Submitting conference details

Announcing a conference on the Golden Pages is a straightforward two-step process:

  1. Login, registering first, if you have not already done so, by emailing the moderators. (To avoid your email going automatically to my spam folder, it is helpful if you can say briefly what you intend to advertise, and ideally what your institutional affiliation is.)
  2. Create a new post and click either ‘Submit for review’ or ‘Publish’ (whichever is available to you)
These steps are outlined below.

Registering and logging in

In order to create a new post you must be a registered contributor to the Golden Pages. If you are not yet registered, send the moderators an email. The system will send you an email asking you to (a) register with (if you are not already: you simply have to enter your name, email address, and a password) and (b) accept the invitation to become a contributor to the Golden Pages.

Once you are registered, follow this link and enter your login details. You will be directed to a page looking like this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 15.56.59

If you don’t automatically see this, click the ‘add’ button near the words ‘Blog Posts’ at the left-hand side of the page and it should open.

Posting conference announcements

All of the conference announcements on the Golden Pages are classed as ‘blog posts’. This link will take you directly to the blog post composition page. On your first visit, the website should automatically show you how to fill in the title of your conference and fill in details of your call for papers. Be sure to include the location and date for your conference in the ‘Content’ box, not in the title box. Once you are finished, click the ‘Submit for Review’  (or ‘Publish’) button at the top right of the screen. Your post will then either go into the moderation queue and will be published once a moderator is back online to make Golden Pages updates, or will be published immediately. (Only the moderators can add newly published conferences to the list of forthcoming conferences.) This generally happens twice a week.

Modifying posts

Should you wish to modify your conference advert, for instance to change the date of the conference or add a programme, simply login to your WordPress account at, which will look something like this:

Once you log in, you should see a screen something like this:

Make sure that you have highlighted ‘me’ at the top right of the blog posts list, so that your own posts show up. Find the one you want to edit, and click ‘Edit’ in the box below. This will open an editing window in which you should be able to make the changes you require. Once you’re ready, tap ‘Update’ at the top right, and your changes will be reflected on the site immediately.