Rethinking Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Towards New Ethical Paradigms in Music and Health Research

Date: 19 October 2013, Goldsmiths College, London.

Hosted by:

Music, Mind and Brain Centre, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Psychology Department, Goldsmiths College, London

Music Department, Goldsmiths College, London

British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE)

Society for Education and Music Psychology Research (SEMPRE)

This conference seeks to explore the nature of research into the relationship between music, health and wellbeing. It will investigate how research and practice might become more inclusive, and therefore more ethical, through collaborative endeavours by bringing together researchers, practitioners, and students from various disciplines including: music (neuro) psychology; music therapy; applied/ medical (ethno) musicology; music sociology and anthropology to encourage the re-thinking of research methodologies and epistemologies and practices.