4th festival conference of music performance and artistic research “Doctors in Performance”

September 2-4, 2020
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia


Call for Abstracts

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre invites artistic research performers at doctoral and post-doctoral levels to take part in “Doctors in Performance”. The fourth festival conference of music performance and artistic research will take place on September 2–4, 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia. The conference will be held in the brand new, state-of-the-art performance complex at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, which was opened in 2019 to mark the Academy’s centenary. Potential participants are invited to submit a proposal for a presentation concerning relevant fields of artistic research. The conference language is English, the language for both abstracts and presentations is to be English. The text of the Abstract should not exceed 500 words. Please note that all successful applicants must register for the conference. Registration opens on May 16, 2020, after the selection process.

Possible forms for presentations are recital, lecture-recital and paper:

A RECITAL is a musical performance (solo or chamber music), which will last 40 minutes (this should include a 10 minute research introduction). There will be an additional 10 minutes for questions and comments. The music performed is expected to include or closely relate to the contents of the participant’s doctoral degree or current research. Submission of a recital presentation must be accompanied by a 15-minute video, to be accessed either via a link to a cloud platform such as Google Drive (or other similar), or via a URL link. Application forms for a recital which do not include a cloud link or URL link will not be accepted. The video must be no more than 6 months old.
A LECTURE-RECITAL will last 40 minutes, plus an additional 10 minutes for questions and comments. The music performed is expected to include or closely relate to the contents of the research the participant is currently conducting. Submission of a lecture-recital presentation shall be accompanied by a 15-min video if the lecture-recital includes a performance which is longer than 15 minutes. Otherwise an abstract will suffice. The video shall be an extract from the programme performed at the conference or related to the topic. The video must be no more than 6 months old.
A PAPER should present artistic research and be no longer than 20 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for questions and comments.

Deadline for submission of Abstracts is April 1st, 2020. Please submit your Abstract through the online submission form.
All submissions will be evaluated by the organizers of the conference on the grounds of the quality of research and/or performance. Papers will be selected by May 15, 2020.

Conference website: http://dip2020.eu/

Local organising commitee: Prof. Kristel Pappel, Prof. Allan Vurma, Prof. Marje Lohuaru, research secretary Aleksandra Dolgopolova (aleksandra@ema.edu.ee)

International conference for PhD students

International conference for PhD students

 “Musicology (in)action: Past musics, present practices, future prospects”

 Thessaloniki, 9 – 11 February 2018

 The Department of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia will host, under the auspices of the Hellenic Musicological Society, an international conference for PhD students entitled “Musicology (in)action: Past musics, present practices, future prospects” in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 9 to 11 of February 2018.


Call for papers

In recent years, musicology has tested its boundaries, objects of study, and, indeed, prospected future through the constant questioning of its subfields, themes, and methodological underpinnings. At the same time, this interrogative process has also been one of constant development of new, often interdisciplinary methodological approaches, frequently extending their grasp on new or hitherto neglected musical repertoires. It is this ambiguous state of conditions that the novice in the field of musicological research faces in her/his everyday effort to situate her/his own research within a constantly changing disciplinary environment. This conference aims to bring together fresh ideas of new researchers in an attempt to help them secure their position with respect to the ongoing discourse of musicology’s saga and with an eye to the future prospects of the field.


We welcome proposals of PhD students for 20-minute paper presentations or 40- to 80-minute panel presentations (of up to four participants), addressing a variety of old and new(er) research topics from the broad field of musicology (e.g. historical and cultural musicology, music theory and analysis, ethnomusicology and musical anthropology, music psychology, computational musicology, music philosophy and aesthetics). Proposals on topics that cross the strict intra- or inter-disciplinary boundaries of musicology are also welcomed.

Proposals and inquiries should be submitted to the following email address:



Proposals for paper presentations should include:

– name of participant(s) and institutional affiliation(s)

– abstract (up to 300 words)

– brief CV (up to 100 words)


Proposals for panel presentations should include:

– name of participants and institutional affiliations

– general abstract of proposed panel presentation (up to 300 words)

– individual abstract of each participant’s presentation (up to 300 words)

– brief CV of each participant (up to 100 words)



NOTIFICATION OF APPROVAL: No later than 15 July 2017

PARTICIPATION FEE: PhD students: 50 euros, undergraduate and master’s students: 30 euros


For more information on the reviewing committee, the venue of the conference, etc. please visit the conference’s website (which is under construction):




Chardas Konstantinos

Nika-Sampson Evanthia

Pastiadis Konstantinos

Vouvaris Petros



Kalaitzidou Stamatia

Spanoudakis Dimosthenis

Toumanidou Katerina

Trouka Dimitra

Zlatkou Vasiliki



Apostolou Andreas Foivos

Authentopoulou Despoina

Banteka Dimitra

Diminakis Nikos

Karamanidis Charalampos

Nikolaidis Nikos

Ntousiopoulou Antigoni

Ntovas Christos

Pouris Christos

Roumpi Antonia

Savvidou Charoula

Scarlatou Chrysa

Seglias Zisis

Sidiropoulou Christina

Sotiriadis Theophilos

Tasoudis Dimitris