDER: International Musicological Society East Asian Regional Association, Second Biennial Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, October 2013
  131. Sources of Identity: Makers, Owners and Users of Music Sources Before 1600, Sheffield, October 2013
  132. Britain and the British in World Culture. Celebrating Benjamin Britten’s Centenary
    International Conference, St Petersburg, October–November 2013
  133. BASEES Study Group for Russian and Eastern European Music Annual Conference 2013: Scandals In Music History, Oxford, November 2013
  134. And so on: On Repetition, Cambridge, November 2013
  135. Jazz Talks 2013, Aveiro, Portugal, November 2013
  136. Music and Psychoanalysis Study Day, Liverpool, November 2013
  137. Desert Island Discs and the Discographic Self, London, November 2013
  138. Desert Island Discs: Music and Memories, London, November 2013
  139. Richard Wagner and the North, Helsinki, November 2013
  140. 10th conference in Music Theory and Analysis, Belgrade, November 2013
  141. ENIM 2103 – III National Conference of Music Research (Portugal), Beja, Portugal, November 2013
  142. ‘Con la Mente e con le Mani’: Improvisation from ‘cantare super librum’ to ‘partimento’, Venice, November 2013
  143. 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, November 2013
  144. Gesualdo 400th Anniversary Conference, York, November 2013
  145. Protest Music in the Twentieth Century, Lucca, Italy, November 2013
  146. RMA Study Day: Researching music as process: methods and approaches, Oxford, November 2013
  147. SEMPRE: ‘Music and Empathy’ Conference, Hull, November 2013
  148. Music and Technologies, Kaunas, Lithuania, November 2013
  149. The Work and Ideas of Jani Christou, London, November 2013
  150. Opera Indoors and Outdoors: Rethinking opera reception, Nottingham, November 2013
  151. The String Quartet from 1750 to 1870: From the Private to the Public Sphere, Lucca, Italy, November–December 2013
  152. Wagner and Us, Melbourne, December 2013
  153. Musicology in the Context of German and Italian Fascism, Rome, December 2013
  154. Crosscurrents in Music and Theology, Sheffield, December 2013
  155. Corelli als Modell, Basel, Switzerland, December 2013
  156. Traces of Performance: Opera, Music Theatre, and Theatre Music in the Long 19th Century, Helsinki, December 2013
  157. Musical and Other Cultural Responses to Political Violence in Latin America, Manchester, December 2013
  158. III Symposium on the Paradigms of Teaching Musical Instruments in the 21th Century, Evora, Portugal, December 2013
  159. Translating, Transposing, Transforming: Byron and the Nineteenth Century, Manchester, December 2013
  160. International Conference on Sacred Music, Oradea, Romania, December 2013