Second Biennial Euro-Mediterranean Music Conference


Second Biennial Euro-Mediterranean Music Conference

8-10 September 2011


University of Cyprus


The Cyprus Music Institute is pleased to announce this Call for Papers for the Second Biennial Euro-

Mediterranean Music Conference. Following its highly successful inauguration in 2009, this

biennial conference is positioned to establish itself among the most important academic meetings

concerning music in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Its purpose is to provide a venue for

intellectual exchange between academicians across the region, as well as scholars from any area

whose research relates to Mediterranean musical traditions. Its underlying goals are to engender a

sense of shared academic music community, to facilitate the creation of personal and institutional

networks, and generally to promote peaceful intercultural dialogue. Due to this broad perspective,

presenters are not constrained by any particular theme. However, all proposals should fall under

at least one of the following categories:


1. Mediterranean Music, understood to encompass any category of research relating to

any Mediterranean music culture, past or present.

2. Musicology, including historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory and

analysis, sociology of music, and music aesthetics.

3. Music Education, including research in applied classroom teaching, instrumental and

vocal pedagogy, and the philosophy and sociology of music education.


The conference features three keynote speakers, each representing one of the above subject

areas. For 2011, our guest speakers will be:


1. Ruth Davis(University of Cambridge), Ethnomusicology of the Mediterranean Region

2. Alexander Lingas (City University London) Byzantine Music

  1. 3.Pamela Burnard (University of Cambridge), Creativites in Music and Music Education


The organizing committee especially welcomes proposals thematically related to the guest

speakers’ topics.



Proposals of no more than 500 words should be sent as Microsoft Word attachments to Kenneth

Smith, chair of the organizing committee:


Presentations may take any of the following formats:

Individual 20-minute papers

Panels of 3 thematically related 20-minute papers

90-minute workshops


All proposals should include the name, affiliation, and contact information of the presenter(s). This

personal information will be suppressed in the versions distributed to the scientific committee.


Deadline for Proposals: 1 March 2011. Applicants will receive a response no later than 1 April.

The language of the conference is English.


Conference Fee: €75 full fee; €35 for students. Meals will be charged separately, although one

dinner will be offered to all conference participants.