15th International conference “Principles of Music Composing: Phenomenon of Melody”

This is the15th International Conference “Principles of Music Composing”which will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania during 14-16 October 2015.

This year we are focusing on the phenomenon of melody, as the conference is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of birth of M.K. Čiurlionis, who is renowned for his melodic talent.

Suggested sub-themes:

1. Theoretical conception of the phenomenon of melody:

 a) Differentiation of concepts related to the melody: monody, voice, themes, cantilena, line, horizontal, etc.

b) definition of permanent constants in melody: archetype, structures, functions, communication, etc.

c) analysis of relation between melody and composing principle (compositional entirety), typological schemes

2. Melody in context of European polyphony

3. Differences in paradigms between melody and Eastern monody.

4. Melody in modern compositional practice:

a) new melodic interval relations

b) linearism and verticality

c) melodic rhythm (activation of rhythm)

d) sonorisation of melodic process

5. Melody in the works of contemporary Lithuanian and other Western composers

6. Ethnic melodic features in the works of M.K. Čiurlionis


Paper proposals (abstract and short biography) should be submitted to Mr. Andrius Maslekovas via email a.maslekovas@yahoo.com . The abstract must not exceed 500 words. Duration of The presentation will be limited to 20-25 minutes.

The deadline for proposal submission is 16 August 2015 . The proposals will be reviewed by the scientific committee and all applicants will be notified about the outcome by the end of July 2015.

The main languageof the conference is English.

The material of conference will be published.

For more information please contact the coordinator of the conference Mr.Andrius Maslekovas a.maslekovas@yahoo.com  


Principles of Music Composing: Sonorism

This is the 14th annual international conference of music theory and practice, which will take part during 13-15 October 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania. This year we are focusing on the phenomena of textural music, also known as Klangfarbenmelodie or Sonorizm The purpose of the conference is to contribute towards the development of musicological thought, which could serve to compositional practice and teaching process.
Suggested sub-themes:
1. General research (philosophical, aesthetical, etc.) outlook on the nature and essence of music sonorism and textural music.
2. Theoretical conception of sonoric and textural music and its elements (sonore, cluster, drone etc.). Types and typology of the phenomena.
3. Psychophysiological and acoustical aspects of the perception of the music sonorism.
4. Assumptions of the communication of sonoric and textural composition (traditional cliches, stereotypes, prototypes, archetypes etc.).
5. Creatives incentives for music sonorism (semantics, style, auditory intuition etc.).
6. Ethnical and historical manifestations of music sonorism.
7. Modern and relevant sonorism in contemporary music.
8. Use of sonorism in the works of Lithuanian composers.
Paper proposals (abstract together with a short biography) should be sent to Mr. Andrius Maslekovas: pmc@lmta.lt The abstract must not exceed 500 words. The duration of papers will be limited to 20 – 25 minutes.
The deadline for proposal submissions is AUGUST 27, 2014. The proposals will be reviewed by members of the scientific committee and all applicants will be notified of the outcome in the end of August 2014.
The main language of the conference is English.
The material of the conference will be published
For more information please visit our website pmc.lmta.lt or contact Andrius Maslekovaspmc@lmta.lt