Leeds International Jazz Education Conference and Music Festival (20th Anniversary)

Deadline has been extended to 16th January 2013.

Registration details can be found here in the near future:


Jazz Progressions

Keynote: Soweto Kinch
Soweto will give a keynote address and perform with his band on 21st March 2013
2013 heralds the twentieth year of the Leeds International Jazz Education Conference. To celebrate this long-standing event, LIJEC now includes a Music Festival to celebrate innovative approaches to music composition and arrangement.

The conference theme—Jazz Progressions—embraces several of the recurring themes of LIJEC, while looking ahead of traditional historical and cultural notions of jazz. We therefore call for proposals that address jazz in its widest, most contemporary form. We invite new definitions of jazz around the world, and encourage lateral thinking to address topics such as performance in new venues, jazz in combination with other styles (jazz and hip-hop and Indo-jazz being just two examples), and elements of jazz contained within other musical forms/genres.
We call for music and research that embraces the notion that jazz is a progressive art form that incorporates a broad range of musical styles and ideas. The Music Festival represents a unique opportunity to present in an innovative and wide-ranging musical context. The integration of performance, composition and research will form a fruitful and creative environment for musicians and delegates alike.

Please be aware that there is no funding for succesful submissions. All successful submissions are subject to delegate registration fees as normal. These will be announced in the near future.

The conference organisers invite proposals for:
Lecture-recitals – Proposals for 40 minute lecture recitals with a unique and progressive perspective on composition and/or performance. Submissions must include a 500-word synopsis. The synopsis must include a download link or link to an online video.

Compositions for small to medium ensembles – Proposals must be presented as scores (where appropriate) and include a 500-word abstract. The panel will be basing its decisions on innovative and progressive approaches to music composition. Rehearsals will be open to the public and the successful composers will have their works performed in a concert as part of the music festival.

Paper proposals – Submissions must take the form of a 250-word abstract and may address one of the following themes. Whatever theme is selected the abstract must demonstrate an innovative and progressive approach. Individual presentations should be no more than twenty minutes in duration. Papers will be 20 minutes in duration, with ten minutes for questions.

– Composition & Performance – including: improvisation, the use of interactive music technologies and/or live electronics, influences outside the ‘jazz tradition’/fusion and the changing language of jazz.

– Critical Theory that challenges the ‘jazz tradition’.
– Pedagogy – including: philosophy, positions and models for the teaching of composition, arranging and performance.
– Venues and Festivals: including where jazz is played, relationships between musicians and supporting funding bodies, and the changing role of the audience.

Submission materials
The following should proceed your synopsis or abstract.
• First name
• Last name
• Postal address
• Email address
• Title of the paper or composition
• Affiliation (for example, university or company)
• A declaration as to whether or not you wish your email address to be published on the delegate list
• A short biog
Further to the above:
Lecture Recital:
• 500-word synopsis in either ‘doc’, ‘docx’, ‘rtf’ or ‘txt’ format that includes a download or web-link that indicates the nature of the recital.
• Technical requirements.
• If appropriate. A list of equipment that you will bring to the event.
Compositions for fixed combo
• 500-word synopsis in either ‘doc’, ‘docx’, ‘rtf’ or ‘txt’ format that includes a download or web-link (where possible).
• Score(s) as ‘pdf’ documents (and a Sibelius file if available).
• Technical requirements.
• If appropriate. A list of equipment that you will bring.
Paper proposals
• A 250-word abstract in either ‘doc’, ‘docx’, ‘rtf’ or ‘txt’ format. ‘Pdf’ is not acceptable.
How to submit
Your submission materials should be sent to the conference director (Dr. Dale Perkins) as email attachments (D.Perkins@lcm.ac.uk). Where submissions include more than one document, it is preferred that these are zipped and sent as a one-file attachment. We are happy to accept multiple submissions.

Please use the following naming convention – surname_firstname_LIJEC_type_of_submission.

Deadline for submissions extended to 16th January 2013.