Dictionaries and encyclopaedias

This list, which began life in the 1990s, is not regularly checked for broken links, but the maintainer, J. P. E. Harper-Scott, would be very grateful to be alerted to the need for any changes or additions (email).

  1. The Ecole Initiative (Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia, covering all aspects of Church history up to 1500 CE: a hypertext encyclopedia of early Church history on the World-Wide Web, including a “growing glossary intimately related to a two-dimensional (temporal and geographical) chronology and a documents page that points to over 100 primary source documents related to early Church history stored on the World-Wide Web”)
  2. New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, second edition, including New Grove Dictionary of Jazz and New Grove Dictionary of Opera
  3. The Right Rhymes: a hip-hop dictionary
  4. Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus