Submitting conference details

If you would like to list your conference on the GoldenPages listing, please visit this wiki site:

Here, you will be able to create a wiki page for your conference and then add it to the list.

How to announce a conference

For those unfamiliar with wiki editing, instructions can be read here. It’s actually very easy.

To advertise your conference, please follow these steps:

NB Do not omit step 3. It is absolutely vital that you add your newly created advert to the page you are currently viewing, and that you put it in the correct chronological position. If you do not include a link here, nobody will find your conference advert.

  1. Create a new page for your advert. This simply requires you to type your conference’s title into your browser’s search bar, preceded by the text ‘’ (without quotation marks). Once you have done so, hit Enter, and you’ll be given the option to create a new page at the new URL you have created.
  2. Fill in all the details you require.
  3. DO NOT OMIT THIS STEP. Create a link to your event, correctly place chronologically, in the list of forthcoming conferences. Please follow the formatting of existing entries:
  • Give the name of your conference, and make the conference’s full name a hyperlink pointing to your conference’s new page
  • State the location of the conference (city name, adding the state and country if you think that is helpful, or ‘online’)
  • Give the date of your conference in this form: 1 March 2021