International Musicological Meeting in Brasília

International Musicological Meeting in Brasília 2014, at the Brasília Music School with University of Brasília Musicology Lab.

Call for papers: all fields in Musicology, composition and chamber music.
Date: 12 April 2014, 14:30.
Address: TCG, Escola de Música de Brasília, 601 Sul (Brasília Music School, 601 South), Brazil.
Support: PPGUS-University of Brasília (+55.61) 3107-1113
Languages: English and Portuguese.
Keynote speaker: Dr Christopher Dromey (UK).
Organization and information: Dr Zoltan Paulinyi, UnIMeM; (+55.61) 8653.4811.
Deadline for submitting abstracts, papers and articles: 5 April 2014. Please, use template at:

Send works with CV to (cc to

PROGRAMME (sketch): 12 April 2014
14:30 – Arrival.
15:00 – Meeting opening with Dr. Beatriz Magalhães Castro
15:15 – Dr Christopher Dromey’s keynote on “Anglo-Brazilian Perspectives on the Pierrot Ensemble”
16:00 – Papers.
20:00 – End.

University of Brasília will provide certificates for all active participants. This Meeting aims to publish the proceedings in PDF.
The Musicological Lab, coordinated by Dr Beatriz Magalhães Castro, focuses on “Theories and contexts in musicology”, at the University of Brasília Post-graduate and undergraduate Program in Musicology.