Music and Gesture : 2nd Musical Itineraries Forum

Call for papers

Music and Gesture : 2nd Musical Itineraries Forum

Lisbon, Portugal, 28 and 29 October, 2011


The Center for the Study of Sociological and Musical Aesthetics – CESEM (Faculty of Humanities and

Social Sciences, University NOVA of Lisbon), announces the call for papers for the 2nd Musical Itineraries Forum:

‘Music and Gesture’ taking place in Lisbon, 28 and 29 October 2011.


The Musical Itineraries Forum was established in 2010 as a meeting place for interdisciplinary debates

and presentation of scientific projects, encouraging the discussion between researchers, performers, students and

creative artists. This Forum promotes an open critical reflection on contemporary subjects in artistic practices

fields and music and sound discourses and its relationships with other disciplines. Its main purposes are: 1) to

address innovative areas of research in the fields of music and sound and establish synergies between a variety of

scientific and artistic domains providing e opportunities for meeting and discussion between artists and

researchers from diverse origins, as well as promoting the crossover between theory and practice; 2) to establish

dynamic and interdisciplinary methodologies that will contribute to “the state of art” advances in this field of study,

revisiting and highlighting scientific questioning and providing the opportunity for collaboration between national

and international researchers.


The 2nd Musical Itineraries Forum, dedicated to music and gesture will focus on the study of the

relationships between sound, music, gesture, performing arts and technology. A reflection on how the discourses

of identity, culture, power and knowledge are encoded in body gestures involved in artistic expression, links the

main lines of thought to be presented at this Forum. Theater, dance, audiovisual, new technologies, and their

crossover with sound and musical expression are the areas on which reflection and debate will be developed,

particularly in relation to the representation and dramaturgy of gesture. Keynote speakers will include Atau Tanaka

(Director of Culture Lab, Newcastle University), Adam Parkinson (Culture Lab, Newcastle University) and Paulo

Ferreira de Castro (Universidade Nova de Lisboa).


We invite all those interested to submit their paper proposals for a 20-minute presentation, on the above

topics and including title, abstract (up to 2000 characters) and five keywords. We also request a brief biography

(up to 1500 characters), a phone number and an email address, as indicated on the attached form. Proposals

should be submitted via email until 16th March 2011 to and

The acceptance of proposals will be communicated until the 10th of April 2011. All additional informations

on the 2nd Musical Itineraries Forum can be found at the CESEM’s website:

Fo rum Topics:


1. Gestu re, Body, Sound and Space

• Gesture dramaturgies in a performative context. Sound and visual interaction and bodily representation.

• Relationships and ruptures between sound, visual and scenic arts. Gesture and sound expression

onstage (classical, virtual, public, hybrid… ): opera, theater, dance, audiovisual, and other artistic

expressions and practices.

• Sound production gestures, embodying, technology and performance.

• Information sources for musical and scenic gesture theatrical piece, opera and ballet libretto, film script,

iconography…). Problematics of movement notation.


2. Sound, Gestu re, New technologies

• Body virtualities, interactive gesture and sound production: problematics, potentialities and


• Gesture and virtual sound spaces creation. Virtual gesture and playability: sound and videogames,

gesture and sound representation reciprocity.

• Performing arts and new technologies of sound and gesture: body and instrument extension, posthuman

body, meta-body and meta-instrument.

• Semiotics, semiology and digital semantics: transcription and representation of sound gesture.

• Phenomenological aspects: experience and analysis of gesture’s embodying.


3. Sociology of Pe rfo rmance Practices: discou rse, rep resentation, powe r and mediation

• The power discourses, knowledge, culture and identity in gesture, choreography, staging and the

performing arts.

• Institutional aspects, markets, production networks, industry and public of performative arts.

• Performative gesture representation in the visual arts: film, literature and other collective cultural



4. Gestu re Ontologies and Pe rfo rmativ e Practices

• Gesture, communication, language.

• Theoretical and historical studies of gesture and body in performance practices. Iconographic sources

and dance treatises. Choreographic notation issues in historical musical sources.


By decision of the Scientific Committee any proposals that do not address these topics may however be

included in a free communication session.



Paula Gomes Ribeiro and Isabel Pires


Scientific Committee:

Carlos Sena Caires (EA / UCP), Isabel Pires (CESEM / UNL), Isabel Valverde (IHSIS), Luís Sousa (CESEM / UNL),

Paula Gomes Ribeiro (CESEM / UNL)


Organizing Committee (CESEM):

Beatriz Serrão, Ernesto Donoso, João Romão, Luzia Rocha, Manuela Oliveira, Rui Araújo




Proposal Submissions: from 20th January to16th March 2011

Acceptance Notification: until April 10th 2011.



Portuguese, English and French



Subscription with communication including two meals : 50€

Subscription with communication without meals : Free


Entrance is free





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2nd Musical Itineraries Forum: Music and Gesture

Lisbon, 28 and 29 October 2011


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